Surveillance cameras show George Floyd moments before his encounter with police

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now i’m going to freeze it here i’m sorry i said i was going to let it run but um we saw you holding something up can you describe and again for the record this is 7 45 10 describe for the jurors what you were doing there i was holding up the 20 bill that i just received and is that something you always do or something about this no when i um saw the bill i noticed that i had a blue pigment to it kind of how a 100 bill will have and i found that so i assumed that it was fake okay but mr floyd is still there correct yes um and you completed the transaction yes all right and then upon doing that did he leave the store yes all right so now let’s let that run please so after you looked at the bill though he didn’t leave immediately did he not all right so that is the end of exhibit 29 i believe the time there is 7 45 51 correct well i’m asking you but you saw that on the timestamp on there correct so we could look at other video to determine if that time is correct that’s the time he left the store on this video yes all right after he left did you look at the bill again i did all right at the time that you were working on may 25th of 2020 what was the store policy about cashiers accepting 20 bills the policy was that if you took a counterfeit bill you have to pay for it out of your money or your paycheck and it gives you an incentive to be careful about what you take yes all right so did you think that bill might not be legitimate i did so what did you decide to do um i took it anyways and i was planning to just put it on my tab until i second guess myself and as you can see in the video i kept examining it and then i eventually told my manager all right and when you told your manager um what what happened next what was what were you told to do he told us to go out to the vehicle and to ask him to come inside to discuss what just went just happened and when you say vehicle what are you referring to the car or the suv i think that George floyd was in how did you know that i could see it from where i was standing and tobacco from the store so we know from the video that those windows we could see where that bus was that’s actually chicago correct yes 38th runs along the back side of that store yes was is there a way to look then out on the 38th from the store yes and i guess what i’m questioning is how did you know he was in that vehicle i watched him walk to it pretty good way to know um and so you saw him go out to that vehicle after he made this purchase yes and so your manager um you know what were your instructions just to go out to the vehicle and ask him to come inside to talk to the manager and did you in fact do that yes all right when you went out there um well let me ask you this how many times did you go out there twice so let’s talk about the first time that you went out there did you go by yourself or with some other people the first time i went with one other person and you are aware that there is a security video on the restaurant across the street correct yes that’s the dragon walk was the restaurant yes and prior to coming to court we showed you uh some security video that captured you and other employees going out to the to the vehicle correct yes and that also shows um we also use some of the footage from inside the store to show when you guys leave the store to go out there is that correct yes having reviewed that video does it all fairly and accurately depict the times that you and other employees went out to the suv about the bill yes and we are going to offer exhibit 31.

And so we see you then um here so behind your co-worker and tell us about then did you have a conversation with the occupants of the car sort of i notified them that they needed to come back into the store and that the bill was fake and that my boss wanted to talk to them to george actually sorry not to both of them just to george and so when you approached the car from the passenger side did you see how many people were in the car three and where were the three people in the car george was in the driver’s seat um his friend was in the passenger seat and there was a woman in the back seat in the middle or possibly on the right back behind the passenger and so had you seen any of those individuals before that day no had you seen him in the store earlier just the mail and when you had this conversation at the vehicle who were you talking to the person that george was with so the guy in the passenger street the front door and did you make any observations at that time of mr floyd correct what did you see regarding mr floyd he just seemed like he didn’t like want this to happen like he was just kind of like oh like why is it happening sort of a thing did he seem uh awake yes and did he talk to you at all not really he just kind of shook his head and the passenger uh in the front passenger seat um did he talk to you at all correct and i want you to tell us what he said but the end result did they agree to come into the store no when you were there at the vehicle what did you do most of the talking to the person in the passenger seat and did you think that you were talking loud enough for the other people in the vehicle to hear you correct and so then after that conversation what did you do after that um i went back inside with my co-worker and when you got back inside the store what did you do i told my manager that he did not want to come to the store and uh did you get some further direction then from your manager correct and what was that go back outside again and tell him to comment inside this door so we can talk to him all right so try it again in other words and then um for that second trip did you go with some different uh some other co-workers correct what was going on at this point in time um i think that was the uh conversation i had with my manager um when i was saying that uh he did not want to come inside but i would i’d offered to pay but he said no just tell him to come back inside so did you tell your manager you would just take care of the 20 i believe so i did and uh but he directed you then to go back to the vehicle again correct now we saw you go out on the first trip with another individual another employee right and he did not come back into the store did he no he left okay and so when you were uh told by the manager to go out a second time did you take some other co-workers with you correct whose idea was that i’m not sure okay for the record now we’re back outside again correct correct and the record should reflect that’s we paused at 20 21 43 so we see that two other individuals coming out before you correct and there’s a appears to be a woman in a black jacket correct correct and is she a co-worker was she at the time and she worked there longer than you correct and the other individual has a white t-shirt on and he worked there longer than you correct and is he actually related to the owners of the store correct and so they were uh out ahead of you at this point correct correct in fact you had to sort of jog to keep up with them didn’t you correct the record should reflect we’re at 20 22 15 as the time stamp when we paused it the individual in the white t-shirt initially went up to the driver’s side correct and we see you standing here behind the suv correct correct and eventually the individual in the white t-shirt went around to the passenger side door which was open and were you able to hear uh the conversation that the the guy in the white t-shirt was having with the occupants on the vehicle at this moment at this point in time i was not able to hear you so then let’s run the video some more please all right now we see if we can pause here please this is 20 22 21 you walked up to the passenger side of the suv correct good so at this point were you able to hear the conversations that the individual in the white t-shirt was having with the occupants correct and were you also able to hear what the occupants of the vehicle were saying and doing correct and can you describe for the jurors then what occurred during this period at the suv so in this the second time it went out the person in the passenger seat was doing most of the talking um we were telling him just come inside we just want to talk to george and the person in the passenger seat was saying how that’s not me like i tried to use a fake bill and you put me on a game so i ripped it and that’ll happen in the video because he also tried to use a fake bow that i did not let him use and then he ripped it and he put it on the ground there so he was just explaining like what happened and so just to be clear you said the passenger seat you’re talking about the front passenger seat correct and at that time did you have any interaction with mr floyd directly i do not recall all right so let’s run exhibit 31 a little bit i’m going to pause it here real quickly please and for the record it’s 20 22 34.

Um we saw the individual on the white t-shirt so bend over and pick something up can you tell the jury what was happening there he was picking up the fake bill that the individual and the passenger seat tried to use okay right reference earlier one that was torn in half correct is that the bill that was torn in half correct all right the time stamp reflects 20 23 35 it appears the two of you are now walking away from the suv correct correct so during those preceding moments uh it appears that the two of you are talking with at least some occupants of the vehicle correct and did you have any conversations with mr floyd or was it just the past the front seat passengers just the front front seat passenger were you able to see mr floyd at all during that interaction correct what did you see about him um as i said earlier he was just kind of shaking his head and putting his hands in there like kind of like why is this happening to me like i don’t want this to happen sort of thing and so he was appeared to be awake and um [Music] and uh so what was the end result of that conversation they did not George floyd did not choose to come into the store he looked at the passenger front correct right all right so that the end of that video shows you and the other individual and entering back into the store correct correct okay when you got back into the store um what did you do about you know two trips out to the to the vehicle we um told our manager that he still refused to come into the store do you know what uh the manager decided to do about that he instructed one of my co-workers to call the Police and uh so did you know if that happened correct that somebody did call the Police correct uh was it you who called the Police about it no was it another co-worker correct and um did you uh ask the co-worker to make the call no and were you present when he made the call correct so you were there next to him or something correct.

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