Landslides and inundation damage in various places, continue to be vigilant | JPNN us

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The heavy rain special warning issued in Saga prefecture Nagasaki prefecture Fukuoka prefecture Hiroshima prefecture was switched to the warning this morning . Although the peak of heavy rain has passed, landslides and flood damage have occurred in various places. The entire city is covered with water. The area around the Rokkaku River is covered with water. The Rokkaku River in Saga Prefecture, where a special warning was issued, was flooded and the area around Takeo City was flooded .

In the increasingly submerged town, the Self-Defense Forces were searching for the inhabitants who were left behind by the mob. Three family members are involved in the landslide and Fumio Mori died . The whereabouts of her husband, Yasuhiro, and her daughter, Yuko, are unknown, and the police and the Self-Defense Forces continue to search for about 240 people . In Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City, sediment spilled from the mountains last night and flowed into multiple houses . Although the peak of rain has passed, there are places where the ground is loose .

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