BREAKING: Russian forces ‘drop bombs’ in path of Royal Navy

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a russian border patrol boat has fired warning shots at a royal navy destroyer and a russian plane has dropped four bombs in the path of the ship in the black sea russia’s defense ministry says the confrontation took place near cape firland a landmark on the coast of crimea after the destroyer entered its country’s territorial waters well our foreign affairs editor deborah haynes joins me now what do we know about where exactly this ship was and whether or not this action was justified well actually a defense source has just said to me that um what actually happened is it’s incorrect that the um the russian ship fired at the royal navy destroyer but was actually conducting a gunnery exercise some three miles away so i think we’re going to get a bit more clarity coming from the ministry of defence we haven’t had a full statement from them yet we’ve been relying on what the russian defense ministry has been saying and they’ve been quoted as as saying that hms defender this type 45 destroyer which is in the area it has been um visiting ukraine um that it entered russia’s territorial waters but i’m told that no the waters it was in were international waters clearly the annexation of crimea and the territory the the sovereignty of the waters around that area um are disputed um but whatever the uh the actual argument over the logistics of what happened clearly um it’s it’s provocative even if the ship wasn’t directly fired at as the russian defense ministry is claiming and the fact that these exercises were taken away taking place so close to a transiting uh royal navy ship is um is clearly going to be seen from the uk side as um as a as a provocation from the russian side i imagine they’ll see the um the presence of that destroyer um as a provocative act by the uk so it’s a a very tense um situation between the two sides and i think we’re waiting really to to hear what the um the ministry of defense has to say to give their version of events at the moment we really are just relying on what the russian defense ministry is saying

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