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welcome to minecraft but crafting is reversed in today’s video i’m going to be crafting an uncrafting table that can literally reverse any item of the game and not only that but some items contain special reverse crafts known to be pretty overpowered can i beat the dragon stay tuned to find out and a lot of you guys watching are new and not subscribed so if you do enjoy the content feel free to subscribe with me in three two one there we go welcome to the team and for today let’s do a real life goal of 50 000 likes can we get it guys besides that enjoy the video [Music] all right here we go guys welcome to minecraft but everything today well maybe not everything is gonna be reversed wait what is that thing over there um oh hello wow i literally just started the video what is going on right now we have a random structure over there i think that’s like an ocean monument thing and then we have a traveling villager right here okay these are actually really random what the heck man but like i was saying before i was really interrupted by these llamas and this wondering trader today’s crafting is not gonna be very normal compared to the usual crafting right here that we’re doing right now but instead very soon i’m gonna be making what i was told was a reverse crafting table so the reverse crafting table pretty much does what we think it does but apparently it also has some extra special crafts for some of the better items in minecraft and i’m pretty much going into this blind the only thing i know is all i need is one crafting table and eight pieces of cobblestone we can go ahead and make there it is the uncrafting table use me to encrypt any item that is craftable mess up a craft i can fix it unlock special crafts that may or may not be helpful and there it is the uncrafting table just kind of like a great crafting table so if we click inside of it it’s kind of like a normal crafting table but we can’t place anything on the left side instead for example if we put four sticks inside we can get two oak planks back and then we can just craft it back to four sticks and just do that again so i know of some blocks i should be going for for the special crafts but i’m also wondering does dirk give you anything special wait what that doesn’t make sense hold up wonder equals nine grass blocks huh all right so just like that we got 36 grass blocks and we literally just started we also have an apple low-key i’m kind of interested does the apple have a reverse craft let’s check this out wait what what is this it’s a nine red wool for one apple which low-key might be kind of worth it because we do need bets to kill the dragon i’m gonna go ahead and grab it for now but let’s actually go for the good reverse crafts and i feel like the main challenge is really figuring out what to reverse craft to get the best potential items also what’s inside here oh a fishing rod and some wheat hold on what if we put the fishing rod in the reverse crafting table no way okay we just got early string i should have probably kept the fishing rod but that could be really good for a bow oh we have a village right there perfect okay i’m gonna get some stuff from the village and then probably go straight to caving so i can go ahead and get a lot of the good items to reverse craft because apparently the coal block iron block gold block emerald block redstone block lapis block diamond block and even the netherright block apparently gives you some very very good stuff so i think i’m mainly going to be going for those all right i’m going to get all these beds because actually with the reverse crafting table oh that’s so big braid wait do i need the wool i’m going to go ahead and get all the wool just so i can make the beds later i feel like that’d be the smart thing to do all right there we go 12v hold on wait what if we put the wool here do we get the string this might be enough for a bow and there we go okay we got six string now and might as well use the normal crafting table because we finally have a normal boat i’m trying to see if we need anything else from this village oh hold on okay this might be really risky i am in hardcore mode all i want to do is beat the game right now and then and then you can go your own way okay please please please please please i can get a lot of iron i should be good to go oh and there we go i need to start getting those valuable blocks to actually get apparently the good stuff in this game mode so speaking of the devil we already got some iron right here might as well just grab i think four of it and then we can go ahead and make our first iron block and try to reverse craft that i think our final reverse crafting gold definitely has to be the dragon egg because apparently that’s the best one we can reverse craft but you can’t really craft a dragon egg so what would that even give you wait a second i haven’t tried cobblestone what does cobblestone give us wait what mossy cobblestone oh no no okay okay i won’t make fun of again i’m so sorry no one two i’m gonna die oh okay we’re good i need to get armor now okay all right let’s real quick uh cook up two of these all right so while that cooks i just realized we can go ahead and make one cold block and so apparently the cold block is gonna be the first reverse craft that is really gonna be special so let’s go ahead and see what it gives us probably some more coal oh oh wow okay wait that changes everything hold up all right so we got some chests a sharpness one wooden sword actually pretty cool efficiency one wooden shovel efficiency one wooden axe and a fortune one efficiency one wooden pickaxe and then some oh wait um okay a shipwreck supply chest a village shepard chest a dungeon chest a spawn bonus chest and a village tannery chest i guess that’s not that good but these chests low-key are not bad at all hold up so we even got a spawn bonus chest okay i might as well look at both of these at once all right we really didn’t get anything useful from that but we also still have the others so um all right we got some coal oh i can make another cool block i’m really liking these blocks so far and why not some leather armor okay i’ll take that i guess all right just because we can make one more let’s go ahead and get another chest of dungeon chest spawn bonus chests and village separate chests and village standard chests and the shipwreck chest this is actually looking pretty good guys holy oh oh wait this is a dungeon chest i just realized we can actually get good stuff from this a fire protection three book and we can also go ahead and make a redstone block to reverse craft so this is going pretty quick guys if the cool block is this good i cannot imagine what the diamond one and the netherright one is gonna be so we definitely gotta go for that very soon oh wait i have an idea guys leather tunic make it into leather and then with the leather i can go ahead and make a leather boots and a leather cap not bad all right so i made the iron block let’s see what it gives us all right iron block don’t fail me we got full iron armor iron tools and another iron pick i literally just made the iron pickaxe but honestly i can’t complain and to top it off we get a village weaponsmith chest which i don’t know which one this is is this a blacksmith oh my gosh holy this is opie okay so we got seven obsidian two diamonds two gold ingots and another apple what the heck we can almost go to the nether already okay i need seven more diamonds and i can make another diamond block to reverse craft this is actually going really well guys what the heck and we can also still make a redstone block but i want to hold off on doing that just for a little bit and actually get the remaining gold ingots and uh speak of the devil right there gold ingots and diamonds to make the diamond block and gold block not a bad gold bean at all skeleton skeleton please please please please i’m just out here trying to reverse craft that’s it okay thank you skeleton i appreciate it a little bit more gold and with that we have seven gold ingots we need two more to go and then we can make our gold block and might as well get some more redstone because we don’t know how good reverse crafting the redstone block is so i might actually just save our butt iron armor is not going to be good enough to kill the dragon oh yes and as i say that guys we find our first time in vain we already have i think two diamonds so if this is a seven vein i don’t think it’s a seven vein day and no it’s literally a six man we need one more diamond and we can legit go ahead and get the diamond block for the craft this is going really well really quickly wait a second we actually have to use three diamonds because i gotta get the obsidian for enchantments and i don’t really want to risk dying in this i only have one life so let’s actually get in chance before anything wait i just realized if we have to get another right block how am i gonna get that much nether right that is so much nether right like what the heck i don’t know if i can get one whole netherlight block unless i can reverse craft like ancient debris but i’m really hoping for the best right now and we just found a mine shelf oh my gosh this cave is amazing right now i’m thinking about it right now too what if we find a notch apple we could reverse craft that too oh wow um okay as i say that we get a golden apple from a chest and i think we can definitely reverse craft this and i don’t even need to smell the gold ore just like that we get 10 gold eagers and that should be perfect to making a gold block i’m really crossing my fingers right now that it somehow gives me another way or else then we’re going to have to do a lot of nether right mining all right i have a lot of lapis let’s go ahead and do lapis oh wow that that’s a bit of a scam okay i thought lapis was about to be something really cool instead we get lapis makes whole lapis okay so i’m gonna assume that lapis doesn’t give us oh wow i can’t even finish my sentence we just found diamonds don’t mind if i do and with that guys i think we should be good to go ahead and make a diamond block another chest nice okay all right chess please be something okay i literally was just talking about this like two minutes ago and just like that guys we got the enchanted golden apple which i’m not really excited about the enchanted golden apple itself but i kind of want to see are we able to reverse craft this oh wait a second it actually works that is eight blocks of gold and i guess one apple oh no there goes the enchanted golden apple that’s actually really good guys because with these eight blocks of gold we can go ahead and do the reverse craft of the block of gold and look at that guys one golden apple which we really don’t need we just got an enchanted one and protection two gold armor is that better than my current iron armor holy wait what’s fortune five efficiency four and then we get a shipwreck map chest a buried treasure chest and that’s really good right wait can i get a totem from that all right then we get the woodland oh my gosh that’s literally perfect in this game mode an infinity one book and holy we do need more diamonds for armor so might as well we’re getting a lot of gold a lot of iron oh wait an emerald i completely forgot that we do need emeralds for an emerald block might as well let’s go ahead and do one more gold block i don’t need this gold armor all the homies hate the gold armor but we do have a lot more chests so i think i’m gonna try this out first all right buried treasure and another diamond not that two more diamonds oh some tnt some iron ingots and finally the big chats if we can actually finally make an emerald block i’m gonna go ahead and guess right now that emerald block is probably either gonna give us a really good loot or probably villagers and i was right okay we got villager spawn egg what are the chests though we got village oh wow it’s all village okay i was lit oh wait no we have a shipwreck okay village mason um literally trash village temple chest wait village temple chest oh not really much but i do appreciate a village weaponsmith i think this is the good one oh yeah it’s definitely a good one all right with that we got 17 diamonds and velcro cartographer which has one stick and two paper yes my favorite comment down below sticking to paper if you made it this far all right so we did gold we did emerald we did iron and all that we have left now is redstone diamond and the one thing we don’t have which is gonna be nether i ain’t get oh i never spawned the villager i just realized that okay villager how’s it going buddy that’s actually really good we got a fletcher how did you become a fletcher all right i’ll buy your products i got 32 arrows for me buddy even though i have an infinity book i’m gonna take that real quick but how’s it going buddy you know you can stay right there anyways first we’re gonna be doing the block redstone then the diamond block i don’t expect much for the redstone block but let’s go ahead and see it oh wait this is actually really good for the dragon we get one tnt four beds an abandoned mine shaft chest which is kind of fitting for the area i’m in right now a desert temple chest holy a pillager outpost chest and then we get a holy a bastion bridge test that’s really good right can that give us another right i’m not sure abandoned mine shaft two more diamonds we have so many diamonds we can literally make two diamond blocks hold your outpost chest um i guess a bottle of enchanting not bad then it does a temple chest some more emeralds why not and i think the best for last a bastion bridge chest which gives us a loadstone some more arrows and i guess another gold block i’m not sure if that was worth it for a bastion but you know what i’m not gonna question it all right guys i’m about to spend nine dimes on this i don’t know if it’s gonna be worth it let me see if i can find some diamonds real quick in the rest of this cave before i do this just justify oh more gold over there oh and there we go okay literally right around the corner this will make me feel a little bit better about spending so many diamonds just on one reverse craft which won’t give me the diamonds back probably but i’m optimistic might as well try it please be worth it please be good oh holy okay that was worth it nine diamond blocks gives us a protection 3 protection 3 protection 3 protection what that is so good efficiency 4.

I literally don’t need these dimes anymore i can do this again and a sharpness 4 diamond sword okay reverse crafting might be a little bit too opie and at the end we get a stronghold corridor test which actually might be the way we get the ender pearls if this is what i think it is oh no we didn’t get any intervals there okay you might want to call me dumb doing this but i think i can just get unlimited diamonds by reverting all the items i just got so low-key i think i just doubled my diamonds just like that we got 43 diamonds 9 times 4 is 36. wait i can make four more diamond blocks i think i’m gonna do that real quick i think this is a good idea i made four diamond blocks and the main thing i’m going for right now is gonna be the stronghold corridor chess because i think we can get ender pearls from here okay no wonder pearl yet but we are getting a lot of golden apples not bad and why not let’s go and make a shield and i might as well also infinity one bow what if i try to reverse craft obsidian wait that doesn’t even make sense so what what obsidian equals more obsidian let me know in the comments down below if that makes any sense at all you know what i’m not even gonna question it let’s go ahead and get that and ashley because why not more power to me we do need a way back out let’s get 22 obsidian and i do have one more diamond block i’m gonna go ahead and get one more stronghold chest might as well reverse craft all this to get all the diamonds in the world that was definitely a weird way of getting a nether portal but without being done let’s actually go get some nether right all right i’m gonna be needing some blazes and that is a bastion right there nice okay i should probably get netherright first though unless we can get it inside the bastion oh gosh okay i’m going in guys okay i just gotta get some chests this might be a really bad idea i need to get ender pearl somehow how’s it going guys oh they’re not happy okay okay how’s it going guys all right so we we can do a little bit of a trade here all right you guys are step gold do you got this up gold no they don’t what’s up gold oh no okay yeah guys we ran into a problem they don’t like oh that guy likes my gold okay you over there i’m gonna kill your brothers uh oh that was too violent okay oh i feel so bad about that hold up i could just make this into more goldie gets for more trading i can make unlimited gold right now all right please don’t kill me just here to steal your stuff and there we go okay this is gonna save us a lot of time one ancient debris which i don’t think we can reverse craft okay another chest all right please have ancient debris yes we literally don’t even need to mine for it there’s actually a lot of good stuff here we could reverse craft that magma cream oh wait a second guys this is baked that’s a really easy way of getting blaze powder reverse crafting is really coming in clutch right now holy wait what about ancient debris no we can’t do anything with ancient debris sadly but we did get seven more magma cream which low-key makes us not have to actually fight the blazes so just like that we got 15 place powder not bad i should probably give these guys gold here go down go down nice all right you right there i’m gonna be giving you 39 gold oh come on come on buddy there we go all right i’ll come back for you all right to the next part holy that’s a lot of you guys no no no no no no no no no no oh gosh okay two and a half hearts we’re good go on apple literally protection three is not enough for the bastion holy all right one chest please be good i definitely need a lot more ancient debris holy golden carrots 24 golden carrots and a lot of arrows yeah don’t mind if i do oh man okay um i don’t know i’m going to do this that is a lot of gold which means a lot of potential crafting so i’m just gonna go above them real quick gosh how do i do this how do i do this okay that should be all of them magma cube please don’t push me off and it was definitely worth it because we got another ancient debris i think i’m going to try to reverse craft one nether i ain’t get first because i feel like if i go straight for another block it’s going to take me a lot of time so i’m going to double check first if i can actually make anything with another right in yet yeah i think i’m going to get out of here all i need to get now is just some ender pearls and one ancient debris how’s it going guys all right so um hopefully they got me some good stuff but just in case they didn’t i’m gonna do this real quick wait they dropped under pools okay um and they just dropped more into rules yes i’m gonna take the risk right now i’m gonna kill these guys because it does kind of look like it’s enough yeah it was definitely enough 2200 purl is not bad all we need to get now is just one ancient debris and then we can finally see if netherright ingots really do give us something good when we try to reverse graft it all right i gotta get to y13 modern engine debris just one of you and i should be good all right we’re doing the old-fashioned way all right put a bed down and boom and no not the right dang it i think i now know why the block redstone gives us this stuff we get not only forward red beds but one tnt per block of redstone so i’m kind of glad i did save up on the redstone when i came in here all right this will be the new plan guys and we’re going to be getting a lot of beds and i’m literally going to not stop until i find some netherright i guess i’m stopping right now what what is that timing okay i guess i don’t even need that ancient debris right there i’m just going to grab this we got the ancient debris let’s go back home cook the nether right then get going to the stronghold i’m honestly flabbergasted right now i don’t know what just happened that’s always all another way we have to make our portal back and here we go all right we got the reverse crafting table we got the furnace and while the netherway cooks we might as well go ahead and make 15 eyes of ender which will be more than enough to find the stronghold it took a lot of work but we finally have the netherlands in get not to reverse craft it all right now that i ain’t get please be good to me oh my gosh holy i guess we’re fighting the dragon now oh my god 64 end city treasure chest do i even need entity treasure chest short miss fun okay all that work was definitely worth it and i’m honestly really happy that i didn’t go for the whole block or else i would have taken a long time just to see that the netherlight ingot was the right one and just like that we got cover me and debris we are officially way too overpowered what but with that being done it’s not the most op reverse craft apparently so now that we’ve done all that let’s actually go find the stronghold kill the dragon and see what the dragon egg gives us all right i have under and where it just went back okay should be around here then i’m gonna risk one more okay it was definitely worth that we have 14 eyes of under going into this i definitely don’t need any more i’m just gonna go ahead and dig straight down if i die from this then honestly i deserved it i literally have a stack of nether i pick axes i don’t think anything wrong can happen and before i fall into the void or that i guess that works too oh i already hear the lava all right where’s the portal room we have everything ready and here we are literally need to ultimate eyes but just like that guys we are ready to go into the end let’s do this all right here we go guys we have a stack of netherlight swords two golden apples and definitely a lot of redstone blocks to make a lot of beds so this should be an easy dragon fight i really hope the dev wasn’t trolling when he said the dragon egg is really good oh there goes another one all right just a few more crystals and then we should be good that should be number four and five i gotta go all the way up there no i’m stacking up with end city treasure chest i don’t know if that’s a flex or not oh gosh that one’s like number five or six who even knows at this point all right double 360 no scope should have not done that i could still die from that all right we’re good number eight i think probably way off with the numbers right now i think that should actually be all of them now now to finally kill this dragon get over here buddy when’s perching okay okay while it purchases please don’t hit me off get some tnt get some beds all right i’m gonna put that there and i’m gonna put that there i’m gonna blow that up and oh gosh that did a lot of damage and it didn’t go away nice all right mr dragon please do not fly away i have a lot of beds for you watch this one i hope you like the red bed there you go another red bed and it’s flying away all right i guess you didn’t like the red bed so close to the dragon egg just a few more hits oh here we go again okay i got the beds this might be the last bed wait this might be game it is not game one more bed and i think this should be it guys finally the dragon egg and just like that we have the dragon egg now all right this should be the final craft so according to the dev this is gonna be the best uncrafting thing we can do i really don’t know what would be better than the stuff we have right now but let’s go ahead and see dragon heads what by the exterior lunar cave i guess yeah made by leo that’s the dev and sponsored by bisex hosting nice nice anyways with all that being done hope you guys all enjoyed have a great one and here’s a video just like this one bye guys

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