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Introducing a new gourmet specializing in convenience and convenience when it comes to another dish National food curry that eats spicy roux over rice A surprising curry that overturns that common sense is born It can be drunk anywhere Curry The name is splendid It feels like a meal voucher with 10 kinds of spices melted in it. It’s a bite of soup. I heard the story of a person who drinks curry with a straw, and I thought that the number of touches like eating while doing something with one hand has increased since I became a follower. It is convenient when you want to eat a little bit of rice, and it is also a tail wing that makes it fun to eat together. People in the city may be good for breakfast to realize drinks.

It makes me want to eat a little bit. I wonder if it’s okay to have two when it’s troublesome to have lunch . Pokka Sapporo has also developed a time-saving cup that can make mapo tofu in 3 minutes. This method is to open all the lids of the cup and let them write 400 million to invite 100 ml of water. After heating with a 600 bat in a microwave for 3 minutes, all you have to do is wait for one person’s hot mapo tofu to be completed in a short time.

The point is that less preparation and less washing is required. It is said that there is also an aim to have more, so it is quite troublesome to have lunch because there are many noodle curry rice, isn’t it? .

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