nyūzu zero’ yori) “Seawater” is also used due to water shortage … Large-scale fire in a densely populated residential area in Shimane and Matsue (from “news zero” broadcast on April 1, 2021)

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Make a loud crackling noise Burning flame A large-scale fire broke out in a residential area The nearby residents do not look uneasily, and the commercial law also declares fire fighting activities. Uuuuu Udai responded that Mali’s house was on fire patti patti People living near Nishi was amazing I want black smoke like Hayako, but I can’t help but only do housework This woman says that the fire has reached the back of the house. It’s okay. Here, the firefighters aren’t salt water. It’s big to say here, but Shoko-san was a little airy, but I was able to make full use of 5 companies.

However, as for the surrounding houses, the firefighters Ah, when there is no water, Kouhosha is the one who came, but it’s not good right now. It is said that a nearby house has burned due to lack of water.

View hits to extinguish a place used to Yuan Ming, but the tree does not stand the prospect of fire spread up to the mountain fire fighting It can be estimated that it was an emergency situation in which water was insufficient and the number of times had to be used by the usual method. A large-scale fire that suddenly struck a residential area on the beach I wonder if the person who evacuated was about that old man. Oil painting I took it by hand 8 La-san Hara The other side is an important adventurer According to the Matsue City disaster Prevention and Safety Division, there is information that 15 to 20 meters of houses and cottages for accommodation have burned.

According to the Matsue City fire Department, one person smoked and was taken to the hospital. Matsue City has an evacuation center and about 50 people are evacuating..

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