Three boys cardiopulmonary arrest landslide in Okaya, Nagano | JPNN us

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In Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture, a landslide hit a house directly, involving eight people and causing cardiopulmonary arrest in three people, including a boy under the age of ten . According to the fire department, two people were slightly injured. Was rushed into the house and three people were left on the second floor, and there was a 119 call . It seems that there were eight people in the house, and three of them were taken to the hospital with cardiopulmonary arrest. The person was slightly injured and the three were not noticeably injured .

I saw a window that made a noise like everyone at first and then the ground shook. The company splashed rain from above.

It seems that the site is falling down, and it is believed that the earth and stone stream that flowed from the back mountain in front of the riverbank station on the jr Chuo Main Line hit the second floor of the house directly..

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