New testimony on “filling” (July 6, 2021)

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This is a picture of Mr. Mizu and Mr. Taken in 2017. Even though there is a store Bashamichi If you go through the mountain road surrounded by trees, you may just come to the game. The mountain has opened It’s a place that is said to have been the starting point of this collapse.

It’s shaped like a mortar. It’s obviously man-made. What happened in a place that was just a forest Do you say that the whole area is going out? There is no doubt that there was such a development There is no doubt that there was Morino after the collapsed Ueno Castle. However, it has been pointed out that this embankment may have been mixed with industrial waste.

At that time, it came to the wind and that smell was really harmful. There was a time when it became a big problem around 2001 I was throwing away industrial waste, so I requested that it be stopped in Shizuoka Prefecture and the city. Guidance or fairy It healed The current owner explains that the land was then sold and left unattended until the accident. In September 2011, when I bought a good one, it was just like Akai and the current cause. I never bought it and then made any dough or landfilled it.

It costs hundreds of millions of yen from a certain time. However, I don’t remember issuing such Yu-san, and the person in charge at the site I also had a book, but I didn’t do that at all Another company with the same address or a trader representative who is said to have thrown away industrial waste is also in other parts of Atami City Every time it rains, earth and sand flow and I’m really worried, so I got a phone call.

We came here to appeal to those in the same industry as elementary and junior high school students. I appealed to a corporation in Atami City. I’m a member of the city council.

People are normally transported to the ceremony floor by dump truck. It’s a place where nothing is used on the slope. I was throwing it away, but that car had stopped here for a long time, but it was also in this All the earth and sand are flowing in the graveyard along Mochi-dori This is a place about 7 km south of the site of this landslide.

The mountain behind the temple was developed as a residential land, and on the day of ora, the landslide covered more than 300 meters. If you look at the photos at that time, earth and sand flowed through the grave.

I wanted a big stone to roll into the residential area Shiga 9.5 million yen I paid for it, but the money never came back. Gratitude has been shaped like it’s been dissipated, and I’m completely responsible. I didn’t take it What happened in Atami between 20007 and several years, and did it have a major impact on the current catastrophe? Those who know about the embankment Ah holiday ah In addition, I can not open such a part of Buddha’s edge with width So-called Sanyo Waste Nahahahahahaha Suha with a nice person who put it out Ah ah ah Shizuoka Prefecture explains that there is no improper point and there is no recognition that the collapsed embankment was in a dangerous state at this stage.

On the other hand, the country has expressed the recognition that it is necessary to overhaul the embankment nationwide. We are digging into the problem that we have to think about such things as a comprehensive inspection of the embankment itself nationwide..

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