Beloved cafeteria worker becomes US citizen

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finally tonight america’s strong the proud cafeteria worker passing the test welcomed with open arms it was a total surprise and all these students lining the halls at prairievale elementary school in edmond oklahoma were in on it celebrating their beloved cafeteria manager janet lopez this week who had just passed the test to become a u.s citizen all the students give me hug jill united usa what’s exciting i was crying like a baby and the teacher were crying originally from cuba lopez and her family moved to the u.s in 2016 to seek a better life when i was a child i have a dream like say martin luther king right my dream was come here to this great country making that dream a reality janet with her right hand on her heart clutching the american flag in the other i know everything about united states constitution president everything is amazing i learned a lot of history because i love this country and all those kids showing their love right back the first to officially say welcome home it was really really exciting so i feel really good with that i feel the love great moment and congratulations

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