2021/5/13 Ehime Prefecture Governor Nakamura Interview “New Coronavirus Related”

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Yesterday, 20 positives were confirmed The breakdown is the existing 11:00 and 17 people are included in the re-examination. And we would like to express our deepest sympathies to those who have been confirmed to be positive, with 3 new cases. Positive confirmation of about 10 people has not continued for 2 consecutive days. 20 people have been announced today. Although it was lower than one time, this is also due to the fact that no new clusters have occurred.

Positives have been confirmed every day due to the effects of the Golden Week holidays and especially in the active generation, and if you are not careful, it will lead to the generation of new clusters.

In other words, when it rises to that level, it will return to 30 people and 40 people at once. Until the end of the month, the period of competition with the 4th wave will continue. Also, today we have to vacate the fact that one new positive person has died. I would like to express my sincere soul to all the bereaved families.

I would like to express my condolences This person is in his 50s and is infected with corona Those who have been undergoing medical treatment for a long time from before.

It is not a serious case during artificial respiration or intensive care. Attributes such as gender and the presence or absence of underlying diseases will be announced in the future after being statistically organized. Today, I would like to explain three points. The first point is the explanation of the genome analysis results of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, which was held yesterday.

The president of the Heiseikan Environmental Research Institute will do the reflection meeting. And yesterday’s test results and the third is about vaccination of the elderly. First of all, although it comes with a genome explanation, a good 484 series mutant strain was confirmed by the genome analysis of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases because it has the right to decide in this prefecture. I would like Mr. Shinomiya to explain the characteristics of the product.

So I would like to report that the main in-strains currently confirmed in Japan are on the surface of the virus. There are mutations in amino acids such as the 501st and 484th amino acids in your protein house. It is said that the British are the 501st and the South Africans are the 501st and the Brazilians are the 484th. In addition, Inudokata has the 452nd side. The UK, which has been confirmed in large numbers in this case, is the 501st on the porch of everyone.

It shows that the more Jaspara silver is on the Pyro body. Currently, the mutant knight of the Robust Health and Environment Research Institute can detect the 501st mutant in a certain test, and other mutant strains are sent to the National Institute of Complete Diseases for each other’s specimens.

I hate genome analysis. I asked the National Institute of Infectious Diseases to analyze it. The sample of the case of Imabari City is the 501st deviation in the mutant strain test of the sanitary environment researcher.

Although it was not found, we asked for analysis to confirm other mutations, and 484 mutations were found. Is what became clear n Gomaru Ichiwai Is classified as a variant of concern in who, such as infectivity and medium characteristics, compared to conventional strains. Infectivity is estimated to be 1.32 by 1.4 times more severe, while there is currently no evidence that there is a station for reinfection or vaccine efficacy.

Ion 84 type has lower risk and lower risk It is classified as a notable mutant strain, and we are trying to grasp the actual situation by genome analysis in Japan as well. It is believed that it was originally imported from overseas, but the deadline is unknown. 48 The main feature of the theory is that once infected due to changes in antigenicity, the inn is re-infected. In addition, there are concerns that the vaccine may not be effective, but it is considered that the effect of the vaccine is not completely luxurious.

In addition, no property deviations that may affect infectivity have been identified, and changes such as increased infectivity and increased severity are uncertain at this point.

It is thought that it has properties that are relatively close to conventional stocks. The benefits of AEON 8 have been confirmed from Eisen in 4 races and 0 or more in Japan, mainly in the Kanto and eastern Japan. Recently, it has been widely confirmed in western Japan. In Japan, many national infectious disease research institutes regularly send samples from regional west research institutes nationwide. We have a genome surveillance system that analyzes the body genome and grasps infected conductors, etc.

Analysis of our genome database based on the analysis results of the case of Eva Needle City in the past Imabari City in the past In addition to the 10 cases in Imabari City this time In addition, 6 good 484-series mutants were confirmed in the prefecture’s specimens after January this year. Ion 84-type mutants are different from n 50 times, etc. It is not subject to publication according to the national guidelines, and I will refrain from mentioning which of these 6 cases belong to, but it is a sample of multiple completed cases confirmed in the prefecture from January to March.

Genome analysis at the Institute of Health and Environment revealed these 6 cases. Since it became clear that there was no direct relationship with the 10 cases, it is possible that the good 484 police officer, who was confirmed to be infected in Imabari this time, was newly brought in from outside the prefecture.

The physique and 7 strains in the genome sequence of these 10 strains are exactly the same. Because later participation is also extremely closely related It is possible that the infection spread in Imabari City from a common source of infection brought in from outside the prefecture. We will continue to cooperate with the National Institute of Infectious Diseases to understand the actual condition of the new coronavirus in the prefecture. That’s all from me [Applause] No Although it is a wind stock, it was similar to the conventional stock, so it was accepted by the satellite to the people of the spirit. So I would like to explain yesterday’s test results.

There are 20 positive people in the city. Although it has been confirmed in a wide range of generations, it is in their 30s, 40s, and 60s.

Well, it’s in their 30s and 40s. This range of action has been confirmed by a wide range of generations. The fact that there are many generations of children is a time when behavioral activities are active, so there is a possibility that it will spread at once.

You must be wary of potential cluster a I would like you to continue the vigilance in each area firmly. There are half and half men and women. Although it is a place of residence, there are 8 people in Matsuyama City, of which 2 are new. And next, Shikokuchuo City There are 3 people, but 1 new person There are still a few new ones, but it has been confirmed. Imabari has 6 people, but there are no new ones.

Although it is a positive confirmation, it is an infection route, but it shows the characteristics of many changes in the home and medical welfare related books. In addition, positives have been confirmed since outside the prefecture yesterday, and although it has not been confirmed in the self-defense during this survey, those who have a history of behavior such as traffic outside the prefecture are included.

It means that the influence of the behavior during the consecutive holidays is coming out. Regarding the status of hospitalization and discharge, the number of people admitted to medical institutions decreased by 3 to 69. Living in a huge downtown area of ​​Matsuyama City + mutant strain Although this occurred and the number of hospitalized people increased sharply for about a month and a half, it has remained high since then.

We have begun to see a declining trend little by little from last week. I said that, but I would like to explain the sweet tendency or in an easy-to-understand manner with graphs etc. soon. More and more seriously ill patients are still fatal The number of people who are admitted to the accommodation facility has increased by 2 to 48, and those who do not need to be hospitalized immediately after listening carefully to the home care doctor a Home The number of people who chose a kiln for home use for their own convenience and some people in the snow in the hospitalized town was 20 to 110. In addition, there were 40 people who became credits yesterday, and 2296 people have been recovered.

This is a case, but the number of enclosures and containment has increased considerably.

First of all, a simultaneous examination of facilities for the elderly was conducted yesterday, and yesterday at a group home with a group of elderly people with dementia in Uwajima City. 120 examinations were conducted and all graduate students were confirmed. The number of administrative inspections conducted at the Institute of Health and Environment, etc. was 335, of which 15 requests were confirmed.

And yesterday is a weekday. Family doctors are counted once a week, but last week about 300 cases a day. Since yesterday is also a weekday, it is presumed that this degree is being done.

Five requests have been contacted from the examination of private family doctors of about 300 yen. Yesterday, there were about 630 slopes.

It means confirmation of 20 requests. The containment case will start at 8 o’clock from today. In Youngji of this Matsuyama City Health Care Center, there is one case of Imabari Health Care Center at one time and Tama Health Care Center at 21 of the Mogami Health Care Center. Health observation of close contacts has also been completed successfully. Since there is no longer any concern that the trunk line is exposed from each of these cases, the Fuji rice case will be used from today.

There is an enclosure case in the 40s Matsuyama Hatsumi Always a case Imabari Health Center Ochi Day at 11 o’clock Saijohoken The investigation and inspection required at this stage are completed The only thing left is to observe the health of the close contacts, so we will take appropriate measures. Only one house in the existing enclosure nature Positives have been confirmed, but in this case there are no close contacts. It is a positive confirmation on standby, so from now on, this case will be dealt with in that way.

Next This is a case under investigation, but from here to here is a Although I lived, positives have been confirmed in two places where he is attached. First 519 Case name Elderly facility Living 8 Niihama City Facility name has been announced This is a re-examination The shock of creditors in 31 people was confirmed to be positive, and the total number was 21.

In addition, here is the situation where we are in the final stage toward the enclosure. Next, 6321 day The facilities of Toon City, which were made by the elderly, have been announced. In this case as well, a retest confirmed that one user was positive, bringing the total to 38. There is no confirmation of go apprentices from other clusters, and there are also 1 or 2 cases each, and there are no cases of concern about spread at this stage. There are households, etc.

, but concerns about the spread have not yet been seen at this stage. And there are 3 new ones here. Lastly, regarding vaccination of the elderly, there was an announcement by Mido in the national news yesterday. It was announced that about 86% of municipalities nationwide answered that the expected completion time is the end of July.

According to interviews with Ehime prefecture, which is nationwide, 20 cities and towns in the prefecture It is premised on securing medical staff, All c agencies responded that they are aiming for the end of July.

I think that is also the case with the countries. In this case, vaccines will be distributed smoothly to four towns. The premise is that if you deliver 9 small, bureaucrats at the end of July will be able to respond in 4 cities. The remaining 16 municipalities are aiming for completion at the end of July, but they are involved in mass inoculation.

They answered that securing medical staff and further cooperation of medical institutions are prerequisites.

There is no definite prospect at this point, but it is still at this stage. It is a national policy for each city and town to review the implementation plan and take concrete measures every time from the prefecture ahead of schedule. I’m a dormitory student at 3 In parallel with the consolidation and ingestion work that has already started 3 Hidden town As you can see, the Pfizer vaccine is used after the first vaccination.

The second inoculation is to be given after 3 weeks. This means that in order to complete the inoculation by the end of July, including this second inoculation, simply thinking about it, it is not enough to advance the inoculation schedule after August.

It means that it is impossible Considering the first inoculation for the past three weeks, the first inoculation must be completed by around July 10th. It will be impossible to complete the inoculation by April. In that sense, Well, it is necessary to make a major review of the entire plan, and it is necessary to coordinate the saturation with the mayor as well as the military city medical association and medical institutions who cooperate with the inoculation. Each of them requires a large-scale work in Noroshimachi, and each one I think it’s been 5 minutes Especially, we are already accepting reservations for August In Matsuyama City and Uchiko Town, we are aiming for the end of July to the residents as soon as possible, so it is necessary to call attention.

I think that the invitation exaggeration has contacted me and it seems that new reservations have stopped.

And we have been informed that we will give a change boo award to all those who made reservations after August by this weekend. I think Matsuyama City is also considering it, but I haven’t heard from you yet at this stage, but considering that it’s rugged, April 10th, which I mentioned earlier this April. I think that we will ask people after August, including the reservation for the first inoculation after that, to make a transfer. The prefecture has said that it is better to contact us as soon as possible. It seems that the slower it is, the greater the confusion, so I think it would be better to take action from now on.

I think ah At this stage, a I don’t know yet.

I think there are many people who don’t understand the situation, so if you want to change it, it’s early. This is a big need, so I think it’s better to tell it directly from the mayor or butterfly. And the Matsuyama city staff is also solid, and the mayor is going in this direction, or the butterfly is here. I think that each staff member will do their best to demonstrate their organizational strength if the policy of doing it is firmly set out and permeated, so please take such leadership.

I want you to The prefecture is also strongly concerned about reviewing the intake plan for the completion of inoculation at the end of July in each city and town. c We would like to provide as much support as possible if requested by the head. We are preparing for the request from now on. For example, securing medical staff As much as possible, medical staff who can participate in mass inoculation in each city and town with support To secure the current prefectural medical technology university Ehime University School of Medicine Kei We are making individual requests to the Nursing Association Prefectural Pharmacist Association, etc.

And are proceeding with adjustments.

If training is required for those who cooperate with vaccination, such as dentist teachers. c We are currently considering such a method because it would be more efficient for the dog to carry out it centrally in cooperation with related organizations instead of doing it individually. By the way, one more point In addition, I would like to recruit new nursing staff who can cooperate with vaccination. I think there are some people who can cooperate if it is a mass inoculation on Sunday. Qualified people are encouraged to contact the Opinion Fitting Association here at 0899 to 40848.

Those who applied for training Whether it will be done by this person or as a form of cooperation with vaccination, it corresponds to a medical worker who is the target of priority vaccination Therefore, those who have trained vaccination by this recruitment want to adjust the intake in the direction of early intake.

I think it’s an accommodation facility We are still looking for nursing staff who can work in Japan, and we would like to ask for your cooperation. Next, regarding the provision of mass inoculation venues, it is assumed that prefectural facilities will be provided as mass inoculation venues if requested by the mayor in the future, and it is currently possible to provide them.

We have begun study work for listing and renting out facilities. If there are any matters that need to be coordinated among the mayors in order to proceed with inoculation smoothly and early, the prefecture will There is no doubt that the completion of inoculation at the end of April is a very high hurdle for each city and town.

I am worried that it will be difficult because of the large population of Matsuyama City, but early vaccination is the best way to overcome this child’s name. I think that it is an important point of view to be as soon as possible.

There is a situation where we are moving toward achieving the goal, so if there is an offer for support, the prefecture is already ready. Since I am starting to do more and more, I will do my best to support you, so I would like you to do your best in cooperation with hidden town related organizations and medical institutions. [musics] I’m sorry, yes, it seems like the vaccination of the elderly users is the same, but if there is, it feels like a request for the rightmost support from the Kansai people.

Yes, I think I’m considering it, but I’m just a little worried about aiming for July If that is the case, theoretically speaking, I think that all those who have reservations for the first inoculation after April 10th will be reviewed.

The person who made the reservation may not know about it again, so it’s better to contact me as soon as possible. I think it’s not It ’s the star of the whole booby. Since it is assumed that the vaccine for the company will be delivered, it is a new factor to move it on the assumption that it will come at the end of June. And then, in that country as a whole, vaccines can be used to avoid risks by hitting them quickly.

It has become a national goal because it is known to be more than a company. I will do my best and I will do all the support that dogs can do. Do you wonder if we in the canary will be more realistic in the work of transferring reservations now? I think that there is such a nail part that the knight who is the first in the country was important in the mouth today while the second place plan was set for those who want to do it at that time.

The idea is to go to that vote, Ross.

Well, the slower that contact, the greater the confusion. Anyway, I think it’s all about hitting quickly. The organization of the government office is really such a high school, and when and when this kind of person ice will know again and if that top management can be done, it will be able to move firmly I think that every government office has organizational power, so here is really each mayor, Mr. Butterfly. I think it depends on leadership I’m TV Ehime a Building Good 484 Management Anyway One day, it was different from the director.

2 The knowledge that has been confirmed has not been collected yet. Well, I can only guess by connecting the opinions of fragmentary experts, but I think that if you connect them, it will be close to the selection of conventional stocks. I’ve heard that it may be difficult to work with the red and yellow leaves of the vaccine, but there are no various groups.

Well, today’s story Daesung It was a story that the change did not weaken that much. I think it is necessary to accept the degree on the premise of listening.

Thread 4 scenes It’s an assimilation, but there were about p 484 cases I would like to ask you, but is there anything that we, the citizens of Edo, should gain from the fact that the infection control ion cheong hole has appeared, or will it continue? I wonder if it’s important to be careful as before.

When Imari’s resignation came out, the most commemorative thing was that I still don’t understand the invitation. Very high fat ratio I can’t say unconditionally because the medical environment is different, but the actual fat ratio has become very high. Fear of Indian stocks I was worried about that, so that has been confirmed a lot, but the Indian stock is Well, there aren’t many places in the country that are expanding, so if it comes in, we have to start further fighting with unknown enemies.

By the way, I was worried a In that sense, it became clear that it was not an Indian stock, but it was derived from the downtown plaster so far.

It turned out that it was not British, but today’s explanation is that it is close to conventional stocks. here The ward is here a little stronger here till you It’s only clear I think it’s pretty Are you happy with the recognition? Compared to Aihara Ichiban who waits there, so much 1 in terms of infectivity It doesn’t mean that the infection control is neglected because it has not been strengthened. If you do it properly as before, that’s fine There is another vaccination for the elderly.

However, I’ve been accumulating parents and children. Suddenly, it’s July, which is the deadline for that child, or even if a goal comes out, it may cause confusion, but that’s the best measure.

You said the governor here are 4th place ki There is also an announcement of people, so that has changed a lot and I am already the biggest countermeasure Anyway, I think it’s important to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Moreover, it is clear that the municipalities in the avant-garde prefecture are aiming for April, so I would like to do my best together with that. It may just be related to the system, No matter what you think, in order to finish there, you have to give the first inoculation before April 10th for 3 weeks I think that it is better to take measures there as soon as possible because it will be impossible because there will be a reaction.

[applause] [musics] Boo Boo Ryo Ryo Patimas Extreme heat here For example, Buricho Well, it will be an individual case, so I would like to refrain from publishing it.However, I can definitely say that I have been treated for a long time and have been infected. It’s just that the original Saki Yaba continued to be hospitalized. It’s about Kurochin, but I’d like to move forward with matching that inoculation medical corporation of medical professionals.

If there is a serious side reaction in the prefecture or if there is only a fat scale, it is still direct to the house and how to hit I’m in the country, from that country If you analyze the causal relationship and it is difficult to get out of the circle, it is supposed to come in.

It is not a form of passing through the store. No, despite the fact that the country has contacted me, on the homepage, contrary to the side reaction, that I think that it is calculated, but I think that there are cases where it is written as death, but how should I thank you for this? It would be nice if it was brilliant, so if the discovery was contacted and erased, it would be said that a pet for food would be hired on May 11th. How much information do you know about kemp? Since the country knows the identity, if the country verifies the line including the causal relationship with vaccine intake.

As a result, we are not in a position to evaluate the facts or the facts from the national government or as a prefecture.

The empty sora 9 vaccine, which means that we are publishing what we have been contacted by the country, will be an unknown world. I think that there is probably an expert in the pre-team who analyzes the causal relationship firmly. I heard that it will be announced after being analyzed by filtering there, but at the moment the prefecture is staying for a while regarding the causal relationship with the intake of the vaccine. Not in the depressive stage with the love of not Are you sure you want to ask a question?

No, this means refraining from doing this..