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todd mcshea as you know has the five quarterbacks going in round one all in the first 11 picks one and two you see are not surprises the niners moved up in this latest mock to take mack jones you see trey lance there at seven to carolina that’s another trade justin fields would be at 11 to new england that would be another trade so that’s where mache is putting them meanwhile let’s do a different game i’m going to give you a quarterback you give me his best fit bart scott zach wilson what’s his fan well for me um a great quarterback’s best friend is a run game and a lot we talk about kyle shanahan his run game but we forget to talk about we forget to talk about arthur smith and what he’s going to be building in atlanta and the fact that you know within that division that drew brees is no longer there also tom brady will probably be exiting when you sit but when you get from behind maddie ice you have opportunity to only compete against maybe teddy bridgewater within the division you think about throwing julio jones calvin ridley hating hers i think that’s a great spot for him graziano how about justin fields i like him in new england right with belichick it’s always about value and if justin fields really ends up being the fifth quarterback taken in this draft i think the patriots would be getting a good value his talent is unmistakable get him with josh mcdaniel see if you can unlock it at the pro level i think justin feels to the patriots would be very intriguing and then jeff saturday how about mac jones got to be the san francisco 49ers again i i liken kyle shanahan to an andy reid he’s a qb whisperer he’s going to put you in the best situation he understands about protecting quarterbacks moving the pocket understanding levels and throws he puts you in the best position to succeed that’s exactly the type of system matt jones needs to go to it would definitely be the san francisco 49ers well speaking of him we had tim hasselbeck on the show a couple of weeks ago and he had this to say about mac jones what he can do and can’t do where he should go and shouldn’t go listen to this i believe now it is a prerequisite if you’re going to be drafted in the first round that the quarterback can be involved in the run game because of what it does in your number count so i just look at mac jones he’s a good prospect but to being kind of the elite of the elite it’s not there for me because i think there are athletic deficiencies so i’m glad we brought this back because bart and jeffy were both sort of tip-toeing up to talking about this earlier but now we can really dive into it bart scott you hear tim hasselbeck say it if you’re going to draft a guy that high number three overall is what we’re talking about now and he doesn’t check that box what do you think of it yeah i mean it’s the evolution of the game right it’s the backsides to quarterback being able to hold the backside line back on the backside defensive end that creates huge holes in the run game and huge running lanes and also with him being that threat the rpo is a real thing it sucks those those linebackers up and even the safeties creates you know space behind them to be able to throw the ball on the play-action patch you’re not going to respect that on the back side if i’m the backside defensive end i’m flattened out on the run game so you talk about now you your ass do more just like in basketball the big man can’t just be a big man he’s got to be able to shoot the three as well and i think mac jones is good but i don’t think he’s the the new evolution of the quarterback position he’s a blast from the past so what you’re saying is he’s bob lanier and we need nicola jokic these days at quarterback i hear you champion exactly is tim hasselbeck right no list i disagree with both these guys we we literally saw two months ago a statue win the super bowl i mean how quickly do we forget right the greatest thing we just watched tom brady who has been who has been athletically deficient for 20 years all i’m saying is really it is still possible to win with a pocket passer it’s development of a quarterback do i understand here’s the other thing bart no one wants to talk about with running quarterbacks your risk of injury still is increased do i like it absolutely i like it do i think it presents number issues for defenses for sure plano 11 11 is much better but when your 11th is hurt and now you’re bringing in the backup guy it changes the dynamic of your football team as well so do i agree that it is it is definitely a benefit to have that really i don’t think it is an honest prerequisite to have only an athletic quarterback i use a number of different ways to win in the Nfl it has been proven time and time again guys can win in different ways it’s whichever guy gets coached and developed best i just think i think it’s an unfair expectation that everybody’s going to look exactly the same and win in the Nfl that’s just not how it happens that’s fair bart i’ll pick it up for you because if i could push back on that jeff tim hasselbeck wasn’t saying you can’t win that way he was saying if you’re going to take a quarterback that high in the draft he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t add that extra dimension he you heard him say it in the sound bite he’s a good prospect but if he can’t do that extra stuff i’m not taking him that high are you th this goes back to the same this am i winning the draft or am i winning games i don’t care listen all this nonsense about the freaking drag i don’t know if we win the draft i want to win games on sunday i want to win playoff games i want to win super bowls i don’t care about do i win the draft where did i get that pit it doesn’t matter to me i was undrafted so i didn’t even get drafted i went to six pro bowls it doesn’t matter to me where guys get drafted i want to win games me either jeff jeff name me three other successful pocket quarterbacks outside of the goat in the Nfl right now my point is listen to me i understand it’s a copycat lead bart everybody wants to copy everybody that’s what because everybody’s scared to go outside the box you know what happened when everybody went air raid and everybody went spread bill belichick went two tight ends and a fullback still won super bowls as you continue to tell me about what everybody else does i don’t care what everybody else does i want to know how i can develop my players and win with my team not what everybody else thinks so when you tell me not to go absolutely everybody’s evolved to a different style that does not mean you can’t win with it and you shouldn’t draft the guy that helps you in that spot go ahead barney i’m not going into a nascar race with a hudson i tell you that much i’m not driving a pinto in a nascar race i want to know what everybody else has underneath their engine i’m sure you can win with that too man but come on jeff like stop it like you listen you took the the greatest quarterback of all time to make your argument and he had two of everything he had two good receivers two good type three good tight ends he had two tackles three good running backs it took everything for the greatest to ever do it to win with it you think a rookie matt jones is going to be able to do it and name me the last great quarterback from the university of alabama that played in the league.

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