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india has reported another record high number of new coronavirus infections more than 350 000 in 24 hours the us uk and the european union are sending medical supplies including oxygen which hospitals need to treat covert 19 patients clinics are now at full capacity and turning people away crowds waiting for a shot of hope as the coronavirus devastates india people queue outside a vaccination center in mumbai even though the country is a major coronavirus vaccine maker many fear there is not enough to go around in many parts of the country ill people are queuing outside hospitals they desperately need treatment in delhi animesh kumar is looking after a family member they’ve been turned away from two hospitals already [Music] oxygen in the ambulance is running out his condition is serious we’re standing here in the middle of the road without oxygen or hope hospitals too are running out of oxygen they are already caring for so many patients with covert 19 that wards are full the few deliveries that do arrive are simply not enough to save the patients with covert 19.

I brought him to the hospital and we waited for hours to get him admitted they didn’t let me go in with him i was trying to contact him all day yesterday he had a mobile phone but didn’t answer my calls today the hospital called me to tell me he had died [Music] the government is rushing to open new covert 19 wards like this one a brand new center in delhi they say even more beds will be available soon we’re working on increasing the number of oxygen beds on a large scale within the next few days we will increase the capacity to 2000 to 5000 beds we are also preparing 200 beds at the intensive care unit there [Music] but new hospital wards come too late for many victims of covert 19. at mass cremation sites like this one outside the capital delhi the pandemics grizzly toll is clear and i’m now joined by dw correspondent nimisha jaiswal she is in daily for us hi nimisha so it is now the sixth consecutive day that cases uh are above three hundred thousand um and it’s being said that this is not even the real number of cases yes christine there are definitely concerns that the actual predominance of the virus right now in india might be much higher than the insurgent numbers we are currently reporting there are reports coming out that many people who have symptoms and have had symptoms for days are unable to access the test because diagnostic systems are also stretched so thin that even getting the results is taking days after being tested in addition cities like new delhi which are showing a dip in numbers have also seen a 40 fall in the number of tests they’re carrying out so this may well be a false dip that we are seeing in some cities in addition crematoria are absolutely overflowing multiple local and national journalists have come out with reports saying that the debts they are seeing the covered protocol debts in the cremation grounds are far higher than those being reported nimisha how are people reacting to the government’s handling of the pandemic well the despair that we are seeing across the country in hospitals as well as in homes is also translating into anger now every passing day there are there has always been the past been two firmly entrenched groups of government detractors and supporters now we’re seeing more and more people who generally support the government come out and question why exactly india is going through this massive crisis question why the prime minister continued to hold rallies and question why the government has not taken the corona virus more seriously even long long-standing strong supporters of the government within the media was to come out and ask what exactly happened here and and how has the government responded to to this criticism but the government has not taken any criticism well so far it is absolutely refusing firmly to admit any kind of mistakes on its part over the last week we have heard about the government asking twitter to take down tweets that are critical of its handling of the pandemic and just earlier earlier today the government put out a very strong statement from the embassy in australia criticizing an article in an australian newspaper that blamed the modi government for its handling of the crisis saying that this is misleading and malicious so the government repeatedly says that they are doing their best that the vaccine rollout is strong that india responded well to the crisis in the beginning and that they will investigate why the search is happening but they refuse to admit any mismanagement on their part all right that’s uh dw correspondent nimisha jaiswal reporting for us uh in daley will be touching base with her throughout the day thank you nimisha and germany’s chancellor angela merkel has confirmed that germany is sending medical aid to india as part of an international effort to bring the covert 19 crisis there under control we’ll work with other countries to ensure that we can help india we’re working hard on finding ways to get oxygen production facilities there the whole of europe is working on that and i also discussed this with the prime minister of portugal today they’re currently holding the eu presidency we want to do everything we can to help india and here’s a look at some other major developments in the pandemic the united states will start sharing up to 60 million doses of astrozenic vaccine with other countries in the next few weeks the shot is not yet authorized for use in the united states which has been under pressure to share more of its vaccine supply with the world and turkey is imposing a full nationwide lockdown to set to last until the middle of may the number of new infections in the country soared to record levels this month and brazil’s health regulator has denied permission to import russia’s putnik v vaccine citing a lack of information guaranteeing its safety quality and effectiveness you

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