Governor of Tokyo instructed measures against corona “with a view to declaring an emergency” – April 18, 2021 | JPNN us

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Today it was announced that there were 543 newly infected people. I would like to ask you about the fact that the number of people has exceeded 500 for the sixth consecutive day, and one more point about the efforts of President Selling Electricity to hold the Tokyo Olympics since the Japan-US summit meeting. He showed his support. 8 Please give us these two points. Today, too, it has increased by more than 120% compared to the previous week on Sunday.

The reality is that many of those changes have been seen and this upward-sloping trend has not changed. It’s a group of people today, too. Yesterday, it was suppressed a little, but maybe it’s because the weather was good today as well.

Oh, that’s why I posted it because there are a lot of young people in the downtown area. Especially for the younger generation, this change is very much.

The reality is that it is sold under the influence of the club, so I don’t think it’s someone else’s affair, but by all means I’m making a loss of humanity. I would like to share it with you, such as securing teeth on the sickbed and that patrol team all the time. We are checking restaurants, etc., so it is a threat of the faction By doing well, the number of leaders and corona leaders will increase, and we will cooperate with each other to show them and cooperate with private towns and villages.

And above all, it’s time to use it in-house, so that the measures can be taken together with the customer.

I would like to accelerate this point, but it is the current trend of the number of beds secured and the medical care provision system. Based on the tendency of the dragons in Tokyo that I just mentioned, I have been asking questions with the executive staff so far, such as future measures.

After all, it is indispensable for those who select pruning now. Crisis management is based on the idea that by taking such measures as soon as possible, the effects can be achieved more effectively. Well, I will continue to suppress human flow, cysts, effective methods, and measures to strengthen the medical care provision system. I’m still studying today no. In order to make these resins, I’m telling you to consider with that sense of speed with a view to training a state of emergency. I have just given this chest to that today’s staff, and at the Japan-US summit meeting. I heard that you talked about that security insurance, and also about that Tokyo tournament. That was touched.

This is also related to Corona, but July athletes. I will do my best to take measures at that time so that I can welcome you with that safety and security. I just felt the need It s two games, though. Do you start thinking invincibly? Ah, today’s high numbers.

That Sunday, eh, and it’s a decent Monday. No matter what, there is no change in the upward trend of brewing.

After all, from the viewpoint of period power, it is necessary to think about that timing. I think I have to think about it.

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