I Survived Minecraft’s Hardest Mod…

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if you ever thought minecraft was hard you were wrong this is the hardest mod in all of minecraft today we only had one goal to defeat the dungeon boss and survive also youtube keeps on subscribing people so if you end up liking this video consider subscribing we’re almost at 10 million subscribing is free and you can always unsubscribe please enjoy this video because we did not okay so so the first thing you gotta know is rl craft it’s a little intense all right it’s a little more intense than your regular okay first things first if you want to pick something up you can’t just pick it up anymore you can’t just walk over it that would be too goddamn easy so we’re going to just hit shift oh wait no no no no how why does it have so much health tommy don’t let it blow up it’s going to break your legs what do you mean look look over at me buddy look over here okay okay are we safe here no we’re not flashing one we’re not safe anywhere man we’re not safe anywhere try and hit this wood here let me know how it goes taking a minute charlie what the hell oh wait what’s that in my bottom right side look at your bottom right i’m yellow i’m yellow my left arm is damaged having a heart attack oh we need sticks we need sticks okay okay but it’s all coming back okay i’ve just got a flint shot put the flint shard with the knife how are you doing man’s got a shack you got it good that you got it because we are running out of water here dude our aircraft is not fun it is stressful come over here come over here you should i think you should break these branches i’ve got a knife wow that’s an s-tier weapon in the united kingdom sorry sorry sorry wait wait okay i have a plaster for you wait what does it mean i don’t mean the requirements to use this money come to the house everyone wait wait there’s a pressure plate why why is there a pressure plate oh for the door thomas i’m going to go hunting you haven’t set your respawn point i don’t think you want to do that where are you going you’re doing so good you’re doing so good. i’m glad i went hunting what is a violent salamander it has a gamer tag oh don’t touch me because i’ve nearly got this are you kidding me making the boys a bunker i just hear a werewolf hat okay please just let me sleep let me sleep i’ll go look outside out it’s fun shut the door shut the door what the is that weight sleep just sleep just sleep just please what do i okay question what the is that jolly rock okay why are church bells ringing i think we’re okay wait what fellas look at my horn okay i’m gonna go have some fun i can make a hatchet okay i need do you have any flint shards here’s a flynn shark he’s a flintshire .it definitely attacked me i’m going to put my head oh god look in there what the this is my posture oh i got it i got it i got it i got it i’ve got some crack crank me whoa it’s coming down oh charlie guys you’re gonna want to come with me what the hell is going on here wait what are all what he’s living in squalor i mean this is this is pathetic you want to see some real power yeah oh whoa whoa yeah that’s right that’s right how did you get that i i’m not smart enough to use the iron x there’s a dark nymph here hey there beautiful you don’t have a face guys it’s night time come back get the car yeah i’m getting a dog shifted right now oh charlie i found a ravine and a lobster and a big lobster oh don’t worry i killed it now i’m gonna eat it’s me my favorite oh and that’ll happen that’ll happen there’s a load of wriggly spo oh my god charlie charlie charlie charlie how did you get an iron helmet where are you you got dogs why don’t you how are you doing this by the way i don’t know hey guys look at my pet he’s wriggly and i named him bumble [Music] don’t worry about the home come with me come with me i found a better place okay what the what the why would you not tell us we’ve been suffering over there oh my god god oh my god guys this is a this is a gold mine i know oh are you okay no what’s happened i i’ll be honest tommy for the life of you i could not tell you but i’m pretty sure god was affronted by something we said is i have to offer a sacrifice plus you hit the plus button and it’ll let you wait wait what i need too many i have want two skill points also um i think i’m starting to freeze to death hey guys where did i get struck by lightning holy over here what is this what the why am i flying up in the air guys who’s the ultra armored creeper of stalking. oh good news i’m back at the house come to my house i have iron nunchaku but are you smart enough to use it because i don’t think you are no sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep just go to bed okay okay it’s simple it’s simple either one you’re going to bed or two you’re doing it where are you people guys i want to sincerely apologize for leading us to this village it was not the right idea don’t worry boys i’m on my way with my club around the streets of our own craft i’m called the the slicer look i have cake oh can i eat this am i scared don’t make the slicer show you his abilities the slicer yeah you yo yo check this out check this out is that your wolf check this out yeah put the storm in oh oh my god dude why is the wolf skilled enough to wear clothes but i’m not oh that’s awesome he’s stripped down he’s dropped you better at least he’s let me see this hunched up what can it rap no no but it sure can growl he doesn’t speak english yeah but he’s actually completely fluent in spanish okay guys let’s go home i kind of like it here i’m not gonna like no no hold let me show you the tower no one’s seen the tower the tower i’ve found this tower the one thing i can remember from our aircraft is that there is a big bad guy at the top of the tower but also a fuckton of loot well good weekend no no no i think our goal should be to get to the top of the tower you gotta be careful something’s shooting at you oh don’t worry it’s just the the the looks jengu he’s a nice girl oh my god that’s a star wars character that’s not real that’s not real no he’s here he just promotes jay he’s back his back is back you lux jingle excuse me were you inspired by kanye west yeah actually this is what kanye west meant when he tweeted imma fix wolves who is smelly am i smelly what are you smelly do i have coming off of me no why i mean you i’m smelly you have a normal musk dude oh what the you just you just pit i watched you piss on me [Music] he’s got a piss bun he’s got a piss button hey guys let’s go to bed oh wait wait well i can’t sleep in a dry bed oh oh wait why did why did why that why that hit so different what the just just please sleep we should name our home i think that would really increase our morales house you world i like world that’s that’s why don’t we call the dog’s crap career that you guys hear the newest world song i heard he growls in this one so we have world the dog and big house hey check this the out boys check this the hell out look at this bad boy what the that’s massive yeah that’s right whoa whoa whoa no don’t you point that look at that look at that man you gotta be careful with that thing can you come revealing with me hold on we gotta name the house what do you want to name it big house are you sure about big house i you know it’s average . i don’t stand with that hey hey hey i just don’t agree men likers versus women enjoyers oh wait tommy this is the tower right yeah yeah that’s what i was telling you about look if we can destroy the spawners then we can get the chest yeah it’s easy okay all right you kill the spiders okay okay come on come on come on come on come on and loot there we go yo we just got a long sword okay next one we got this right behind you oh no no no no no no no no no no no no thank you get a shield man we should get a shield come on oh we got world with us we got well d rapper with us i thought well give us a beat. i forgot i forgot he’s a dog oh i’ve been shot in the head and now i’m blind oh okay all right maybe we don’t do that yet skeleton world world’s fighting world don’t die don’t die world no no no no no no wait no no no i’ll come how come let me get my long sword watch out world i’ve got my long sword i’ve got my long sword i’m going up quick if i get one more level i can use the shield wait where is the shield i’m gonna run in with the pickaxe bad idea but i . boys listen if we keep throwing ourselves out eventually we’ll have to work always stay here guys we can’t have just lost all of our things slap guys guys the zombie has the shield the zombies got the long sword wait no wait you know guys guys this is serious now that’s so real charlie charlie take this hat take this hatchet and stab this hatchet does one damage i’m gonna try and sneak in when they’re not ah they fell from the sky my hatchet’s gonna break they’re coming to the house i’m gonna break guys i fell through the floor what does that mean i hate to say but we genuinely have bigger pumps god damn it where are you i fell through the floor what a cat who what please elaborate i don’t hey charlie charlie hey hey let’s be out of here must be out of here i’m running the wall up in the wall what the hell is that thing tell me don’t donate dude charlie has got me oh wait charlie charlie wait wait charlie i have been picked up by a look in the ravine charlie come down the ravine hey spelly he dropped me down the river stuck in that the monsters keep spawning wait wait do you want me just just to put you out your misery no is my dog okay i’m trying to let me in the walls let me in the how to. i don’t know what’s going on because it’s because there’s two reapers up there two reapers slap look up i heard a creeper charlie charlie charlie not near the house look at our house this skeleton’s got a trumpet has a trumpet okay it’s called a trumpet skeleton i’m not high on drugs i promise you you didn’t even drop the trumpet i love minecraft man oh yeah who’s your favorite minecraft who’s your favorite minecraft player where was the lava it’s footwork it’s a trip it was a trip no the other one fell in two we need to get the tower we need to destroy the tower it’s what world would have wanted maybe oh charlie hey you sat down i’m all ready to go we lost him we lost him charlie what do you mean he fell into lava no i fell into lava we lost the love so it was true then world world world in remembrance of world i say we drop some bars right now okay his name was world now he is dead i don’t have enough skill to eat this bread oh i’m sorry come on here boys i got something i’m crafting okay i’m sorry come on who’s the most dead i’d express okay he’s thinking about some up yep give me a new beat oh we’re not we’re not good enough we gotta climb more floors gotta get more stuff gotta get to the top get a shield in a bowl and we just can’t stop up no no that’s sorry that stomps me okay that’s that’s uh and uh pass it passing it to slap passing it to slash get on the wrap pause it on okay okay hit me with a b my name is tommy and i’m here to say we lost foot world in another way another day another day another dream dollar we gotta get to the tower so we can hit holler holla holla isn’t the name of a girl holler is the name of my son can i give him two seconds one water keeps just kind of spawning on me but oh it’s that guy oh yeah hey charlie you know this guy oh i know this guy hey that’s bart dude that’s bart yo barbie go barbie from high school what’s going on dude still on the football team look at my head what the happened to you man you look oh i i joined the football team varsity vacitate yo yo yo go uh go tackle bart tackle bar hey bob i’m going i’m tackling you be careful he’s got the bart grasp on you oh what that is so ominous oh yes the time this is like it’s like the first hero brown sighting i’m not looking for to kill and get xp here you go is that i can’t even you hey schlott i’m bringing back a friend it’s not the same man i know hey me meet world 2.

Where is he where did he where’s the where is the dog oh it was never a dog but oh there he is there he is oh let me see if i can let me see if i can go find them no don’t can you give me a sword i’m crafting us all long swords right now give me a give me a sword i’m crafting us all long swords so it’s so fast what is that what is the looks oh oh it’s so quick oh you did it okay you ready everyone you guys are about to be welcher here you go boys i’m getting cold that’s good let’s do it let’s do it i’ll focus the skeleton oh the spider’s on the skeleton the spider’s on the skeleton okay next floor i’d prefer to sit and chill for a minute hey charlie wait don’t close it don’t close it fully perhaps you could destroy the next law from under oh that’s a good idea how many how many how many are we ah oh okay i i think we get this then we get out i’m going for this killing i’m going for the spider oh they’re coming through the cracks okay where did you fall i i actually just jumped out of the window i’ll be honest with you it was far too much for me what the okay no you your man this this no absolutely not i’m out i’m out no no no you guys are on you’re very much your own oh my god there’s another one i once again i cannot tell you how much i do not want to talk about it man you gotta get gage you can’t just walk around that suit what this is casual it was not business casual is he good is he like okay he’s iron nunchaku are you strong enough no oh guys i’ve done a really cool maneuver but now i’m stuck on the side of a tower jesus christ dude that’s not safe what are you doing well they they kicked me out the tower but then i clung on oh oh how did i not hey guys there’s blood all over my screen oh i’m sure it’ll be fine wait no i i oh god all of my body is broken you’ll get better you have blocks tommy yeah quickly okay but kill the skeleton guys i’m in my predicament once more hello look at the tower oh no this is i just got picked up by a bird of prey the skeletons are getting killed by the zombie have you plugged them all yep i’ve never got enough levels good tommy good wait oh wait this is so okay wait come up here come up this way i have an idea okay we’re gonna go up the outside okay bad idea i’m not i’m never going on the outside of the tower again i’ve broken both of my feet it’s broken your feet okay i’m here with my trusty stone sword okay nope no absolutely not i’m holding the okay charlie if you distract all the skeletons at the entrance and i can get the spawner i’ll give it a shot hey boys shoot at me okay you’re holding him you’re holding him it’s a poor bump tommy oh okay wait i’m plugging the whole thing plug them plug them poke them they’re all hitting me they’ll shoot me hold oh my god charlie wait i’ve had an idea this might just work okay i’ve done it i’ve done it i’ve done it i’ve done it uh oh you’ve done it oh nice oh look diamonds oh off okay emerald ring i’ve got a ring i just heard like there’s just a ring in the middle of my screen now i don’t wait are we almost at the top floor i can’t open this chest by the way can you what the this is the boss this is what we’ve been waiting for this whole time oh i see it i see it okay okay oh my god here’s what i’m gonna do okay oh wait i’m going get out get out just jump hey everyone come on come on okay guys guys where is it where is it i don’t know i don’t know okay i’ve got tnt i’m going to blow it up okay wait is that your game attack it evaporated half of my items boys i seen oh wait really oh wait okay take this full circle take this flint knife okay wait charlie where is the boss wait where’s the boss it’s not oh that’s not the box wait where’s the boss going the boss isn’t in there i believe it like stands still is it this is play there’s nothing i found it there’s nothing up here wait guys guys guys i found the bell tower golem you ready where is it wait wait wait wait wait wait oh my god okay i’m bowing it 54 oh this is balls help me help me help me somewhere i’m gonna get it out of you i’m gonna suck up your mouth wait wait i can shoot the fireballs back at it oh look at me okay i’m down here i’m down here someone’s gonna go to the top because if you kill it the whole tower explodes wait what what does it it does i remember this from headset back in like 2012.

Okay you fight don’t worry i’m not gonna kill it man don’t you sweat about that oh it’s this job oh wow where is it you know i’m walking actually around holy guys guys guys guys i just upgraded my hearts like legend of zelda style oh well that’s great man i’m happy you’re having a good chill game up there diamond okay i’ve got the loot i’ve got the loot where is it where is it i’ve got i’ve got a gun i’ve got a gun where the whole place didn’t explode oh it’s gonna is it it’s actually see uh we got some clay here why is it exploding wait listen he wasn’t lying charlie wait charlie wait no wait no i think you should hurry i think you should oh my god oh okay okay okay charlie you gotta jump charlie get up there jump take this position charlie check the poster to drink it take the potions i’ve got diamonds now i have to be level 16 are you kidding me okay i don’t i don’t want to do this again hey tommy hey no look it’s fine dude i’m not i’m never doing this again no no no no no we did okay maybe i’ll do this again okay maybe i’ll do this again provided we get lots of subscribers also i’m flying i’m flying in the game i’m here no no no i’m flying and i’m zooming i’ll catch you catch me so we can keep playing forever really we can keep playing forever catch me

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