Internet reception ends 20 minutes after the start Hachioji City is the earliest in Tokyo

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Before 9 am Support facility for persons with disabilities in Hachioji, Tokyo At this facility, eight staff members aged 65 and over who are eligible for vaccination reservations This number of 10 tatami mats and Aoe gifts was also being prepared by young staff members, and this time the target is out of about 160,000 elderly people in the city. The reason why only 8900 people and 4 people rush to regent on a first-come, first-served basis It’s a facility where one person with a disability goes, so we shouldn’t take it anymore and then we shouldn’t take a bath I try to log in by reading the barcode of the 9 am coupon when the reception starts. The screen remains white I ate it but I have to hit it all Not even around 9:20 am Well, the end character is on the screen of the smartphone After all, no one could make a reservation.

The process only for professionals I think it’s quite difficult to do it, isn’t it? On the other hand, Mr.

and Mrs. Nakazawa also prepared coupons this morning and waited for the reception to start. I’m not used to smartphones, so I’m smart to make a reservation over the phone. The couple had a reason to get the vaccine as soon as possible. 22nd of last month when the state of emergency was lifted It was the first time in 3 months Mr.

Nakazawa, who runs an izakaya with his wife, was closed for about two months. It will resume from the day after this day.

But anxiety Since we are a generation store, we are in trouble to move, so we want to operate with peace of mind while we are old and there is a risk of infection. So the couple wants to get the vaccine as soon as possible. It’s about the time when the pounding hits the vaccine.

And when I make a reservation by phone at 9 am today And training I can’t connect to the phone I will also try the internet this time Where are the cherry blossoms? And air Ah Internet reception ended 20 minutes after the start Mr. Nakazawa made a phone call after that, but he could not connect. According to Hachioji City, the number of people who can receive calls over the phone has reached the capacity in an hour and a half. However, everyone who wants it can take it, so please do not panic.


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