Alasan yang Membuat Brasil Bakal Rajai Turnamen Copa America 2021

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This year’s Copa America coincides with the 2020 European Cup. Although the euphoria shown was not as grand as what the European Cup showed, still, Copa America as a historic event always has surprises to look forward to. Brazil, who are in Group A, will face Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru. Meanwhile in Group B, Argentina will be challenged by a team that is no less great such as Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay. Still filled with many star-studded teams, this year’s Copa America had met with polemics.

Several countries have expressed their refusal to appear in the event This follows the corona virus pandemic which is still increasing. In fact, this year’s Copa America will be held in Argentina and Colombia. but now Brazil is appointed as the host, although the country is also still struggling to solve the problems that are engulfing the world. Brazil, known as a repository of great players is predicted will finish this tournament with the title of champion. It’s no exaggeration, considering the country is so familiar with the championship trophy.

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In addition, Brazil also lowered a world-quality squad. In the goalkeeper position there are Ederson Moraes and Alisson Becker.

In defense there are names Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, to Eder Militao. In the middle position, the names of Casemiro, Fabinho, and Lucas Paqueta are still the mainstays. Brazil’s attack line looks fierce after there is the name Neymar Jr, Gabriel Jesus, RIcharlison, to Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr.

With the top-notch squad brought in, here is the reason why Brazil deserves to win this edition of the Copa America. Since winning the 2019 Copa America, Brazil has continued to play international matches convincingly. In the opening six World Cup qualifying matches, they managed to wipe out everything. This includes a 4-2 win against the finalists of the previous edition of the Copa America, Peru, and also the strong Uruguayan team which was crushed by a landslide score of 2-0. In the World Cup qualifying round, the completely untouched Brazil defeat managed to beat Argentina who sit on the second ladder.

In six matches, they managed to collect perfect points of 18. In addition they managed to score 16 goals and conceded only two goals. With admirable preparation, Brazil is believed to be swinging smoothly in this year’s Copa America. Speaking of Brazil’s defense that conceded only a handful of goals in World Cup qualifying, then this cannot be separated from the role of the defenders, including the goalkeeper who is very extraordinary.

European Champions League winner with Chelsea, Thiago Silva and captain Paris Saint Germain, Marquinhos, formed such an extraordinary partnership.

Two defenders with high quality are very difficult to penetrate. In the six matches played in the South American zone qualifying round, only two goals were recorded. This is indeed not surprising after the previous Copa America, This defensive duo has only conceded one goal in six matches played. Furthermore, the brilliant combination of these two defenders is also even more perfect with the presence of a top-notch goalkeeper. Alisson Becker and Ederson Moraes.

The two names will really overwhelm any attacker. When Alisson’s name is more favored to stand under the rule, Ederson with all the toughness he has will certainly continue to give fierce competition to be the first choice. In addition to a solid defense because there are great defenders and excellent goalkeepers, Brazil also has a capable attack line. In this case, the samba team does not only rely on one or two figures, but they also have other players who have extraordinary qualities in attack.

Although still the name Neymar is seen as the main mainstay, Tite’s other squad is no less great.

One name that deserves to be highlighted is Roberto Firmino. It is true that this season, Firmino appeared less convincing with Liverpool. But when he appeared with Brazil, he managed to show a brilliant performance. Firmino is considered a player who is good at finding space and can give a different color in the Brazilian attack. Next is Richarlison, and also Everton Soares who performed brilliantly in the 2019 Copa America.

The two names can be another mainstay, when Neymar was unable to appear in the match. Don’t forget the name Gabriel Jesus, who was prepared as a quality substitute. The Manchester City star could act as a secret weapon, when the main bullet of the samba team did not meet the target. Another name to watch out for is the former Inter MIlan striker, Gabriel Barbosa. In six Copa Libertadores matches, The 24-year-old has scored six goals and one assist.

Then the absence of Coutinho in this event has given an opportunity for Lyon playmaker Lucas Paqueta to show off.

As is known, the 23-year-old player really looked extraordinary for the French team, by scoring 9 goals and registering 5 assists from midfield. In addition, he is included in the list of the best French Ligue One squad along with Neymar and Marquinhos. One of the crucial positions that will become the explosive power of the Brazilian national team is midfielder, where there is the name Casemiro, who we know has extraordinary qualities.

His leadership and strong character are believed to be able to sustain the team even in difficult times.

Already contributed six goals and four assists for Real Madrid this season, Casemiro’s name is increasingly feared, especially in set-piece situations. Be part of three consecutive Champions League trophies under Zinedine Zidane Casemiro will certainly be eager to win this title. Especially when you know Real Madrid’s failure to win the trophy this year. Some names that will make Brazil’s midfield even more solid are: Douglas Luiz from Aston Villa, Fabinho from Liverpool or Fred from Manchester United. The group of midfielders, apart from being able to maintain team stability, also has the potential to protect attackers from enemy attacks.

The names of Danilo and Alex Sandro are considered defenders who lack creativity for the samba team.

In fact, at the 2018 World Cup when there was still the name Marcelo, Brazil often missed in this sector due to the decline in the performance of the Real Madrid player. As a result, Brazil had to lose to Belgium in the quarter-finals. Now, Brazil can breathe a sigh of relief because Tite has two young players operating in the wing sector. They are Emerson Royal and Renan Lodi.

Two players who appear in the La Liga competition are considered players which will give a different color to the Brazilian game from the wing sector. Emerson Royal will certainly perform optimally considering he has just been brought in by La Liga giants FC Barcelona. He will appear confident to give best impression in the Copa America before joining the Barca squad. For Lodi, the 23-year-old is considered a high-skill player. Lodi is considered to represent the figure of Marcelo who is full of quality.

He did not hesitate to show off his tricks on the field, like what Marcelo usually does.

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