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but there is other major news on this saturday night the deadly hot air balloon accident in new mexico the basket slamming into power lines separating from the balloon the basket then plunging 100 feet to the ground and catching fire the deflated balloon falling slowly through the sky landing on a house no one survived abc’s irene shaw is on the scene in albuquerque tonight new mexico officials searching for answers after this hot air balloon crash in albuquerque killing all five on board including the pilot the country’s deadliest hot air balloon accident in five years we have a fire to where i believe a hot air balloon crash over at central and enter this frantic site early this morning as eyewitnesses rushed to the scene they’re on that site josh perez witnessing the basket of the balloon crashing to the ground after it hit a power line they get the electric opal oh my god according to eyewitnesses the gondola hitting a power line crashing onto a roadway and catching fire there’s no fire extinguisher anywhere you ever bring it hurry bring it hit the line high up rode the line a little to the west and then eventually the gondola crashed into the roadway the balloon itself floating in the sky and later located over a mile away on top of a house the crash also knocking out power to the area temporarily impacting more than 13 thousand customers tonight the ntsb joining the faa and state and local officials to try and determine what made this hot air balloon hit that power line and crash wit serene shower

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