Chinese Covid vaccines ‘don’t have high protection rates’, official says – BBC News

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china’s top disease control official has said the efficacy of the country’s covert vaccines is low speaking at a news conference gaufu said china was considering mixing vaccines as a way of boosting efficacy some trials of the Chinese vaccines have suggested an efficacy rate as low as 50 percent now he later said his comments had been completely misinterpreted robin brandt has more for us from shanghai china is developing or it has developed four homemade covid 19 vaccines only one of them has been given full approval for use in this country none of them have been given full approval for use abroad but nonetheless china is ramping up its inoculation program and it’s also using its vaccines for diplomatic leverage either giving them to countries abroad or agreeing to sell them to countries abroad the last 24 hours has shown how challenging it is for this country to have anything like an open discussion about the efficacy of some of these homemade vaccines george gal this country’s most senior official when it comes to disease control did say over the weekend that maybe mixing up vaccines in terms of their deliverance would make it better in terms of those that didn’t have very high protection rates now he wasn’t explicitly referring to Chinese homemade products but synovac biotech in terms of its Vaccine has shown to have an efficacy of just under 50 or just above foreign competitors moderna and pfizer are well into the 90 oxford astrazeneca is into the 90 or ranging down from 60 as well so it appears he was talking about the homemade product but since then we’ve had clarification we’ve had him tell state media here it was a misunderstanding this is also in the context of china trying to use as i said it’s homemade vaccines for maximum diplomatic leverage and also convince more and more people here to take the vaccines it’s ramping up the delivery program it’s trying to aim for the majority of people by the end of the summer that looks ambitious at the moment but in the last 24 hours we’ve seen george gal say what he said then seem to roll back or at least say it was a misunderstanding and that shows you the environment here in which he is operating

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