Gravitas: Afghanistan: Has the Salma Dam fallen to the Taliban?|

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i want to start tonight with a picture this is in hirat what you see are taliban terrorists what are they doing they’re driving dodging cars it’s a metaphor for what’s happening right now the taliban are taking their country for a ride a crash is inevitable and the world is standing by and watching do you know at what speed they’re going they’ve taken control of 18 provincial capitals in eight days how many provincial capitals does afghanistan have 34. so in just eight days the terrorists have taken 18 out of 34 in the last 24 hours alone two big cities have fallen herat and kandahar the second and the third largest cities of afghanistan they’re now under terrorist control and it’s not just the cities that are falling today we received reports that the salman dam 2 has fallen to the taliban this is the same dam that was gifted by india to afghanistan in 2016 indian prime minister narendra modi and afghan president ashraf ghani jointly inaugurated this dam it was built at a cost of 300 million dollars a social media account believed to be affiliated to the taliban posted this today it says members of the afghan national army who were guarding this dam surrendered today and joined the taliban if confirmed this is the biggest blow to indian investments in this country in afghanistan and this may just be the beginning because across the country security forces are reportedly surrendering they’re allowing the taliban a free run this was kandahar today the taliban taking a victory lap they climbed onto an armored vehicle and drove through the martyrs square in the city this is what afghanistan looks like today going by new estimates the taliban controls 65 of the country the provinces in red are taliban territory what about the rest well fighting is underway in the rest of these areas with their latest victories the taliban now controls southern afghanistan and the entire western border with iran they’ve also captured nearly all of northern afghanistan so what is left total control of the country that’s what they want now can the civilian government push back they are at their weakest at the moment the afghan government effectively controls only two cities and is fighting hard to keep a third one kabul and jalalabad are in the government’s hand and they’re fighting to keep mazari sharif the city is under siege a team from beyond traveled to mazari sharif early this week we found it surrounded by the taliban what about the cities the government has lost the president had a plan to regain them he wanted to open local warlords that may not happen because the plan has failed even before it took off the war lords are losing to some of them joining the taliban let me tell you what happened in hira the taliban detained veteran militia commander muhammad ismail khan the muhammad ismail khan the man known as the line of hirath he battled the soviets in the 1980s he was also a member of the northern alliance that toppled the taliban in 2001 with america’s help in recent weeks the same ismail khan has been leading a group of fighters against the taliban today he lost our correspondent siddhant sybil managed to have a brief conversation with him and he won’t believe what he told us the lion of herat has joined the taliban himself hello is this ismail [Music] are you safe right now the afghan government has suffered a string of failures the taliban are winning the western forces are leaving ghani fired his army chief this week but can he keep his own chair the taliban say his exit is a prerequisite for talks the pakistani prime minister and the unofficial spokesperson of the taliban said they won’t negotiate until the afghan president resigns the afghan government seems to be cracking under pressure there are names doing the rounds for ghani’s replacement top of the list is dr abdul abdullah the chairman of the high council for national reconciliation now if this change happens it will be extremely unfortunate to make a president step down because the terrorists demand it is shameful capitalization to say the least and this is what it has come to the situation is alarming yesterday the indian embassy in kabul issued another security advisory the second one in two days urging indian citizens to leave immediately indian diplomats in kabul are also in touch with members of the hindu and sikh community in afghanistan yesterday the ministry of external affairs in india said it will provide all necessary assistance to them twenty years of war and this is what the western forces have to show for it a terror group is on a rampage and world powers are watching helplessly hoping to strike a deal even if that means throwing the afghan government and people under the bus vyond is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move

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