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jimmy lye is the billionaire owner of apple daily the only opposition newspaper in hong kong i’m a bona bravo i have a very rebellious character he’s the most high-profile critic of beijing to be arrested under hong kong’s new national security law since his release on bail he’s given us unprecedented access jimmy and his reporters fear they’re living on borrowed time you’re so scary of getting in jail any time china is tightening its grip on the city fear is the most inexpensive and convenient way of ruling people in controlling people you must fear some things for your family for hong kong for your loved ones hong kong last summer 200 police officers are raiding the newsroom of apple daily they’ve arrested its owner jimmy ly it’s a show of strength from the chinese authorities which they hoped would silence the protest movement days on crowds starting to gather outside a police station in mong kok they’re hoping to see the release of jimmy lyon an icon of hong kong’s pro-democracy movement finally he’s released on bail the moment of open protests since the introduction of the new national security law anyone could be investigated by the authorities critics protesters even journalists like me come here okay a month after jimmy was released on bail we met at his mansion in kowloon do you think about the contrast between this and the prospects of living in prison this is just living my life peacefully but if i’m in jail i’m living my life meaningfully jimmy was born in mainland china but was smuggled into hong kong as a child by his twenties he had built a fashion empire becoming one of hong kong’s richest tycoons i come here with one dollar i got everything i have because of this place you know a wonderful family you know they’re very supportive if this is the big payback time this is my redemption because you must fear some things for your family for hong kong for your loved ones yes i do have fear you’re right in 1989 jimmy watched as china cracked down on a student-led protest in beijing within a few years he’d set up apple daily a brash tabloid critical of the chinese communist party you can see in some ways apple daily is much more than just a newspaper you can see how closely associated it is with the protest movement i’m joining apple daily photographer kt on china’s national day this time last year hong kong saw some of the most violent demonstrations since the protest movement began but protesting is now risky in hong kong as there are a lot of police here it seems that it is not possible for people to take any action but every time a confrontation emerges the police raise the blue flag it’s a warning to say they’re about to use force there are multiple arrests and some seem arbitrary you can use your eyes look at them i don’t believe they are protesters the police search anyone they suspect of being a protester especially but they also target the press so you can see that we are now stuck in the middle we have two police at the two side and you simply don’t know why we are trapped here we’re now by the end of the day around 100 people have been arrested it’s thursday morning and on the ground floor of the apple daily newsroom jimmy light is preparing for his weekly live stream hey good morning everybody this is a very very nice day in hong kong today and we are very lucky to have paul barbage from dc to talk to us he’s still on bail yet jimmy is speaking to prominent political figures on a weekly basis yeah i think the freedom speech is in danger here in hong kong it’s a risky move we share the western valley for jimmy the fate of hong kong rests on the west’s approach to china he praises trump’s hard-line stance against the ccp the chinese communist party with the presidential elections just a few weeks away apple daily is sending kt to cover the story tonight he’s reflecting on his year of covering the protests it is very important that everyone if they have a chance to look at these kind of pictures and they have to ask themselves why these youngsters have to go team two streets why they have to do this why they were there what they are doing do you feel it’s possible when you come back from america apple daily might not even exist yes i just try to do my job every day treated as the last day of working in apple daily it’s us election day and the newsroom is watching the results come in if i didn’t dislike obama we’re screwed good morning hey we’ve had a tip-off that jimmy lye might be detained by the police later today so he returned to kowloon to meet him he suspects he may be kept in overnight that’s why i had a dress like this today just over like it’s more convenient you know i don’t even know i don’t even have a shoes with a sioux street because they take it all off so do you think it’s possible that you’re not released on bail anything’s possible now in hong kong you know i just don’t want to think about it because you know your imagination can carry to carry you to really some hopeless situation you know if they can induce fear in you that’s the easiest way to control you that’s the cheapest way to control you in the most effective way and they know it and they’re very you know they’re very good at it hours after we finished filming jimmy ly is charged with fraud and colluding with foreign powers he’s denied bail this is jimmy lye’s last interview as a free man katie is back from covering the u.s elections and has been assigned to cover the trial of jimmy lie his first task is to get a shot of jimmy leaving the detention center you have to climb over the trees how does it feel being back in hong kong it seems like a totally different city right now it’s not it’s not hong kong it uses to know jimmy is taken to the prison van surrounded by guards you know by looking at his picture he looks like he’s really committing some very serious crime handcuffed him and the chains around his ways it’s like is it a murderer we suppose we have the human rights protected under the basic law in hong kong but practically you do feel you’re protected practically you you feel paranoid but you’re you’re frightened you’re so scary of getting in jail anytime according to beijing the charges against jimmy are equal to treason and the prosecutor has compared the seriousness of his crimes with murder he now faces potential life in prison a sentence that would make him one of china’s most high-profile dissidents you

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