[Weather in Kanto] Below 10 ℃ for the first time in a while, the temperature did not rise during the day (April 5, 2021)

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Weather in Kanto, even Mr. Imamura, please. Now, it’s been a day when it rained and stopped in Kanto. It’s the new semester of school, I think there were many places where it started, but the weather was sloppy on the yacht. Aso Well, there are many study abroad ceremonies.

I’d like to see if the weather will recover first. Yes, it looks like it will recover tomorrow. It seems that some clouds will remain in Chiba prefecture tomorrow, but it seems that it will be fine in various places. Well, it seems that there will be many entrance ceremonies under mild weather. Yes, I’m relieved, but the difference from last week is actually the Temperature.

As you mentioned earlier, the Temperature suddenly became a production piece today. It arrived. Yeah, the Temperature has been steadily decreasing since this morning. However, I’m out of money at 6 pm, but it’s in the 10 degree range in Tokyo. In my head, Tsukuba and Kimitsu Chiba have grown up to a single digit.

By the way, the Temperature at this time of editing was about 17 degrees Celsius. Compared to that, it’s going to be extremely cold.

It seems that there will be many places where it will get cold tomorrow morning, so the lowest Temperature tomorrow morning. If you look at it, yes, this is also a low number for the first time in a long time. I have to raise it when I go to bed, and that’s the case, so there are many places where it goes down to around 5 degrees, and the frost warning is wide.

It’s out in the range, and it’s 8 degrees in Tokyo, which is also the first cold in 10 days, and Okunikko is also the negative cold in 10 days, isn’t it? Therefore, I think that if you use a thin futon today, you will catch a cold, so I would like you to wear a blanket and take a rest. And Aso The maximum Temperature during the day doesn’t rise so much, isn’t it 20 degrees or more so far? It was natural that it went up, but there are many places around 15 degrees, especially the Chiba Ibaraki statement does not reach 15 degrees.

It’s even in 13 , so even if there is sunlight, it seems that you will still need a wow person even in the daytime.

It’s going to be a week when that jacket will be active..

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