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What was happening at the place that seems to be the starting point of the debris flow was photographed in 2005 Compared to the aerial photograph, the trees were overgrown. However, seven years later, it looks like the mountain surface has been exposed and some work has been done to make it stepped. Looking around with the latest sa image, there is a steep valley just below. A debris flow struck the city as if to gouge other than this. The recognition of Shizuoka Prefecture It’s a genius of the first part, isn’t it?

And at that a 1st part, it was blown out, and it was the forest road above it, and it was washed away to the station and the damage was increased like this I understand Embankment is a public notice method Cut out natural slopes to make land On the contrary, embankment is to pile up the soil to make it flat. There is a risk of landslides if it is not closed properly or drained properly.

It seems that he knew that at least 50,000 cubic meters of earth and sand that seemed to have flowed out from the place where the embankment was located were under construction for 10 people. Our only As far as the limit is about trenches in the mountains I’ve heard that it’s buried However, the fact that the place where the professionals collapsed was right in the upper child mail where they live There may not be many people who tried to grasp it. When such development work is a problem on the Izu Peninsula Governor Kawakatsu is complaining Well especially For that reason, because it is close to the Tokyo metropolitan area, the people of the big course want to move there.

I think that if the land price was rising, it was thought that it would be a tax increase for housing.

Shizuoka Prefecture says that a landslide was large in the place where there was an embankment due to some development activity How to add this to the mountain, which is extremely dangerous, what kind of construction method was used, and for what purpose, what happened to this moat? We are determined to verify this firmly. According to the person concerned, there was a consultation with Atami City that the developer who owned it at that time wanted to create a residential land more than 10 years ago. It means that the trader is It is said that he received guidance because he felled trees without permission and there was industrial waste in the earth and sand that he brought in.

According to Atami City, even after that, there was no notification of building a house or a house in the place where the embankment was. Atami City does not know the purpose of the embankment at this time. please.

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