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despite an offer by the biden administration to hold talks over the denuclearization of the korean peninsula the north korean side has completely dismissed hopes of any breakthrough this after kim jong-un’s powerful sister appeared to dismiss prospects for early resumption of diplomacy in a statement released on state broadcaster knca kim yojung said and i quote here the expectation which they chose to harbor the wrong way would plunge them into greater disappointment earlier the biden administration had extended an invitation to north korean leader kim jong-un for talks on pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal viata’s national security adviser jake sullivan made the comments on abc news as well sullivan said that the u.s is prepared to engage in principled negotiations with north korea well time will tell what president biden has communicated is that the united states is prepared to engage in principled negotiations with north korea to deal with the challenge of north korea’s nuclear program towards the ultimate objective of the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula we are awaiting uh a clear signal from pyongyang as to whether they are prepared to sit down at the table to begin working in that direction during a major party ruling meeting last week kim jong-un analyzed the biden administration’s north korea policy came ordered officials to prepare for both dialogue and confrontation this then prompted hope in the biden administration that the dictorial regime in pyongyang may be open to dialogue kim yo-jong’s statement however indicates that pyongyang may stick to its confrontational approach meanwhile us president joe biden’s special envoy for north korea is in seoul soon came with south korea’s unification minister lean young who handles relations with the north the u.s representative said the two countries agreed to pursue complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula through diplomacy and dialogue most importantly we reaffirmed our two countries shared commitment to pursuing the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula through diplomacy and dialogue we took note of the recent statement out of pyongyang regarding their preparation for dialogue and we hope to receive a positive response to our proposal for meetings and for more on this richard kimber is now joining us live from hong kong for more on this story richard thank you for joining us now as i mentioned earlier the biden administration had offered to hold talks on denuclearization but the north korean side has completely dismissed any prospects of any talks or breakthroughs how do you assess this yes these latest comments from kim jong-un’s sister suggest there will be no high-level presidential summit between uh potential president biden and of course kim jong-un as we saw with the former president trump there were some suggestions that could happen after the comments from kim jong-un assessing that u.s foreign policy situation and suggesting both dialogue and confrontation her latest comments as you say dismissed that suggestion she says that the u.s is going to be plagued with disappointment if it continues to harbor such optimistic ideas now her ideas of course taken fairly seriously by foreign diplomatic circles because in recent years she’s been seen as being a much more influential figure in north korea’s overseas diplomatic and political landscape she’s been present at all three of the former summits between president trump and kim jong-un and has more recently been seen to sign off on key policy addresses from pyongyang so whenever she does speak on these issues the world is listening far more closely than it may have done a few years ago absolutely richard now how do you think this very confrontational approach will affect the relations between the two sides going forward well president biden is still keen on ensuring denuclearization as is the south korean uh official state um situation as with japan as well that’s why us’s special envoy is currently in south korea trying to conform a unified approach with regards to the south korean japanese and u.

s stance the problem really comes with whether or not north korea is willing to negotiate whatsoever on this previously it’s insisted on having all sanctions from the u.s side removed in exchange for any form of denuclearization even at the smallest level and if that standoff continues as far as current policy seems to be the case nothing will change the added pressure though at the moment that’s most interesting for analysts to look at with north korea’s situation is because of the effect of the covet 19 pandemic its borders with china are closed off and many of its economic aid that’s been coming through from beijing seems to be slowing down so it’s in a situation now where it does need some level of international assistance and potentially some level of international support and therefore if it continues to hold out in this way with a confrontation only stance if there are issues within north korea and this is something analysts are trying to figure out right now then it does put itself in a difficult situation if it’s not willing to show any form of compromise or diplomatic conversation with the likes of the us right richard thank you so much for joining us with all those updates beyond is now available in your country download the app now get all the news on the move

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