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Hi, Have you ever thought about one of the things you learn at school? Then you suddenly seem to realize that, why did you study like that in the first place at school like woi, what are the benefits for my life now, for example, you joking, isn’t the Diponegoro War happened just after sunset 1825 until 1830 Well, let’s try a lesson like that, there’s a benefit to being alive, you know Have you ever left a job interview like that when asked by the Diponegoro War Deck? When was that, didn’t it, or did the statue do your job like that or did it fit Do you want to meet your future in-laws or when you go on a date with someone you just met on Tinder? Have you ever had knowledge of any use in your daily life? What are you going to do next hahaha what should you learn?

school, I’m curious, don’t worry, because in this video I’ll tell you about it the person who is most responsible for education in this country, sir Indonesian education is more Suryaningrat alias Ki Hajar Dewantara and I really encourage you to watch this video until it’s finished I promise at the end of the video you will realize a lot of cool things that are useful really for your future life Okay as usual before we enter let’s discuss the philosophy a little bit about the person, first of all, let me tell you In the past, when I was in school, I had the perception that Ki Hajar Dewantara is a Javanese battery whose work is studying culture noble character from their ancestors then became the basis of education Yes, how about no That’s his first name, right? Then he’s famous for three Javanese sentences which is always referred to as the motto of Indonesian education ingarso Sung tulodo ing Madyo Mangun Karso and tutwuri Handayani are less sophisticated Javanese what are people’s perceptions of kihajardewantara when it comes to school? we’re not like that, aren’t we, but we’re not trying To be honest, I just found out about the figures behind the independence of this nation that Ki Hajar Dewantara is very far from that figure Kihajar is a child of the nation genius when he was young got a scholarship to study at a Dutch medical school in Batavia, you imagine, the natives at that time could go to school, thank goodness for him can go to medical school, that person is really smart, unfortunately he is Not only smart but also brave.

So why do you love Ki Hadjar on campus The hobby was even criticized by the Dutch government here and there until it was finally released From his college life, he became a journalist and he became more and more into writing The sharp thing about the Dutch government until finally exiled to the Netherlands there let’s stay away from Indonesia by making a riot here, let’s continue the story behind the Netherlands, you know what’s being done there, he’s there instead learn Well, before the internet, the position was decisive achievement and splitting is not so clear that access to books on Nissan written by smart and wise people from all over the world and hereafter more It’s complete, compared to Indonesia at that time, Nadia could study essay questions latest in education philosophy Psychology and many other things including one of them is Maria Montessori’s philosophy and curriculum which until now it is still used in editing schools around the world and the results of his learning with his genius brain are then summarized and bring it back to Indonesia to be used as the basis for traditional education she belongs to the student park which is a school that myself belongs to Tuesday’s Kliwon G gathering talked about his projects and made Indonesia as a whole when he was the minister of education Okay, that’s all for now Yes, if I tell you to talk about it, OK, Dewantara, I can discuss it in two hours the video is too long Hahaha so that’s how kihajardewantara is not Kejawen batteries at Genius activists who are very concerned about education Now, in this video, I will discuss three things from Ki’s educational philosophy Beat Dewantara, which in my opinion is very important for all creatures to know about this country j&t your style is free this is not triloka alias tutwuri Handayani dan guys, because that’s why the focus should not be on the students but on the hunt How do they educate students in my class discussing his thoughts it’s even more core and this is usually unfortunately never taught at school, I’m curious.

Okay, the first thing to be free is to start with things the most basic purpose of education.

Try it according to what the purpose of education is Do you make it smart or make it a good appraiser or like a diploma and then you can work Well, according to Ki Hajar Dewantara, the purpose of education is to liberate Humans and if you ask what is an independent human, according to Ki Hajar, the point is the 21 is safe in body two happy in spirit Dettol is safe and happy Survive and happy and actually if you think about it that’s what we’re looking for in life let’s just wish we could congratulations we can be happy even if you say this is not the goal Hereafter milk hope what is it in the hereafter if not hope you are safe heaven and happiness in heaven, right? This is a topic that universally accepted actually starting from the philosophy of religion to science modern psychology It agrees on this point that we are looking for that is safety and happiness now Take a look around us like that I think most people around us know or not, how do you do it? so that his life can be safe and happy, I don’t think so, why try it? I don’t know if anyone teaches the school or not.

Well, if Don’t teach schools to know where to try, even though according to Ki Hajar Dewantara education is supposed to liberate humans to produce humans who safe and happy Do you know when the Diponegoro War took place helps you to be safe and happy or do you know how to do it trigonometric integration can help you guys happy and happy and that is the main reason one message of our scene I want to help Indonesians to be able to live fully in what way is it by teaching important things that are not taught in school especially Here’s how people can be safe and happy.

Now, we’re also concerned Next, the second point, Kihajar believes that Duck’s education has three The first important role is to promote and protect oneself, the second is to maintain and protect the third nation maintain and protect the world Kihajar calls this as a trirahayu philosophy he believes that everything is connected and everything contribute to a greater interest or its cool language everything is connected Az example for this if for example you guys are successful make yourself free people, people who happy about the environment around you family friends or the other people around you become more no life.

Now, it’s better if it’s in an area, for example his family family is a happy family family people good area, so if in a country the regions are developed negara Is the country developed or not if the country is developed, who feels the effect, everyone? the world feels its people also feel that everything is connected and it starts from each of us liberating one person is the first step liberating a family liberating a family is the first step to liberating the region liberating the region is the first step to liberate The nation has returned to Why does 1% of all of these behave like that, yes, because we believe that the more people are exposed to the good things we teach will the better this nation and the better this time, the more comfortable we will be everyone can live in it.

Yes, all people will be comfortable Mostly if for example the country is also better including me including the wheel including everyone else remember this is not the time Sam game where so that one person can gain the other must lose this is an era where we can be happy with others without having to sacrifice other people Well if you don’t know what a game major is and positive Sam game leave it in the comments, I’ll discuss it sometime if you’re wondering hehehe and you XL can really help our dreams come true faster starting Where do you come from? Develop each of you to become people Free Allah teach others around you if someone asks how do i do this i have this problem i’m so hard to be happy tell me to check one message on YouTube or on Instagram share the 1% content you think can be useful for others and you if you need more apart from that content, we can check our services on our one percent Dotnetnet He has a consulting service and he pays more for it, but in the end, that’s it We also use it to produce quality content and services for the community so that all of this can be realized quickly, eh afternoon gopan speech hahaha ok ok Sorry to go back to topic to MP3 Ki Hadjar called it a trick on alias education must continue to converge and concentrically continue means sustainable what you achieved today is the result of what that you learned from your past from birth until yesterday and tomorrow, today will be the past, have you learned that Constantly Throughout Life There’s Always Another Way To Be Better than today, we don’t need a lot, how come we believe that getting better by only one percent every day the results are already amazing to live then converge, meaning that knowledge must come from various sources take knowledge from outside your comfort zone because if you are there, you are so stackman continues to add to your knowledge Ki Hadjar himself modeling his education takes a lot of Education Day concepts outside, it’s like a Montessori frobel or rabindranath tagore, but here it is although he also encourages us to learn from Hi, there is a final principle that is concentric, learning from the outside is okay it has to be night but don’t forget to adjust it with your identity and the context in each of our lives, Ki Hadjar himself.

Even though there are a lot of us from outside, yes. Then we can make cool philosophy like that Oh we everything should be like this, but at that time we were still colonized early Independence is also the state is still almost now, the practice is adjusted to the contest Indonesia at that time, for example, if he used the term liberating humans to wrap the concept of happiness Why is the word liberating humans used? Because that’s what people need At that time, Indonesia was independent, so including all these cool concepts konsep Can’t you just shut up about this lamentation in Indonesia, which is still almost time That’s because it wasn’t ready at that time to discuss philosophical matters school is like this Now the problem is that a century has passed Now it’s gone the internet era, but how come it hasn’t been implemented yet in this day and age ask the thigh By the way I found said that Studying thermodynamic theory is not important, yes, but there are more things important and essential for our lives as humans but not discussed here school Okay, I was really skeptical about this because the next video should not be my message remember there are three, first don’t forget to learn how to be happy the second when we build ourselves the environment around us will also improve and it will make our lives even better the third Learn to live life Take it from various sources but adjust With the context of our lives, he’s already on my scheduler, I’m around one percent bye bye.

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