Kemunculan Danau Usai Badai Menerjang NTT

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Hi, imagine this nearly two-hectare lake was only formed in time one day all of a sudden the residents of Sikumana Village, Kupang City were amazed With this natural phenomenon, areas that were once dry are now abundant water so much water. Residents can even make direct water showers In front of his door, the lesson is that now the water source is near after the storm Seroja Seven springs suddenly appear these springs accompanied by an explosion which causes a banana tree to even uproot this ridge suddenly became a torrent, pouring out profusely and profusely The bulk of this condition was never imagined in the idea of the land owner of the place the emergence of springs Hi Monday morning and even the morning week to week in the morning Hi storm right? Well, wake up in the morning cut See, only catfish appeared in front of the house because of a narcissist stick The sun comes out only the Malay city of Love is clean but the route It is from because of that, two days later, then I didn’t come out again asking one of the guys residents who have lived in this place for decades also admitted that it was 1995 In the past, springs have appeared, but not this big, more so than now moh this load here’s some of this big For once, I want to see residents amazed, but not a few are afraid to be amazed because of the abundance of water this much has never happened because of the stagnation of water turned into a lake and submerged two hectares of non-resident agricultural land it is unlikely that the area of the Lake will continue to grow and submerge settlements This new lake has also become a new tourist attraction in the city of Kupang for many residents who come to see until they want to take a shower to feel the fresh water straight out of the bowels of the earth Hi, actually this can only be done appears in other locations the elemental geological conditions of the city of Kupang Carrefour and Karang have the potential to have underground rivers which can sometimes occur can overflow if the volume of water increases due to prolonged rain Kristomei Kupang East Nusa Tenggara hi

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