Hiroshima / Mihara City Embankment broke due to heavy rain “Level 5″| JPNN us

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The underpass of the road is flooded and the road is closed. And this is also the car on the back side where water has accumulated on the road. I’m stuck in Hiroshima prefecture, it rained very heavily from dawn He swells and the river water is flowing into the rice fields behind the embankment tombstone. In Mihara City, the embankment is broken by the ceiling river that flows through the city. Assuming that the river overflowed in the vicinity, after 8 am, we issued emergency safety to 6286 people who wanted to make 2574 around.

In Hiroshima prefecture, it is raining heavily with rain clouds that have developed on the battlefield, mainly in the coastal areas of Setouchi. Evacuation orders have been issued one after another due to flooding of roads and flooding of rivers in a wide area of ​​the prefecture. On the other hand, in the San’in region, although the rain legs have weakened a little, it is raining intermittently. Yesterday, it was announced to ensure emergency safety at alert level 5.

In Yakumo Town, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, residents spent an uneasy night at a shelter.

I don’t think it will increase by all means, but it’s a glacier On the other hand, in Tottori Prefecture, the emergency safety assurance that had been issued in a part of Yoshinari Minamimachi in Tottori City was released and stolen after 5:30 am today. I felt that it was dangerous for my life. The San’in region is expected to continue to experience intermittent rain and thunderstorms due to the influence of fronts and moist air.

It is necessary to continue to be vigilant against sediment-related disasters. This is the state of the rain clouds at 6 am today, but you can see that the rain clouds that have developed very much due to the influence of the Baiu front are centered around Hiroshima prefecture, 200 mm in 12 hours in Hiroshima prefecture.

There is also a place where it rained nearby and recorded the highest rainfall in the history of observation, so it is already in the Chugoku region and Shikoku region where sediment disaster warning information has been announced. The risk of disasters is increasing, but it’s even more cheerful, and the rain clouds that have developed over the sea west of Kyushu are still waiting.

Currently, the Hiroshima prefecture river is in the most dangerous state, and in addition to the ceiling side mentioned earlier, the Kurose river has reached the flood danger level. Looking at the future forecasts, it’s not like I’m connected to the captain, but it’s still somewhere. There is a rain cloud, and it seems that the rain cloud will spread from the Chugoku region to the Kinki and Tokai regions at night.

Therefore, it seems that caution is required for sediment-related disasters and flooding of rivers in a wide range..

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