“We’ll see who’s pointing this time!” Conor McGregor one-on-one with Ariel Helwani ahead of UFC 264

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matter saving his wife and him and his wife’s life you know i mean i’m at the rescue on them so you know some of the shady stuff that’s going on regarding some of the other issues i’m like yeah you’re gonna pay for that now that’s that’s just the way it has to be i’m in a vicious mode no family around you know i’m a bad man without the farm you know what i mean and that’s the way i’m feeling right now so it’s it’s everything happens for a reason everything comes full circle and i feel i’m in a good place right now i’m feeling i feel i’m in the place i need to be in all right what a great pleasure this is my very first chat for bt sport who better than the one and only conor mcgregor to do with of course we are just hours away now from ufc 264 july 10th in las vegas the trilogy conor mcgregor versus dustin poirier connor thank you so much for the time a pleasure as always to talk to you my pleasure thank you who better to bring the ratings ariel on your first one that’s right that’s right um and a lot of buzz a lot of excitement and yes of course of course uh this is this is perfect i couldn’t have scripted it any better if i’m being honest um leading up to this fight conor in my opinion you have been somewhat conspicuous by your absence you know not a lot of footage of you in uh countdown embedded you know you’ve shown up a couple times on instagram but very quiet very under the radar why is that well because i do what i want out of i do what i want i’m keeping this enemy in a suspense of terror and that’s it so you’re paid to see my work do you feel like he is in a state of terror right now of course he’s trembling even after the last win ariel i don’t like this anymore i don’t want to do this anymore imagine that your biggest win you’re saying that because he knows he got electrocuted in both rounds he got rattled i had him out on his feet in both rounds multiple times in the first and even in the second a bad one in the second so you know he knows he knows the shots yet he’s gonna eat a hell of a lot more of them that’s for sure you know speaking of the first fight uh you seem to have handled it very well in the immediate aftermath the press conference even you know you showed up the next day on instagram you didn’t shy away you’ve never shied away so i’m here i’m here for the job it’s you know i’m here to do here to do my work things happen in this business it’s about you know it’s about assessing you know what went wrong things we can improve on you know and that’s it these are things that you know rise me up i’ve done it before and it’s it’s a good energetic uh feeling this one for me it’s like it almost i needed it to happen i sparked him in 60 seconds the first time i had him out on his feet in the second one if we knocked him out there in that second flight ariel this wouldn’t be what this is it would have been like ah you were supposed to knock him out now i’m at the team it up to be the biggest thing on on the planet so i’m relishing in it and we’ve been putting in solid work if someone would have told you back in 2014 eventually you would have a trilogy with dustin poirier after the way that first fight went would you believe them no i wouldn’t have believed them but it is what it is here we are and i’m i’m relishing it in it uh just a couple of weeks after the fight you posted something that got everyone um you know all riled up you posted on instagram no more mr nice guy what did you mean by that you know just the way things have shaped out i felt pity for for the guy to be honest i feel that you know i do feel a bit a bit of pity for a lot of people in in in the game and that was really it i reached out you know it was going to be a charity event it was nothing really to do with the ufc at the start i was kind of just teaming up for the money fight i wanted a mixed martial arts competition because they had kept me out for so long i was frustrated about it but you know i picked dust and i felt a bit sorry for him he was a cell phone boxer that was that it’s the way it went and you know let’s see what do you mean when you say pity for him like he won the fight why did you not even that just before i don’t know i’m out there saving him and his i’m not saving his wife and him and his wife’s life you know what i mean i’m at the rescue on them so you know some of the shady stuff that’s going on regarding some of the other issues i’m like yeah you’re gonna pay for that now that’s that’s just the way it has to be and god bless are you are you referring to the charity yeah there’s a few things the whole thing yeah a couple of things what can you explain your side that we haven’t heard your side of that he put it out there that i guess you hadn’t reached out regarding the charity and this seemed to bother you you jumped the gun is what are you doing you know what i mean at the end of the day and i went with a reputable charity in the area i had said i was going to donate like i said it originally started as like a charity event you know i was kind of it was going to be a charity event and the profits off of the of the event were going to go to charity so when the fight actually got announced when we made it under the ufc banner then i kept it up i said i’ll still help you i’ll still give you the digo and then you know it is what it is i i’m happy where it’s gone it’s gone to the boys and girls club of academia and um you know not not to just some random mma gym for profit which is essentially what you know what the attempt was so i’m happy the way it’s gone and it’s got me into that other mode that you know suits me down to the ground so i’m happy with it do you feel like he was almost like attacking your character by doing that of course yeah it was you know awful yeah of course it’s a it was a grave mistake a grave mistake the last two times we saw in action against donald then against him in in january it was all very friendly leading up to the fight and and you know everyone loves to analyze your demeanor leading up to fights in your relationship with your opponent do you feel like you need to go back to the conor who was trying to take everyone’s head off you against the world i’m certainly in that i’m certainly in that mode again i’m in a vicious mode no family around you know i’m a bad man without the farm you know what i mean and that’s the way i’m feeling right now so it’s it’s everything happens for a reason everything comes full circle and i feel i’m in a good place right now i’m feeling i feel i’m in the place i need to be in why no family around this time you know going from preparing to kill a man and then coming home and cuddling the children and feeding them puppies bottles at night you know it just doesn’t it doesn’t mix and it’s not even that it’s not even that it’s more so you know well it is that but it’s it’s also even on days like rest day so you know i put in my work and then i’d go for it it would be my rest day but rest days with the family it’s not really rest day you’re going out you’re doing something you’re playing with the kids all day this time i had none of that you know it wasn’t there was no distractions and um you know i was able to recuperate fully so then when my next round of training began i was fully rested and you know ready to go and it’s shown in the practice room it’s shown in in in in my performance in the gym and they will show you family on saturday sorry sorry uh when’s the last time you you saw your family well geez i don’t know exactly but it’s been a bit now i left them in dubai and i came here so they’re back in ireland now you know there’s a term uh it came about after the passing of kobe bryant girl dad uh about you know celebrating fathers who are fathers for young girls you are now a girl dad congratulations to you and d on that how has that changed you if at all she she’s she’s a little princess my daughter i love her daily and uh yeah happy happy what is it father daughter day is it yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s good i love it i was on the on the facetime with them today before i came here and uh yeah very proud i want another girl you know i’d like another another daughter you’ve got two boys now you’ve got a daughter i’d like to i like the issue for another daughter it’s an amazing thing because i still remember you saying about the aldo fight he’s got distractions he has kids now you’re talking about a fourth yeah what it is but uh yeah i and then i i had to kind of show it put the distractions away a little bit you know so sure it’s all good you keep bringing it up all this up no you know what i mean stop that i’m gonna okay i’m dangerous at the minute you know what i mean they’ll be fired at all today and all this crack okay fair enough uh connor a lot was was said and was made of the light kicks in the second fight and in particular your stance have you gone away from the traditional boxing stance and that kind of work leading up to this fight i will go true i will go through the elements you know i mean there’s a lot a lot of benefits in that stance also you know i mean i’m not going to shoot it out fully but i will certainly mix it up for sure my understanding is uh you do not have your old boxing coach phil sutcliffe with you this time is that accurate yeah we didn’t come to the u.s but we’ve been training we have trained non-stop yet but he didn’t they didn’t come to the us so who will be in your corner for this fight john and roddy and then uh my two fast coaches like like aspiring it’s been solely mixed martial arts this camp there’s been no distractions the last camp was 75 percent boxing it was 70 even 80 percent preparation from manny pacquiao you know what i mean i had a whole i had like i had a whole team of people that was specifically for money as far as body shape and type and all this type of crack so and then i also had my wrestling coach my wrestling coaches and with me also at the minute either it’s not just a boxing you know because they’re like different areas i’ve just focused solely on mixed martial arts you know i’ve put in some great work with my with all my coaches over the years feel that the boxing guys surrogated wrestling guys but i just i dialed it in to the mixed martial arts aspect of it there’s no point in in not doing it especially the way the last one went and the way this one is so the corner is as it is as it’s always been an extra edition will be the fast coach who does the clock for me in the sparring so it’ll be all for be all familiar to the sparring work that we do so that’s did you feel did you feel like that boxing training led to the defeat in january did you feel you know i got a lot of benefits out of the shots my my punches were crisp you know i let off the weapons and also dealing with the attacks of a mixed martial artist for sure you know what i mean if you’re doing multiple spars and some of those heavy spars are boxing spars you know your mma spire is not going to be you know it just it just it was hard to fit them both in at the same time so i’ve i’ve focused fully on mma for this do you suspect he is going to come out with the same type of game plan he’s crapping his bags i really am i think he’s shot in 20 seconds in the first round 20 seconds in almost he almost shot as fast as the dagestani who shot 15 seconds into the first round so they fight me afraid they fight they fight afraid they they back away they shell up they die for the legs you know it’s i’m aware of it now awareness is is what it’s about and that’s it one thing that you noted a couple times after the fight was that you didn’t need the stool in between rounds why was that such a big deal for you it was nice to be you know to showcase that uh you know my my cardiovascular abilities is improving again though there’s none of that at this camp or no not this fight there’s nothing for free getting given here there’s a lot of freebies in the last 155 pounds on the scale that’s going to be 156 pounds on this scale you know three shots in the octagon not taking the still etc etc plugs plugs out of pity all of these things are gone i’m taking everything now is it personal no it’s never personal it’s just a corpse this is a corpse in front of me that i need to just dissect and rip through i’m assuming you’ve watched the fight a bunch of times yes the moments where he’s kind of pointing at you and laughing about the shots and things like that how did those sit with you see he was pointing this time let’s see who’s pointing this time when’s the last time you watched it i’m not sure a couple of days maybe a week or so ago i’ve watched it i’ve studied it i’ve not you know i i’m prepared when you see yourself you know the closing moments of the fight when you see yourself in that state what what goes on internally because you know that’s not something we’ve seen often i thought i looked well in the position i ended up being i was looking like i was relaxing almost you know what i mean i was happy with it it is what it is the leg was immobilized i was on the back foot against the cage and i couldn’t bear weight on my right leg you know what i mean the knockdown wasn’t even a knock down it was just a right hook that stepped me on the leg that was immobilized and i went down it was the shot like the shot that followed that but it was a flash i was open seconds i was alert everything look at the way remember when i bounced his head off the campus like a basketball uh back in the day he uh he jumped up and he’s looking at her dean you know what was going on he jumped up near what was going on it was it is what it is it’s the fight business so you know even in in in the in the second bout i was shocked until his car was an electric bulk going through his entire body so i look forward to doing that again when the stuff was going on with uh with dustin and the charity and all that did you seriously consider someone else for this return fight in july i know we were in we were in you know it is what it is it is what it is he’s to get his ass now and that’s that what about khabib do you still hold out hope that that will happen i don’t really give a about that guy to be honest with you i mean he ran he’s gone he’s trying to blame his well what did he didn’t do in the in the sport in my opinion three wins on the shop before that he was pulled he pulled out blade and everything he had a little run and dipped out showed his true character it’s not like i wasn’t surprised he scooted away like the little rat that he is so uh you know he’s not i’m not even not even concerned would it be fair to say you win this fight charles oliveira is next the lightweight champion yeah it’s olivier next we dance with the brazilians again and i look forward to it does he impress you yeah no no he’s timid he’s going to crumble i quote yeah yeah no why the new teeth what what’s the mean white nose heat then he’s ready i thought the other ones were great yeah you know we can’t drink coffee and all that crack so we drink a coffee i’ve laid you know i got them doing that actually it’s not like i didn’t get like veneers or anything like that actually my teeth are just juiced up and you know sparkled and also i’m very happy with them yeah they look great um congratulations on the proper deal that was announced congratulations on forbes you are still the bread as you reminded us not that long ago uh always we have to ask what is the prediction how do you see it playing out on saturday night dustin’s going out in a stretcher that’s my prediction going out of this fight in a stretcher early late mid i’m ready for i’m ready for it all i’m not i’m not jumping they’re going i’m ready for it all but he’s going out on a stretcher conor appreciate it as always good luck my friend thank you so much thank you early sure

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