Wallabies v France – First Test | Highlights | 2021

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just short of the policy bumber takes a couple with and now offloads number eight knuckles lovely hands around the corner here from [Music] into your heart turning over a set piece melee the scrum the melee harry wilson needs to control the back of that scruff every forward has just owned that try they got the turnover at the scrub every forward has just got that little bit faster thanks right there’s room there for right to switch for parts army who loses it wilson great hands down low from the wall of these number eight he’s isolated and he hasn’t stolen away and france marks their way up the park gonna [Applause] he’s the tri-scorer julian there’s no one through the middle and get in grabs his second they’ve had have been positive first time they’ve had a good set piece move off a scrum inside paul works first time they’ve got a turnover against the feed in the wall of his half in turn slips it back for pain grim also france doing a great job an issue but now australia rumbled through pangram also yes he has some reward for sustained pressure on this french 15.

Oh this french 15 and they’ve been excellent this french 15 but they couldn’t hold on this is a great psychological a needed psychological blow of australian wallaby forward pack on french forward pack french defense easy ball there for gerassi this is how fifa penalty australia and he gets to work inside this great back row combination [Applause] chips it through and reduces the deficit it’s 15 10. [Music] great picking and driving another penalty for france it gets willing valentini was in the mix 50 minutes late for mine sean the gimmick shot in front is on the board for france galtier happy his side up by eight fine [Applause] henley goes the other way goes to australia key shot on goal this from lola has made no mistake he drills it through and 18 plays 13 tim horan takes it well gets past hooper almost gets past vinson too and again he’s so good at it throwing better releasing on the ground and upping and stealing extra meters tupo out the back for lolli g back to lola he gets shaped over the ball with the help of villiere so after the penalty goal to lawless you in australia france now have a chance to reestablish that eight point lead through the boot of jamin there we’re gonna just pull it back a touch and it does the right thing by france mcdermott holding up for valertini folds around the corner well mcdermott sniping finds wilson wilson one away growing back almost a line australia desperate for points in there france called out of it hooper backs it over huge play from the wallabies captain the ball off the outside hip mcdermott to wilson the queensland connection they whack away corbyn goes close to beau goes close and the french brought the brawn but as hooper brings the brains he spins around he backs over the line they can’t tackle his backside and he gets the ball on the paint in a huge moment in this test match great patience so often you see the frustration when forwards put the head down they don’t have any awareness around them lucky to dodge one there nice to ronnie hands away foot jupo looking for support daniela tupo to the 22 mcdermott they go quick by sami crosstail kick so kill away this too much there’s too much on and a down on the fly swain on debut three out mcdermott looking wrong they’re going short through the forwards hooper a giving shot from in front but the green and gold what a hero for the night who will it be trying to roll his way over the top they keep it tight the wallabies they haven’t laid all night long it’s on out to the right here valentini can’t clear it they’ll keep it close lonergan desperate defense from france still the advantage here for australia back they go lollipo looks to get it away and will have the penalty right in front [Applause] whip it through for the win there it is it’s taken until the 83 minutes for australia to lead but they get it done when it matters most

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