Myanmar: Detained leader Aung San Suu Kyi to appear in court in person on May 24 | Military Junta | JPNN us

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myanmar’s detained leader onsong su chi is all set to appear in person at her next court hearing this will be suchi’s first public appearance since she was detained by the military junta in february this the first the hearing is scheduled to take place on may 24th suchi’s legal team said that the leader appeared to be in good health the democratically elected leader has been charged with various offenses including violating a colonial era official secrets act she could be jailed for 14 years if convicted we had to meet in person that is not possible to get instruction from her and at that point i asked the requested the judge to make that meeting happen in private because without the interference of other persons like this and then then don sansuji told us that she was grateful to the lawyers and we in redundance told her that we also were very grateful to serve her case meanwhile the army continues to crack down on dissidents it has now started targeting universities according to a report more than 11 000 academics and other university staff opposed to them have been suspended after going on strikes in protest against the military rule.

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