Recapping Day 4 of Derek Chauvin’s trial

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let’s bring in trial attorney bernardo villalona to break down some of what we heard in this trial yesterday bernarda thanks for being here you know we we heard George floyd‘s girlfriend courtney ross she got so emotional talking about how they met and prosecutors let her go into a lot of detail there why was that important so the girlfriend testified basically she is what’s called the spark of life witness so in minnesota a sparkle life witness is allowed to testify to give the jury more of a personal view of who this person was so back in the day there was this case and actually the case involved a police officer who was actually killed and what the judge said in that case that spark of life witness can testify to show that this person is more than just skin and bone so that was the purpose of her testimony but we also got some additional information and that is how they got addicted to opiates how they got involved in this opiate crisis which gave some more light to both who George floyd was and how he got to that place on may 25th 2020.

And the defense also zeroed in on that part of the testimony the revelation also that floyd was in the car with two people that he bought drugs from when the police encounter started so how strong is that for them in terms of their argument that floyd may have died of an overdose so it actually is crucial for the defense to get that testimony in but remember this testimony can go on both sides because for the defense the defense is going to harp on this because remember what the defense is doing is that they’re saying that the cause of George floyd‘s death wasn’t the knee to his neck but more of a drug overdose because if you prove that the cause of death had nothing to do with the knee on his neck and more of that it was an overdose then you cannot find chauvin guilty of any of the homicide charges so remember for any homicide you have to prove manner of death was homicide and that the cause of death was as a result of the actions of mr chauvin on that day so that is crucial testimony for the defense but however the prosecution can also argue that because George floyd was addicted to opiates and this was wasn’t the first time that he took opiates that actually his body was used to take in opiates that he was a functional drug addict that he would not have died as a result of those drugs it wouldn’t have been an overdose because his body is used to that amount of drugs instead what caused the death was when chauvin had his knee on his neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds and we also heard from chauvin’s former supervisor and he said that he thought chauvin should have gotten off floyd after he stopped resisting same for the other officers he also talked about the side recovery position and how important it is in police training that once someone is restrained if they’re in prone position you move them to side recovery position to prevent them from explicit asphyxiating so given again how you said cause of death is going to be so important to this case how strong is that for the prosecution that was a bombshell the testimony from the sergeant was so impactful because that sergeant told you at the point that derek chavin as well as the other officers still had their knee on the body of George floyd and he was no longer resisting that they should have stopped so everything after that point was excessive so if everything after that point is excessive and unnecessary it goes to the elements of murder in the second degree that Derek chauvin intentionally tried to assault and attempted to assault George floyd leading to his death so that was so crucial in addition the same supervisor the sergeant is telling you that they should have moved George floyd to the prone position had they moved him to the prone position then his death would have been unlikely to have happened but it’s because of the negligence it’s because of the depraved indifference of derek chavin that’s how George floyd died so that was powerful testimony it was testimony that the defense was not able to shake because you have a man of authority the boss of Derek chauvin the first supervisor who responds to the scene who is telling you based on his over 25 years of experience that derek sullivan’s actions were unnecessary and they were excessive and i just want to clarify he was saying that they needed to move him to the to the side position i think you just quickly misspoke apologies rather than rather than prone but um but an important part of that testimony for sure that not that many people are talking about this morning but you can bet the attorneys picked up on that and we’re going to hear more about that going forward the idea that they have to put someone in the side position when they’re restrained we’re also expecting to hear bernard from experts about the effects of the restraint on floyd’s body as well as the drugs in his system we heard a little bit about that yesterday as we said but we’re going to hear more about that today what are you watching for in that testimony so this is where now we get to the actual issues in this case because now we’re past the emotional part and what the eyewitnesses actually saw so remember all of that is captured on video so there is no issue as to what they actually saw however the key issue in this case is going to be one the training of derek shalvin what is it that they train him to actually do especially when you’re talking about putting uh mechanical restraints on George floyd v in the handcuffs and actually having him in the prone position and actually having his knee on the body of George floyd to what extent you can have the knee on the body of an individual that you’re trying to restrain especially when the person is not actually uh being acting up the person’s not moving he’s not refusing so you’re going to hear about that but more importantly you’re also going to hear about and it’s going to be coming in the coming days you’re going to hear from various experts as well as the medical examiner to testify what was the cause of the death of George floyd because those are going to be the two key issues in the next coming days that are going to be on trial for everyone to actually see and we’ll be watching it closely attorney

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