Arsonists blamed after wildfires kill dozens in Algeria I

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algeria has observed the first of three days of national mourning as wildfires continue to burn across the north of the country fanned by strong winds and searing heat the fires have killed 69 people since monday tania dendrinos has the story flames looking at the treetops a wall of fire quickly swells it’s a devastating scene villagers on the front line armed only with branches and shovels we have been fighting this fire for five days there is no electricity no water no gas no network there is nothing here we are tired on the tarmac at algiers airport a lifeline two water bombing planes charted by the algerian government from the eu with another two arriving from france but for those already firmly in the grip of this battle government support seems non-existent the people of algeria are alone we have received nothing from the government except threats people are acting together as one and we have received aid from everywhere across algeria volunteers and age organizations are gathering supplies in each village each city there are partner associations with whom we work directly we coordinate and give them the donations and they distribute them to the families appeals are underway in paris too even more we came here to possibly lend a hand to do some voluntary work to help with all the sorting and maybe to see what is missing in terms of medicine clothes or other things these fires are some of the worst in the country’s history and officials believe in many instances arson is to blame with the president confirming more than 20 suspects have been arrested so far tania dandrinos bbc news

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