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yeah it was a hot night for football it’s still pretty hot i feel pretty gross and sweaty out here i’ve been here a long time like you say but let’s not lose sight of this let’s not get greedy in the link here behind me we had football tonight that’s a good thing folks tell me it was fun to be back the safety plan was in place and hopefully this is the start of a safe healthy uninterrupted season and who knows maybe even a return to the playoffs you had tailgate flags flying burgers on the grills crazy fans doing crazy things but was this the eagles tailgating we’ve always known and loved yes no it’s not totally normal yet it probably won’t be for a while yeah he’s sort of right first off it was nowhere near football weather should have checked the sun blocker umbrella before you got to the steamy parking lot it’s broken it just happened to break on game day but come on it’s still eagles football a chance for us to get lots of fans together for the first time in a very long time to cheer on the birds yeah it felt great man loved it loved it nothing like it just feel good to see everybody back you know a little bit of normal although we’re going through so much just a little bit of normal gives us a little leverage you know we like it we love it and yeah there was the whole return to mask rules new eagle ryan kerrigan put his on when walking into the players entrance the thousands of fans streaming through the gates well we didn’t see too many masked faces vaccinated folks didn’t need them in the seating bowl everyone needed them in indoor spots including in the restrooms did fans comply not everybody was following the rules but i mean everybody pretty much kept their distance if they had to got you so you felt safe in there with your kids the rules literally just went back into effect so it’s going to take time to get people back in line but the positive tonight we got eagles football and lots and lots of people were able to be together to practice their spelling come on even you at home join in and say hey [Applause] [Music] yeah stadium looks good doesn’t she and due to the coveted rules they limited the number of reporters so i’m no i’m no john clark i wasn’t even allowed inside tonight because of the rules i listened to meryl reese out on the radio but i talked to fans they came out and everyone will tell you jackie it felt good to be back home this is what we’ve been waiting for like you said 600 days since we could all be together inside the stadium and hopefully at some point i will also get back in there back to you it does feel good tim we know this is a whole new era with the eagles how are fans feeling about the team’s performance tonight i don’t think anybody cares that they lost i mean really what does it really matter if you lose a preseason game i think they like that they move the ball a little bit we weren’t doing that much with carson last year so i think everybody is just kind of excited to hit the reset button i don’t know that a lot of people think this is a super bowl team or even a playoff team at this point but i think they at least saw some good things tonight even in a loss that say i’m going to certainly watch next week and i’m certainly going to watch as they go through the season and come on we’re birds fans this is what we do what are we going to do not watch of course not hope for the season definitely despite the loss tonight tim thank you

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