Israel forces hit Hamas weapons depot

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israeli fighter jets struck a hamas weapons manufacturing site in gaza in response to incendiary balloons launched over the frontier into israel by militant group hamas there were no immediate reports of casualties from the israeli strike which the military said targeted a facility used by the islamic militant group hamas to research and develop weapons it was the third time israel has carried out airstrikes in gaza since the end of the 11 day war it fought with the territories militant hamas rulers in may each came after activists mobilized by hamas launched incendiary balloons that caused fires in neighboring israel farming communities hamas uses such tactics to pressure israel and international mediators to ease a crippling blockade imposed on gaza when it seized power power from rival palestinian forces in 2007. israel has vowed to respond to even minor attacks launched from gaza egyptian and international mediators have been trying to shore up informal ceasefire that ended the most recent war in recent days israel has eased restrictions to allow in qatar funded fuel extend gaza’s fishing zone and permit increased cross-border commerce israel says that such steps are contingent on hamas preserving calm along the frontier recent escalation of violence started when hamas fired salvos of rockets towards jerusalem and other israeli cities last month hamas says the attack were a response to israeli police raids and heavy-handed policy against muslim worshipers at jerusalem’s al-aqsa mosque and planned evictions of palestinian families from an arab neighborhood but coming back to the latest incident israeli jets have struck and hamas weapons manufacturing site israeli aircraft bombed hamas site in gaza strip overnight in response to incendiary balloons launched from gaza now since a may 21st ceasefire ended 11 days of israel hamas fighting palestinians in gaza have sporadically launched balloons laden with incendiary material across the border causing fires in israel israel has promised to respond to even minor attacks launched from gaza now remember at least 250 palestinians and 13 israelis were killed in the may fighting which saw gaza militants fire rockets towards israeli cities and israel carry out airstrikes across the frontier into gaza vion is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move

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