Missing Indonesian Submarine: Debris Found As Hope For Survivors Dwindles | JPNN us

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today in indonesia the hunt for survivors turning hopeless indonesia’s navy chiefs saying the kri nengala 402 the submarine that’s been missing since wednesday has sunk the navy recovered debris they believe is from the vessel parts of a torpedo straightener a grease bottle and prayer rugs a scan has detected the submarine but the search continues for the 53 sailors trapped on board even though officials fear the worst saying the crew exhausted their oxygen hours ago the us joining the huge international effort today sending a p-8 poseidon reconnaissance plane to help 20 indonesian ships and four aircraft indonesia’s navy believes the ship sunk to three times the depth at which water pressure would crack its hull and are now saying they don’t have any hope of finding survivors crushing news for the sailors families one married just two months ago his new wife posting on tick tock begging him to hurry home for today.

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