At least two people dead and 20 missing after powerful landslide hits Japan | Latest English News

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black water and debris gushing into the japanese town of atami two people have lost their lives 20 people are currently missing this in the aftermath of heavy rainfall that was followed by a powerful landslide in japan a torrent of mud crashed down the town of atame forcing people to flee the town saw rainfall of 313 millimeters in just 48 hours to put this in context this is more than the estimated 242 millimeters of rain that the entire month of july witnesses the big electricity poles were shaking all over the place no sooner had i wondered what was going on the mudslides were already there and in the streets below too i was really scared has called on emergency services and the military for assistance rescue and evacuation efforts have been underway the japanese government has said that human life is their top priority the meteorological department has warned that more downpour is going to follow in the coming days the government has advised people in the town to pay attention to evacuation orders experts have warned that dirt has been loosened due to the continuous rainfall this has in turn increased the risk of landslides the famous tourist attraction is completely disappeared under the rushing waters much of japan is currently in its annual rainy season the country is filled with valleys and mountains which is why weeks of rainfall often ends up causing floods and landslides scientists say climate change change is intensifying the phenomenon warmer atmosphere holds more water resulting in more intense rainfall three years ago more than 200 people had died as devastating floods inundated western japan we are now available in your country download the app now get all the news on the move

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