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and identical twins from baton rouge louisiana are setting the bar high for students everywhere twins denisha and destiny caldwell have earned more than 24 million dollars in college scholarships between the two of them and more than 200 offers from schools this after years of hard work and thousands of hours of community service but despite all those offers denisha and destiny are sticking together both choosing to enroll at ucla i’m so happy to have denisha and destiny joining me now to tell us a little more about their story first of all huge congratulations to you both thanks so much for being here i hear that you guys have so many scholarship officer offers that you needed a suitcase and two crates to keep all those letters so has it all sunk in yet it actually hasn’t for me but um we’re still waiting on someone somewhere except this package they’re still rolling in to this day i believe at 12 o’clock more will arrive in our mailbox so the answer to your question is no they’re still coming and then we’re we’re very in shock because when once we started like started applying to these colleges we weren’t like sure if we would get something there or not so it was always up in the air if we got accepted or not it’s just crazy how many colleges saw the potential list and decided to actually accept us to be a prestigious university’s institution how did you actually apply to all of these schools because even that must have been a lot of work okay so for 20 of course the max on the common application is 20 so we applied to 20 schools on just the common app then we use the black common app for our hbcus and we then use the school websites to apply through them and we also use the paper like they have a paper form it’s called i’m not sure it’s called but we turned that form in and they gave us like free waivers and so basically to all the institutions so we didn’t pay a dime for any of these applications good for you girls you guys clearly had a goal in mind here and you were going to figure out how to get it done and i find it i love this quote from you guys because you say that you started off competing against each other but now you’re competing with each other when did you feel that change and why um we felt the change in 2017 when we lost our grandfather to a vehicular homicide and at that point we was entering high school as our freshman year in high school and we said um we’re going to we’re going to try to fight this to the end we’re going to come out balanced out at the end of our senior year so from then on we said well if i’m struggling to masturbate denisha if you have it you’re going to tutor me and i’m going to get this together and from then on we just went on a limb we took a reese right and it was many nights to where we put all nighters not saying that it’s healthy to do but we were very devoted and dedicated to making an a in every class that we stepped outside of our comfort zone and put ourselves out there to be you know noticed and to make sure that we’re staying in track of what we actually want in our potential vote well and listen your grandfather must be so proud not only to see you both achieving this kind of success but also the two of you doing it together like this instead of as a battle between the two of you and to that point you’re both sticking together still you’re both going to ucla what what caused that decision um ucla is basically very involved in a community we love their sports medicine program because we were athletic trainers in scotland magnet high school student athletic trainers and when i was researching like student athletic trainers programs ucla just instantly clicked with me the environment is very good the academics is like on point phenomenal phenomenal yes and like everything about ucla screams that’s me denisha caldwell so that’s all you chose education i feel like you guys need a poster okay and it’s a bit into destiny’s um thing her um answer well when like researching fire institutions first we looked at the environment of the campus we also look at the academics we also looked at like the greek life on um many clubs and organizations on the campus and also its campus history so when like applying to these 200 colleges we made sure that these institutions were something that we were looking for in our college so we just didn’t go out and like apply to 200 colleges and say okay we’re just going to apply to them just through a possible we actually saw ourselves on our campus and what they had to offer us and it sounds like you both have a specific goal in mind you both want to study math and science you both want to pursue careers in the medical field how did you know that’s what you both wanted to do our parents are pretty much whole family is around like the medical field um some of them are caretakers some of them are dentists um occupational therapists so we always been like revolved around the stem field and specifically the medical field we didn’t know what we wanted to do until our medical teacher miss yolanda newton um introduced us to lsu a day of a doctor program and from there on we started jobs shattering shadowing every like around hospitals and that’s when we found out we want to become trauma searches in the future and so what advice do you have for other students who are looking to pursue their dreams but maybe think they don’t have the ability or the means to do it um i would i would start you want to start you get started i would say go for it do not um have worry and doubt within yourself um step out on the limb we took a risk our risk paid off so yours will also i will also say don’t be a carbon copy of everyone else step out step out your comfort zone do something different if that’s what you want to do don’t let anything any doubts hinder you back from being your truly so and for me i would definitely agree with destiny definitely stay step out of your comfort zone because if you stay in it you never know what could potentially happen not because she could become right and also i would say don’t let the negativity hinder you whether you do something positive or something negative people will always find something to say about you and definitely take that and you set a spiral to your fire and strive for whatever you want to achieve because i guarantee you it’s out there for you okay no go ahead please i was gonna also say um if you don’t have doubt within like 10 19 11 12 years from now and say what if i did that you don’t want that opportunity you want to conquer it now that way when you get nine ten eight years from now plus many years you’re like well i did this at least i tried you don’t want to not try and that’s the best the message we’re trying to see yep you left it all on the field that’s for sure uh mother’s day is this sunday i’m sure your mom is very proud this morning how are you celebrating we’re going to church first we give all our things to jesus god i’m our savior that’s one thing that’s our first thing we’re going to do on our list and out there we’re going out to a nice restaurant to eat and we don’t have anything else planned that they will like go on as a shop i’m sure i’m sure your mom considers all of this one huge mother’s day gift denisha destiny caldwell thank you guys so much for being here and huge congratulations from us good luck at ucla girls thank you

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