“Mid-May 4000 people” trial calculation also requested for “prevention of spread” in Tokyo (April 8, 2021)

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Today’s hot news is that a Tokyo expert who requested the government to apply filling measures such as spread prevention said that there is a risk of explosive spread of infection. Tokyo is also like 5 Osaka Now, when it’s not strange to have a scene, from the perspective of God, as a step, we immediately administer the application of filling measures to the country. Was Tadaharu, who requested the government to apply filling measures such as prevention of spread Monitoring meetings to analyze the infection situation The contents reported one after another were shocking. There is a concern that the trunk line will expand rapidly beyond the third step. The rapid increase in the number of dragons on the first lap around the venue in Tokyo was faster than in Osaka, so the impact was It is expected that it will bounce back to the number of completed people within the next few weeks.

Governor Koike also explained this about the crisis situation in Kyoto yesterday.

If you increase by 50% in a week a This is a number like 4000 in mid-May. Is it possible to improve the daily situation, which is said to be 4000 people a day one month later? According to the people concerned, the target area of the filling measures is assumed to be a part of the Higashitama area in the 23 wards depending on the infection situation. Meanwhile, for vaccination for elderly people aged 65 and over starting on the 12th Vaccines have arrived at facilities in Setagaya Ward I’ll carry it on a dolly Dan It’s especially careful not to vibrate With Let’s medicine, we start negotiations with residents of facilities for the elderly who are at high risk of becoming severe, but for vaccination as the infection spreads.

There is also a story that the 4th wave is approaching, so after taking measures such as group inoculation that the group shopkeeper venue does not have three Furthermore, regarding vaccination, Mr. Nakagawa, Chairman of the Japan Medical Association, has pointed out such anxiety factors. As a sake liquor, I went to mass inoculation and had many ulcerated stomachs. I haven’t been vaccinated myself. I’m heading to battle with a pitcher.

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