Police Release New Body Cam Footage In Fatal Shooting Of Teen Ma’Khia Bryant | JPNN us

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columbus’s police department and mayor say they’ve never released police body camera video so quickly but they wanted to be transparent here even still there’s growing outrage here and across the nation a warning here that the video you’re about to see is disturbing overnight anger and anguish after another police shooting this time 16-year-old mikaya bryant in columbus ohio on wednesday the city released more body cam video capturing brian’s final moments regardless of the circumstances a 16 year old girl lost her life yesterday police say the teen was threatening two other girls with a knife officer nicholas reardon with the force since december 2019 was responding to a 9-1-1 call about an altercation over here trying to fight us trying to stop us trying to put our hands on our grandma getting her now when officer reardon arrives he sees a group of young people bryant appearing to hold a knife lunges at another girl who falls to the ground before confronting a second person near a car that’s when riordan fires four shots brian collapsing she had a knife she just went at her kid man officers performed cpr on bryant come on stay with me she was pronounced dead at the hospital the state has launched an independent investigation we have to ask ourselves what information did the officer have and what would have happened if he had taken no action at all we don’t yet have those answers franklin county children’s services says bryant was a foster child under their care unfolding just before the derrick chauvin verdict was released the incident gaining national attention lebron james tweeted a photo of riordan saying you’re next the nba star later deleting the tweet explaining gathering all the facts is important but adding my anger is still here scrutiny on columbus as officials there call for calm as the investigation unfolds officer riordan has been taken off the street investigators are still interviewing witnesses in this case as for the two females that were confronted by bryant we’re told they have minor injuries hey thanks for watching our youtube channel find your favorite recipes celebrity interviews uplifting stories shop our favorite deals and so much more with the today app download it now

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