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This is weekly earthquake information that tells you about the earthquakes that occurred in the past week. It is a plot of the epicenter of the earthquake that I felt in my body by 10 am on the 18th of the week. What was relatively large in the past week This is the earthquake off Miyagi prefecture that occurred today Furthermore, the big earthquake off the coast of Akita Prefecture that occurred on Friday the 16th There was another earthquake in the Tokara Islands, where seismic activity has been active since the 9th of the Tanetsuki. First of all, in the earthquake in Akita prefecture, the one that happened on the morning of the 16th became Oo and observed 3 at the maximum depth.

The epicenter was said to be near the Oga Peninsula, but this area was originally Seismic activity is not very active, but among them, earthquakes that cause great damage, such as the 1939 Nukishima earthquake, There is also a case that happened this earthquake After Friday, there are no clauses that have become particularly active, and it seems that there are many cases where it is now settled.

And white is an earthquake off the coast of Miyagi prefecture that occurred this Sunday morning. The magnitude was 5.8 and the maximum seismic intensity was 4. This area was slightly off the coast of Miyagi prefecture in March and had the largest vibrometer public earthquake. At that time, it was a large scale with a magnitude of 6.

9. Considering the location of the epicenter and the mechanism, it can be said to be one of the 20mar aftershocks. It is possible that this Miyagi-ken-oki seismic activity has been active for a while because the first earthquake was large in this way. I would like you to be prepared for the next earthquake, and this is the confidence of the Tokara Islands. It started at midnight on the 9th.

Last Saturday and Sunday peaked, but since the beginning of this week, type seismic activity has been rested.

I wasn’t confident that I could feel it yesterday Saturday, and today I thought it would be twice from morning to this night. From here, it can be said that the activities of the branching itself in the sea near the archipelago have almost ended, and I am confident overseas. There have been no earthquakes of more than 6 tulle in the past week. The one that was relatively large was the one that was left off South America on the 4th of the middle.

An earthquake with a degree of exercise of 5.7 And although I have not put a garter on it, there was an earthquake of magnitude 5.8 in Iran around 15:41 today Giran was hit by a major earthquake in 1990 and 2003 that involved tens of thousands of people. By the way, I haven’t reported any major damage to the magnitude 5.8 earthquake that occurred today.

I gave you earthquake information for more than a week

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