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Mr. Izu of Atami City, where the debris flow occurred, is located about 1.5 km north of Atami Station. When it was 400 characters, I was down the road and there was a sound of traveling That mud came out soon There are some tools and streets What kind of place is the area around the site where a large-scale debris flow was photographed? As far as the situation before the debris flow is seen, many houses are lined up along the slope, and there are hotels and corporate recreational facilities nearby.

In Atami City, the 72-hour rainfall exceeded 400 mm, which was the largest in the history of observation in July.

The women who have lived around the site for more than 50 years are starting from 4, so it’s okay because I will protect them. Well, when it rains, that’s the place. My area is rumbling and the rain is amazing. The flow is fast, but this is really the first time If you look further at the mountain side of the site, you can see the terrain like a valley in two places.

This place is a place where you can see the bar clearly and repeatedly, but it seems that it is flowing and helping the terrain formed by cutting it. In the hazard map, the area up to the sea including the site where the video was taken is designated as a debris flow warning area. This is a picture taken from a hotel along the coast around 4 pm The earth and sand had flowed to the front of the sea When you look at the content, there is almost no art burger Hidenori, so I think that it means that you will be a woman at a considerable speed. Debris flow Saito, which once flowed and then gained momentum again and rushed in.

It seems easy, but there are some places where it can be given, and the mark of the method can be accumulated and it can be long with the car.

There is a lot of sorrow about the possibility of coming..

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