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record-breaking floods have killed at least 150 people in western europe most of the deaths are in germany’s west where the disaster area stretches between the districts of hinesburg airfstart and arvila near the border with the netherlands and belgium more than 130 people have been confirmed dead and more than a thousand are still missing president frank walter steinmeier has promised support for victims families and to the damaged towns this torrent filmed on wednesday used to be a stream it’s a sight few would have thought possible in western germany but what comes next is even harder to take in a house adrift in many places the waters are starting to recede and cleanup operations have begun but the floods have left a trail of devastation and residents in shock as i said that was my apartment i’m trying not to think about it but it’s it’s really dreadful and it’s not just property that has been destroyed emergency workers are warning that as they comb through the wreckage more bodies could be discovered many people are still stunned at the speed at which the water suddenly rose the skin is also happening so fast we watch the water rise an insane current we saw two people clinging to those columns over there we shouted from above hold on it took three hours for them to be rescued some spoke of the trauma of having to escape before the water rushed into their houses. we weren’t given any warning here i had between 10 and 15 minutes as i left my apartment the water was up to here many communities are still without power and water it’s fear the damage could run into billions of euros people say they have no choice other than to start picking up the pieces but it’s obvious that it will take a long time before anything can get back to normal here dw reporter julia saudelli is on the ground for us in valport time julia what’s happening where you are and in the region in general yes where we’re standing right now is right by the river ah which is the river that caused so much damage in this region in the avila it went over the edge here along the entire course of the river where all these villages are in the in the valley it destroyed the bridge you see behind me but so many more that has also caused disruption to traffic in the area it is very hard to reach many towns here and the the police have said that up to 90 people have been confirmed dead in the availa region that is a higher number than they had declared earlier and they expect the fatalities to rise it’s a it’s a very tragic situation here at the moment julia as if residents weren’t facing enough problems now we’re also hearing about sinkholes what do you know about that yes uh north from here closer to the city of cologne um a gravel quarry uh collapsed on itself basically it filled and filled and filled with water until it sunk and it brought with it some homes and also some cars authorities feared that a nearby road where cars were would have been severely affected that people would have not had had enough time to escape it seems like most people managed to get away but it is really a difficult situation there too we’ve had floods in germany before and yet this has literally risen to another level was the country unprepared for this well we spoke to people here in valpo time and what they told us was that they saw that there was a lot of rain and they expected it maybe to reach the water to reach the levels of the 2016 floodings which reached around a meter a meter and a half here so they were prepared for that they had sandbags by the river and that’s what they were expecting but then what happened was this huge wave of water reaching five six meters and that really took them uh by surprise and there are um a lot of there is a lot of criticism being leveled at authorities and at the fire department for not warning people in time here people have told me the fire department said to leave but it was probably too late but it is hard to really assess whether more could have been done to prevent such a disaster at least for people here on the ground we keep calling this catastrophic and it certainly seems the appropriate word that’s uh dw’s reporter julia saldelli in valport time much thanks julia and german president frank walter steinmeier is in the town of efstadt visiting those affected by the flooding erfstadt suffered some of the worst damage as you just heard steinmeier was joined by state premier armin lashett on the right who’s the front-runner to succeed angela merkel as chancellor the german president says the scale of the loss is hard to comprehend phyllis much has been lost and we are mourning with the people who have lost friends and acquaintances and family members your fate has broken our hearts german president frank walter steinmeier there in belgium at least 24 people have died in the flooding the government has declared tuesday a national day of mourning the cities of liege in belgium and vendo in the netherlands have been hit hard in venlo 10 000 people were told to evacuate as well as 200 patients from a hospital in the edge the swollen muse river burst its banks communities throughout the region describe the worst flooding they have ever experienced with the river still menacing the residents of pepinster begin the long hard task of cleaning up floods have wrecked homes destroyed cars and ruined lives in this small belgian town everyone is shocked everyone is crying everyone is only now seeing the real damage most people have had enough you work all your life to build something and then even with the water levels receding the danger remains during an interview with the town’s mayor a tv crew captured the moment a house partially collapsed with its residents still inside [Music] such scenes of devastation have unfolded across the country and are set to continue given the scale and the extent of the weather-related disaster a national state of emergency was triggered yesterday afternoon this situation is changing minute by minute and in many places it remains extremely critical as they sift through the wreckage pepinster’s residents can only hope that the worst is behind them dw correspondent barbara basil is there in papua new sits right on the confluence of two rivers that ultimately inundated the town what are you seeing there on the ground where you are we had to climb up on a hill michael in order to talk to you because down there in the town you see behind us here in the valley there is no mobile network there is no gas no electricity no nothing the town was really inundated it looks like a war zone cars overturned houses broken down and it’s just debris everywhere they can test for catastrophic images and people are now on this day because the weather has turned as you can see the sun has come out are now trying to start and slowly clean up their buildings but a lot of heavy machinery down there working and pushing broken down cars trees and everything together in order to at least clear the streets because from where we are there’s only one way down into the valley and and everything else is blocked off it’s a broken record from town to town and country to country in the west the belgian king and and queen were there yesterday to lend their support to flood victims i understand there will be more visitors today yeah at this moment the president of the european commissioners lafonda line is there with the belgian prime minister the crow and they’re trying to talk to the citizens and and give some consolation and some sense of hope emergency services are out of course now things slowly are getting back to functioning but the european commission just this week has offered and and published their big report on the environment their big report on what we have to do to survive the next 10 20 years uh with regard to climate change on this earth so it seems so fitting that she has come here to see the immediate aftermath of one of these catastrophes belgian scientists say that this is clearly related to climate change belgium has never in in living memories seen a catastrophe like this this is peaceful there’s not very much water around here and it has risen within a few hours for several meters washing everything in its way away dw correspondent barbara basil in pepinster belgium much thanks you

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