A diplomatic war against China is being staged in London/Is Kim Jong-un ready to take action? (Subtitles) |The G7 Meeting Became A Diplomatic War Against China |Wang Jian Daily Observation| JPNN us

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Subtitles: Shirley Daily observation of live broadcast 2 programs We have two themes today. One is that London is staged a diplomatic war against China. The other one is Kim Jong-un ready to take a shot? Then these two news are related We go down in order Group of Seven The G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting was held in London for three consecutive days starting from Monday. So this time the g7 foreign ministers’ meeting invited Japan and South Korea to participate The U.S. proposes to Japan and South Korea to hold a meeting of the three foreign ministers Then the U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln and the Japanese foreign minister Motegi and this South Korea’s foreign minister, Zheng Yirong, held a meeting, except for the North Korean issue. Of course, it also includes China’s issues Then This occasion is very critical America needs this occasion Solve his problems in the Indo-Pacific region The main issue of concern is China So we can see that this series of things are all related to China Nab Lincoln held talks with the Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi first Both sides confirmed that the leaders of the United States and Japan were in Washington last month The outcome of the talks make sure Free and open Indo-Pacific region Both parties agree to strengthen cooperation in dealing with issues related to China And reiterated the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait The two sides agreed to cooperate closely to achieve the denuclearization of North Korea And seriously concerned about the Myanmar military Continued positive pressure against demonstrators Actually, this meeting What is actually In fact, it is to consolidate and extend this content and Political achievements So what is the core problem The core problem is Taiwan issue So who will Blincoln be with? Talks with South Korean Foreign Minister Jung Yi Young Both sides The U.S.

Exchanged the results of North Korea’s policy evaluation South Korea welcomes the evaluation results Then the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the two sides will cooperate closely make sure South Korea-U.S. summit meeting was a complete success Brinken said that U.S. President Biden looks forward to meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in Held in the early days of the Biden administration when the epidemic continues The South Korea-U.S. summit itself shows that the U.S. attaches great importance to Korea-U.S. alliance relations Korea-U.S. alliance enters the fast lane of all-round development Zheng Yirong said Biden’s speech in Congress is uncertain not only for the whole world but also for South Korea. Full of hope South Korea vs.

U.S. North Korea policy towards the United States Evaluation Welcome this The two sides agreed to achieve complete denuclearization of South Korea Maintain close cooperation with permanent peace The two sides decided to establish a new Southbound New South Policy versus The U.S.’s Indo-Pacific Strategic Conception Docking So the new crown vaccine cooperation Strengthen cooperation in areas such as climate change, the two sides agreed South Korea-U.S. summit to be held on the 21st Demonstrating the indestructibility of the US-Japan alliance and agreeing to maintain close communication and cooperation in the future Zheng Yirong said after the meeting Although the meeting is only 45 minutes But he and Brinken Preparations for the Korea-U.S. summit meeting on the Korean issue and other bilateral Concerned and exchanged opinions Then Then Han Meiji The three foreign ministers will be held on the 5th Is the day after tomorrow Expand this, hold a meeting for a tripartite meeting At that time, the North Korean issue will be discussed more intensively and will be used Exchanges during G7 foreign ministers The three parties will jointly control the situation on the Korean Peninsula in response to an epidemic Discussion on the situation of the Tokyo Olympics area and other matters So this is the foreign minister of Japan and South Korea Zheng Yirong took office in February this year, so this is since Zheng Yirong took office in February.

First meeting So it’s not known whether Japan and South Korea will have this bilateral meeting. Probably that’s it nice This is a very important triangular relationship between Japan and South Korea Of course, one of the relationships is the Japan-South Korea relationship. There are frictions and contradictions in the relationship between Japan and South Korea. So what is the core of the friction and contradiction between Japan and South Korea? The core is Sino-U.S. relations This is still a bit awkward Last month, this Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga visited Visit the U.S. Then the two parties reached a strategic cooperation This strategic cooperation is the Taiwan issue So now it’s the 21st of this month South Korean President Moon Jae-in will visit the United States of course U.S.-Japan Relations And this U.S.-Korea relationship There are different Have the same What’s the difference The difference is South Korea More influenced by China Then perhaps the dependence on China is stronger So the same thing is that South Korea, like Japan, is very dependent on the U.S.

Military protection Because they have a common opponent Is North Korea but There is no danger to North Korea for Japan North Korea poses such a big threat to South Korea North Korea poses a great threat to South Korea, so for South Korea His dependence on the military of the United States, the dependence on military power is very strong But so There is a problem in the middle is When the confrontation between China and the United States intensifies How long can South Korea walk a tightrope in the middle Then we believe This time This time in london This one Zheng Yirong and Blinken’s meeting And Zheng Yirong This Motegi Toshimitsu and this Blinken tripartite talks All to solve a problem Is the United States in Indo-Pacific’s strategic issues Then the United States is very clear that the entire East Asia region The United States has two very important allies, one is Japan and the other is South Korea.

So Korea is better than Korea than Japan Stronger dependence on the U.S. military and so The United States certainly needs South Korea to make a very clear choice Which side are you on Then of course for South Korea, he doesn’t want to choose because He can’t afford to offend United States America is important to South Korea China is also very important to South Korea So the current situation is Are there any choices in Korea? Korea has no choice So on this issue in fact You can see it on such a diplomatic platform Then both parties need to carry out get on Various levels of communication and various levels of negotiation To make sure that both parties know each other’s intentions Finally reached this result From my current point of view South Korea has no choice South Korea can only choose Can only choose United States Impossible to choose China because North Korea is next to him, and North Korea will come over with a lift of his hand. No choice for Korea Then the rotating chairman of the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting is the United Kingdom UK hosts knowledge conference There are several backgrounds for this meeting: one is the tension between China and the United States; the second is NATO and Russia.

Tension is It’s Ukraine’s problem So this meeting of foreign ministers, the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting invited, in addition to inviting Japan Outside Korea Also invited India South Africa There is also ASEAN’s rotating chairmanship called Brunei Then attend this meeting How to show what shows the importance of geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific region Whose orientation does this reflect? This reflects the orientation of the United States, so you can actually understand the relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom It’s America and this Who is the relationship of the Group of Seven Actually look It’s okay to invite India Invite South Africa, including Brunei In fact, whose needs are reflected? Of course it reflects the needs of the United States Then Brinken went to London to hold this G7 summit Another goal is what is Russia, Russia just started from Withdrew from the Udong border and walked away in grief Then Who will Blincoln talk to first? First and Host United Kingdom The relationship between the United States and Britain is very special Then talk to British Foreign Secretary Raab Hold a meeting Well, the British Foreign Office revealed before the meeting What Brinken and Raab discussed is Economics and Trade China Afghanistan Iran Four issues Then the U.S.

State Department issued a statement saying The United Kingdom and the United States will continue to take firm actions to make China and Russia fail to fulfill Commitments to international human rights conventions Pay the price The statement also said British Navy Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier strike group This year, we will exercise with the U.S. military to demonstrate the capabilities of the two countries’ joint operations and demonstrate The United States and Britain’s joint commitment to peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region Then Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier battle group Leaving home port on May 1 Portsmouth set sail First go to Scotland for a two-week exercise Then at the end of this month, I will start to go to this Far East A half-year trip to Indo-Pacific, first visit India and then to Japan, South Korea, Singapore that Then there will be exercises with the U.S.

And allied forces in the meantime Then the British action Seen as a show of strength to China Actually from the end of last year Britain has made a decision to make a decision. Dispatch to the Far East The carrier battle group of the Queen Elizabeth Then Raab said at the press conference that we have always believed that it is necessary to uphold our values Let China keep the promises they have made Whether it’s the Sino-British Joint Declaration Commitment to Hong Kong Or a broader commitment Then Brinken said The U.S. is ready for diplomatic engagement with Pyongyang To achieve the ultimate goal of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Before U.S. has done Months of deliberation on North Korea policy He said that our current policy is for North Korea Keep an open mind Explore diplomatic channels for gain Does progress Strengthen us and our allies and our Deployed forces Security So not Blinken’s remarks In response to the fierce remarks made by North Korea yesterday So, for our next topic, let’s talk about the North Korean issue. So let’s put this this time A general summary of the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting In fact, you can take a look at this meeting of foreign ministers except Beyond G7 Outside the seven countries of the Group of Seven Our 7 countries are the world’s industries The most industrially developed country Then it already includes the most important countries in the world Then he was inviting people from the Indo-Pacific region Some allies Including Japan and South Korea South Africa and India can basically see the allies of the United States on this platform All here that Then of course the U.S.

Must come through this To do all aspects of work For Japan, what is the work that the United States has to do, of course, is to cooperate with the United States against For the Far East, mainly East Asia Of course what includes Taiwan This is a job in Japan Whose job do you do in Korea? There is actually nothing else to do in Korea. Stand in line to the U.S. side this is Then you see India also went South Africa has gone These four countries are all in it Right, the Group of Four is in it Then the four groups can also do the work of the group of four Then At the same time, Brinken will visit Kiev, the capital of Ukraine Then that is To endorse Ukraine Then we have to do Ukraine’s work, so it involves a series of Of course it also involves Germany Germany’s problem, Germany’s gas problem and so on, so you can watch In this platform In fact, most of the topics in this G7 foreign ministers’ meeting What are they pointing to All point to China Japan or South Korea, including the Group of Four, or India, etc.

Including this Group of Seven European countries and the United States and North America are basically like this Actually these two These two areas The countries in these two regions are actually Basically all American So you see in this platform the United States To achieve His Indo-Pacific strategy is through this platform So this is a The diplomatic war against China So our second theme is that Kim Jong-un is ready to shoot? Korea Central News Agency, May 2 Three statements in a row, criticizing the United States for being hostile to North Korea North Korean spokesperson said he would regret ignoring North Korean couples The first of the three statements of the Korean Central News Agency is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Korea. Director of U.S. Affairs Full heel Warrants just say Mainly for what is aimed at U.S. President Biden’s first speech in Congress Speaking of North Korea Then Biden pointed out that North Korea poses a serious threat to the United States and the world Safe and peaceful Then Said in the statement throughout the whole process Biden’s remarks are hostile to North Korea, and North Korea has to take corresponding measures The statement represents Biden’s first congressional speech The complete review of the DPRK policy attitude reflects that the United States remains the same Pursue a hostile policy towards North Korea for more than half a century Pyongyang can’t condone Then let’s say it all The U.S.’s hostile policy towards North Korea has never been worse, and it has used nuclear threats to frighten And intimidation threats North Korea Ability to defend itself against North Korea Self-defense capabilities are called threats to infringe North Korea’s right to self-defense Just North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director of U.S.

Affairs There is a bureau of american affairs Then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Korea is equivalent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Also made a statement That the United States denies North Korea’s ideas and systems Use human rights as a prop to interfere in internal affairs and a political weapon to subvert the system Publicly stated that Decisively contain Publicly stifle us Warns the U.S. to ignore North Korea I will regret it and say to North Korea If you commit me, I will commit you It looks like the language of the Cultural Revolution in China This is the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Then the same day Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jung So just this North Korean defector group Distribute anti-DPRK flyers to North Korea and make a statement Kim Yo-jung said the North Korean side view This behavior is a serious provocation Can’t sit idly by anymore and will consider taking corresponding actions South Korea speculates North Korea may reinstall this against South Korea Loudspeaker for shouting to Korea Publicity facilities North Korea on June 21st last year Reinstallation in more than 30 places on the border Loudspeaker for shouting to Korea Then, after three days, it will be demolished again on March 24.

Then Washington think tank Fellow of the Atlantic Council This researcher used to be North Korea’s intelligence officer Galluskas He says Pyongyang’s remarks remind North Korea The Korean Peninsula issue is far more important than oral language or tactics he thinks The two-day statement of the KCNA stated that This North Korean regime in North Korea is fundamental to North Korea and the United States Disagreement He added that Kim Jong-un Do not plan to give up nuclear weapons I didn’t want to reform the North Korean regime. So for now It’s difficult for the United States to support the Pyongyang regime that continues to possess nuclear weapons. I don’t know this. researcher Why did he do such an analysis It’s funny Ok Let’s analyze this matter March 21 March 21 this year North Korea to the Korean Peninsula Two launched in the sea Short-range cruise missile Then the Japanese government said that these two missiles Flew 450 kilometers Landed outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone U.S. representation North Korea’s weapons involved in this test Weapons belong to a lower level Not at the UN Security Council Prohibition list The U.S.

Lowered the tone at once This is the first March 21st. March 22 Minister of the Central Committee Song Tao The Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is called the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Song Tao, Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee Song Tao basically It’s Song Tao to send people to North Korea Meeting with Lee Longlan, North Korean Ambassador to China Li Longlan conveys Kim Jong-un’s message to Song Tao Then Song Tao also conveyed this message from Xi Jinping Then the two sides conducted this level of Dialogue communication So the day before North Korea launched Short-range cruise missile Then this year, there has been a severe famine in North Korea. Then North Korea is severely lacking in food And daily necessities It has reached a very serious point. How serious is it that Kim Jong-un wants to use it To use this difficult march Vocabulary their vocabulary is a specific The specific direction is a bit like China’s three years of 3 years of difficult times I’m talking about this situation but The relationship between China and North Korea is very cold Very cold Who changed first was China first China from February Imported North Korean goods Start in February How much to import China imports things from North Korea Mostly coal most Then of course there are other kinds of Korean ginseng So how much is the import amount of 1.75 million US dollars Given the current situation in North Korea, this is quite a lot.

China continued to import in March, the import amount was 1.3 million US dollars China did another thing in March Start to North Korea exports food Daily necessities, urgent necessities including medicines Oil, refined oil, export How much to export 18.88 million U.S. dollar March then Korea Reciprocate What did you do Launch a cruise missile Then to Xi Jinping Deliver a message This is what is happening But what about North Korea’s missile launch this time? It launches a cruise missile No violations No violation of the UN prohibition Then The U.S. reaction is not intense and low-key, so this time this Belongs to a low-level weapon system There is no violation of this This resolution ban is then equivalent to erasing these This time North Korea catches Biden’s speech Make a very intense look Two statements and Jin Yuzheng told South Korea about you, your one Spreading flyers to me I want to reflect the performance is very intense Brinken responded positively What do you think this thing looks like It’s kind of like This North Korea is acting with the U.S.

To show China Then everyone knows China-North Korea relations last year Experienced a very serious unhappiness Then the Sino-U.S. trade war is fought very hard Then the Sino-US confrontation is also very fierce But North Korea has been very calm for the past two years and has not done anything. It’s hard to imagine in the past because North Korea is a very important ally of China, so he often manufactures in the Korean peninsula Make some trouble To the U.S. Then China holds one North Korea’s card For the U.S. China is using North Korea’s nuclear weapons, a card of North Korea’s nuclear To constrain the U.S. What about North Korea in the past two years Very calm Very calm of course This card in China’s hand is no more So We can see that Last year, there was a very intense phenomenon. What kind of phenomenon? Overseas Chinese media It’s been rumored that Kim Jong-un has physical problems.

Let’s talk about Kim Jong-un’s health problem first. Later, he said that there was a problem with Kim Jong-un’s regime Even said that Kim Jong-un and his sister are replacing him Overseas media in fact All the news comes from the U.S. or overseas Chinese media who are telling this story The Japanese media did not say that the Korean media did not say that the overseas media in Chinese were talking about this. So in May of last year Kim Jong-un comes out Refute rumors He has no health problems There is no problem with his regime Explain what it means that China is using overseas Chinese media Put pressure on Kim Jong Un In the end, Kim Jong-un still did not make a statement, only that he May 1 Labor Day come out Prove that he has no physical problems His regime is okay Later at the end of May Kim Jong-un Xi Jinping Sent a message to send a message Xi Jinping also replied a message to him, and both parties used a message Communicate Explain that the relationship between the two parties is very cold In other words These two times Kim Jong Un with President Trump’s Two meetings Hurt China-North Korea relations A rift has appeared between China and North Korea Then North Korea did not play and did not as expected from China North Korea to play it The role of the nuclear issue card So in the Sino-US confrontation, the fierce confrontation between China and the US last year North Korea did not give much support to China Then that is Past period of time The reason why China-North Korea relations are so cold To this year I just talked about Start in February China began to import goods from North Korea Continue to import in March, but at the same time he North Korea exports, exports grain Export refined oil medicines, etc.

Urgently needed supplies It’s tantamount to solving North Korea’s urgent need North Korea gives a peach to a plum launch missile What is the core problem The core problem is North Korea started to think differently from China In the original Sino-DPRK relationship North Korea has no hesitation Did some dirty work He has to do dirty work, why He needs Chinese material Need Chinese resources Without China’s material resources The North Korean regime will have problems But on the other hand, these actions by North Korea made him suffer security threats.

Because accidentally Because last year Last year though Although there are a series of reconciliation phenomena, everyone Everyone will think North Korea will be resolved sooner or later So the question now is North Korea’s willingness to continue in this role is Korea What is the original role Is for the U.S. Creating trouble Nuclear weapons This kind of ballistic missile is launched whether it is a missile test launch or a carrier weapon. The ballistic missile is still Prohibit The UN banned him from launching this ballistic missile test Because a ballistic missile is equivalent to a delivery vehicle, if the delivery vehicle is equipped with its nuclear missile That is a very powerful weapon So he keeps making trouble on this issue then After making trouble China came forward and told the United States that we talked about this issue, and we talked about that issue.

Then now Obviously This time even this time North Korea launches missiles. He did not launch ballistic missiles. He launched cruise missiles. What does launching a cruise missile reflect Reflect North Korea’s own ideas He wants to explain to China like this He has to explain because China started to tell him Output this Send food, send ammunition, send this much-needed material He has to explain But, what did he do to explain, launch a cruise missile Not a ballistic missile Actually I believe China will be quite disappointed Because what it means if he launches ballistic missiles North Korea’s card still works But what does he mean by launching cruise missiles Means this card Not working yet So we will talk about this topic today Is Kim Jong-un ready to shoot? Let’s take a look first it is good right now, right now Korea Make two statements, and then Kim and Jung make another conversation Just do public opinion first, prepare for public opinion first So does the preparation for public opinion have substantive actions in the back, such as Nuclear test or Ballistic missile test Without these two experiments actually North Korea-China relations remain at the original level It’s a rather indifferent level, but Dead horse This is basically the direction for China So we can see Everything is in progress without much change Including the Korean Peninsula issue The U.S.

Strategy is simple As long as North Korea Don’t trouble me I don’t need to invest resources to manage him of course If North Korea raises his pressure, There is nothing too sad for the U.S. The greater the pressure on North Korea What it means It means that South Korea’s military dependence on the U.S. military becomes stronger Then Brinken persuaded Zheng Yirong to persuade North Korea to do this job easier So for the U.S., the U.S. does not have a problem with North Korea. Not too current not too Not too caring He doesn’t need him to worry too much Instead, China is more anxious to get angry now Because you watched it for a long time from May last year to now All kinds of dances in North Korea Just There is no substantive action So China is waiting North Korea makes substantial moves It’s basically like this The most urgent thing the U.S.

Has to solve is South Korea’s problem. South Korea has to stand in line and South Korea not only has to stand in line And South Korea wants Publicly announce to the world that I am on the side of the United States. This is Moon Jae-in. The most important and core mission to go to the U.S. That’s what the U.S. wants to do, just do this job Then at this g7 summit, of course it was a Only one country did not come It’s China And Russia didn’t come Other important countries are here Okay, so our topic for today is here. Let’s enter the interaction below Warm reminder before entering the interaction Please like everyone and invite new netizens to subscribe Please join our members to support us to make better programs So after entering the interaction, please don’t chat, four Situation problem opinion emotion Thanks.

Thank you Thank you All day long thinking about opening the back door behind people’s back, I finally recruited the Eight-Power Allied Forces Returned to the military rule of Taiwan, they directly registered in Taiwan You look at you now Shandong Ship to Nanhai Going to the South China Sea says it’s going to the South China Sea. I think he is also here. There are swimming around Hainan Island, but not too far Then it seems you look There are French warships in the South China Sea There are German warships Now this Elizabethan British warship is going The United States has aircraft carrier battle groups in the South China Sea You see, basically all warships all over the world have arrived As a result, the whole world was attracted.

This netizen was very right and recruited all the Eight-Nation Allied Forces And the Australian warships are in the South China Sea So you see Opinions Anglo-American is a mouthpiece Destroying Hong Kong’s financial system can’t be done Support a Chinese transitional government in the U.S. to confiscate the princelings’ U.S. assets and leave none of them The Communist bandits must attack Taiwan to break out of a world war I think you are also a mouthpiece What do you say Views and questions For the previous episode, I think The most difficult or impossible professions in mainland China are journalists and lawyers It is impossible to do well under the current system Good reporter Good lawyer Ask teacher Wang’s point of view 1st to be honest At the beginning There was no such space in the beginning 1984 I’m here i’m in class at our school Introduction to Journalism in the first class We have class in journalism department The first class is the first lesson of Introduction to Journalism teacher Wrote a sentence on the blackboard The party’s journalism is the party’s mouthpiece This is the first sentence of our introduction to journalism Party journalism Is the mouthpiece of the party Journalism in China Is the party’s journalism The party’s journalism is the party’s mouthpiece We are in class to cultivate Be the mouthpiece of the party So actually All the time The CCP has never opened up its journalism business since its establishment Never open There are a number of one or two joint ventures or private newspapers or privately run some Show but very sporadic News media basically operating in China Are all party journalism The mouthpiece of the party This is Article 1 In this context You be a good reporter Just a good mouthpiece The most basic definition is this It’s that you want to be a good journalist in China Like making a good mouthpiece This is in the context of the CCP In this context There are still countless songs and tears Really good reporter Like an investigative reporter Like a human rights reporter Expose Expose all kinds of present society Ugly phenomenon Petition for the people For the people There are a lot of very good reporters They are alternative I’m talking about them as alternatives They are very Have a conscience and professionalism Really good reporter But not much in China So China’s journalists have a high social status what is the reason Because they play the trumpet So the government gave him very high High political status Very high treatment, so China’s journalists are actually different from journalists from other countries in the world.

Reporters from other countries. Reporters from all over the world are very Very hard job But China is different and so This is a lawyer in the journalist industry Lawyers are even more special why What does the lawyer deal with Lawyers deal directly with government agencies With police and prosecutors The prosecutor’s office deals with the court These three sectors are the darkest sectors in China Because all the bad things are with him End. and so Chinese lawyer Get all good lawyers arrested Human rights lawyer Most of the lawyers, 99% of the lawyers are talking to these authorities Blend If you don’t blend, you have no food at all That’s basically it What kind of place is China It’s difficult to be a good person It’s easier to be a bad guy It’s easier to be a bad guy It’s harder to be a good person Ask whether freedom of the press and freedom of speech for journalists are the same concept If you are talking about the practitioner’s freedom of speech, it’s his private domain, that’s where we can only stand Eat and chat You have freedom of speech But what is freedom of the press? Freedom of the press is you are During the interview You can write a news report and publish it according to the news fact itself This is called freedom of the press So what is the freedom of speech for practitioners Freedom of speech for practitioners, you are speaking personally That’s talking to friends and bragging Just blow it.

These are two concepts. When we talk about freedom of the press, we talk about his job behavior. mood On the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day, i lament today’s mainland youth Fanatic nationalism obsessed with the rise of great powers and military rule Taiwan It is no longer possible to show the spirit of science and democracy Even in reality, those in power 996 Being 404, no longer have the guts to be like 100 years ago The predecessors of the founding party of the Chinese Communist Party rose up to make a revolution like that The current Central Committee calls on young people to study party history It’s definitely not for the youth to rise up in rebellion 1st Fourth Movement The May Fourth Movement is Is a very important historical event Then this movement was caught by the CCP This is called renovation and decoration painting Became a member of the CCP Very important political foundation And halo So the May Fourth Movement is a Tampered history The May Fourth Movement was actually a Student movement This student movement Just stop at student movement Then the CCP took his student movement Connect with the New Culture Movement Put the background of this movement Put this new culture movement Become the background of this student movement Then what did the May Fourth Movement become Become the one established by the Chinese Communist Party Historical conditions So it forms a Perfect environment And demand Who to greet Welcome the CCP’s appearance This is 54 movement So of course there are some participants or even leaders in the May Fourth Movement Later became some of the initiators of the CCP But the May Fourth Movement has nothing to do with the CCP It has nothing to do with the founding of the CCP Then the May Fourth Movement has nothing to do with the New Culture Movement 54 movement is a political movement The New Culture Movement is a cultural movement He is two events at different levels and levels Events at these two different levels The direction of their demands is different What is the New Culture Movement? The new culture movement is its appeal is enlightenment Enlightenment of China This Chinese, give an enlightenment to the Chinese 54 What is the movement, the May Fourth Movement is national salvation Is eventual This is not an event, this is an ideological movement, these two are completely out of line Is he his background You can say that but There were still many backgrounds at that time There were many, many historical conditions at that time So why did you only pick this one to talk about This is what i said Just shave putty and glaze This is generally the case.

Situation plus question New Zealand Prime Minister said at the China Business Summit The two sides cannot and will not have consensus on human rights issues Will continue to pay attention to Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues I think this is a very tough response from Beijing But the report from the World Wide Web broke this up Does it mean that the Beijing government still has expectations for China-Singapore relations? Of course you have to come back Don’t you come back and slap yourself in the face? How could he How could he slap himself in the face Do not expect do not know But he certainly wouldn’t write that This must be like this Viewpoints Now all departments are studying party history and taking notes, but now this kind of brainwashing method The key to washing back people’s thoughts lies in oneself Anyway, the CCP’s machine Is constantly working, the brainwashing machine So add salt today, add fuel tomorrow, add vinegar the day after tomorrow, anyway Brainwashing on different topics every time Brainwashing for what Reach the CCP A will of the Chinese Communist Party to complete the realization of the will of the Chinese Communist Party Then The key is actually Regarding this matter, of course you say that everyone is 100% washed back, I don’t believe it But many people will be washed back Many people will be washed back All he wants is this effect Ask a question, I would like to ask Wang Sheng to kayak on mainland men recently Rubber dinghy What’s your opinion on landing in Taiwan and saying that you are surrendering to freedom? I read the news that according to Taiwan’s law, illegal entry is punished for three years in jail.

Maybe I will go to jail In theory it should be You are entering the country illegally Going to jail but It’s hard to say whether it will be judged Just say We believe that if this matter is true, it must be illegal. But it’s hard to say what the judge will do This thing is a bit weird Just say that the current information is so advanced Then the epidemic will pass after a while, so it’s not impossible to go to Taiwan. To go to Taiwan in this extreme way What’s the purpose This is obviously not a person who is completely ignorant He can still Cross the Taiwan Strait right Then why do you do it Can’t you wait till next year? I have a little doubt about this I didn’t make it clear when I read the news So let’s continue to observe My question is Can’t you wait? It’s not too much to wait for half a year is not it Questions the teacher has recently done several programs on the vague strategy of the United States and Taiwan I would like to ask the teacher to analyze why the U.S.

Has a clear strategy towards Japan and South Korea It is strategically ambiguous for Taiwan Differences between Japan, South Korea and Taiwan What are the points this problem This question is actually very simple South Korea and North Korea are two countries right So when we talked about the Korean War, The CCP keeps changing concepts Actually, the Korean War was Korea Invade South Korea Then how does the CCP’s big foreign propaganda work? Said they had a civil war This is the concept of stealing So UN intervention is to intervene in their civil war This is a secret change of concept Actually South Korea and North Korea are two different countries North Korea attacks South Korea Triggered the Korean War It is the essence of this matter that the UN is upholding justice So Why does the U.S.

Have a clear strategy, then of course a clear strategy? right Why should the strategy be vague, there is no possibility of vagueness This is the first one Not to mention Japan That’s vague to China’s strategy. Watch my show Just know why What is the core problem North Korea and South Korea are two different countries The 38th line is their border line OK Got it Circumstances gossip, Guangxi kindergarten killing three people on the spot Six people died after the rescue was ineffective Happening Skip class and report the situation almost one month later Tianjin citizens enthusiastically go for vaccines And my third-tier cities in Northeast The community secretary’s vaccine task has not been completed for two months Give us again I told my relatives in Tianjin After the difference between Chinese and foreign vaccines Consciously have the feeling of eating flies, and the feeling of eating flies is OK Situation and questions in Shandong Province Vaccination Two doses After the new crown vaccine, the health code will have a golden corner difference Various official media have been propagating and The comments below are quick They all want to upgrade to Phnom Penh Health Code.

Will Mr. Wang’s practice in Shandong cause public dissatisfaction? I really don’t know the public is dissatisfied? This is their method Everybody knows What is digital centralization This is digital centralization Digital Centralized Digital Weapons Run to In the hands of the CCP He will use these digital tools and various digital tools To achieve his policy goals Many people like these things Just say Many people in China like this kind of thing, think it’s very advanced, this kind of thing Tell you Digital centralization Harder to resist Harder to resist His personal control over the Chinese people Will be tighter Stricter So this is digital centralization He can use this health code What Phnom Penh Health Code Phnom Penh Health Code Some people actually think this is a good thing Be careful Emotions on the point Chinese enter society after graduating from school I was pressed back on the ground by reality Let you completely forget about the great principles in school Tell yourself over and over again not to be a good person Don’t fight injustice Ask questions May I ask the teacher why the East Asian countries Less soil that nourishes freedom of the press What is the status of the top three press freedoms in Northern Europe East Asian countries do not East Asian countries can do it Taiwan is very good Taiwan Japan South Korea is very good, isn’t it all East Asian countries? No.

1 in Asia The first in Asia is East Asia, the first time in Asia is South Korea The second time in Asia is Taiwan and so Why not, yes As for the status of the top three in Northern Europe Check it out Views that the cold violence of the United States and Western countries against China will go by over time More and more effective as aging accelerates Extremely Involved The widening gap between the rich and the poor and other issues, China does not care about the bottom Mid-rise Desire more than ever Economic development, technological upgrading, society has a stable foundation Cold violence blocked China from stealing technology abroad Steal the day China now only has institutional reforms, a rational view of history, a dialectical philosophy Humanistic literature Objective media Constitutional law Market economy Is the way out Then the CCP is about to fall What you said is correct China needs But China must do these things The CCP is about to fall you said How to do? The questioner wants to ask Mr.

Wang about political economy in Europe Keynesian school has prevailed for nearly 100 years Western democracies have gradually adopted the release of water in crises Expand one’s power and influence Big government is getting bigger and bigger And don’t want to let go This is human nature, the epidemic has increased this trend Like a cancer company going bankrupt Instead of dragging the bottom to save. I hope that the small government will not intervene in the economy. Where is the future of the government? That’s it 1st Keynesianism 100 years ago So far, our netizens are still staying Especially Trump supporters Criticism of the Biden administration Still staying at the stage of Keynesianism Keynesianism is over His theory can no longer Can’t describe modern government and modern economy anymore S this is the first.

Second In western countries, we say that in the process of facing this crisis They adopted a monetary policy and fiscal policy To deal with this crisis This response to this crisis does not mean that it is a big government Human society is constantly progressing and developing Then For a long time in the past Human society has limited means to deal with economic crises Or against currency Or for finance Or for this market His knowledge and laws are limited With the continuous development of human beings, this continuous research continues to develop They found that there are more means and ways to deal with the financial crisis So you can see can be seen The impact of the epidemic on the world economy is smaller than expected what is the reason The reason is that they have adopted monetary and financial policies And China’s impact will Very big Much bigger than everyone imagined So if you take this question of yours, is it because China is doing a good job? China is doing a small job Small government no why China also wants Monetary policy Also want to use fiscal policy Why can’t it be used The reason is that his previous monetary policy put this Burned out the ammunition He’s useless Why not use it in western countries So from what I have, from my own point of view The United States and the European Union, including Japan, have adopted this loose monetary policy.

Right Then the economies of these countries are relatively less impacted by the epidemic of course This Trump supporter has been criticizing this matter I do not know Criticize this thing Trump’s own Rescue The scale of this bailout policy is also very large Not small at all Small government Intervene in the economy and less intervene in the economy The government will not neglect the economy The government will definitely intervene in the economy only Where should the government be? at what time? Intervene in the economy It’s effective At this point, I think I suggest you not to discuss this issue why because to be honest Discussions in these areas Not all of our netizens have the conditions to discuss What you said I.e. online Words passed by I don’t think it has the basis for discussion Ok we won’t discuss Where is the future The future is under our feet May I ask the teacher to advise me in last year’s program that I’m one day Too many self-media programs and news are spent on the Internet for four hours Suggest me to shorten After following the advice, currently I probably spend more than two hours a day mainly watching Teacher Wang’s programs Will this result in a single source of information that is not comprehensive enough Or the teacher thinks that just watching Teacher Wang’s program is clear enough Of course not Can’t just watch my show You have to look at other I think I suggest two first Can’t just watch YouTube You can’t just look at the electronic media, but the print media why Print media has more information Everyone knows that you watch TV or listen to the radio.

Everyone knows this TV media or electronic media Electronic media is linear It’s a line going forward He is the same as time and time, he flows by We are also called streaming You can take a look at part of this program as a mode of information absorption The other one depends on the print media Print media can Streaming media is passively received Just after you open this show, you listen What he said what do you accept But print media is different Print media you want to read As you read, he will stimulate you to think So print media must go to see So I don’t suggest you just watch my show You have to watch more print media Print media I suggest you don’t watch Chinese media Still look at the English media more For good Situation Taiwan is not just about freedom of the press There is also a commune that broke the news If the news is not reported, he will offend big shots if he reports it himself. There is also a breaking news commune that can help you report anonymously There is another very good thing in Taiwan Nowhere else what is it call This textual research called news Just Exposure of fake news He has an investigative agency that specializes in investigating these fake news This is very important.

This is done very well if there is no other place This is great Ok thanks Thank you Today’s show ends here, thank you for your participation, see you next time Before goodbye, please like everyone and invite new netizens to subscribe Please join our members to support us to make better programs be the better one. Thank you!.

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