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admin needs bitterness to drink 2.4 GHz Wifi because of the Minuet friend menu This Advan looks at the important settings to improve the performance of the router Lte both this accesgo r434 and details.sabatier As for all us success is always in accordance with what is we plan today and forever and this video we will review a device that asks a lot for review as well as for curves by Hi namely accesgo r4g 4A because of the moment this is so friends can see this is an amateur artist accesgo r4g Lte router 4A 500mbps and have a look at the JCC behind it type vdl ttlt and WCDMA td-cdma and also up to ggsn from 2.2 4G for 5-day so it has four antennas each ribadi by then its sister’s edge.dat 500mbps for download and 300mbps for upload, the interface schedule is three times 10 once 100 for others and WA once 10 vt100 for One Hi, for thir support micro USB and also the Vega power supply, friend take it anywhere by using the power supply from the power bank and micro USB hi okay, fake thir play design 1201 amperes then micro USB is 5volt prayer amperes so five polyneses Potassium spa wd1 we immediately show yes patience Hi accesgo r4g 4A has four antennas each of five are financed with a radiance of pretty good access power then over here is there indicator lights and there are four heaters for the RJ45 to be a heater consists of three for lasting and one for one then on the other side etterette 45 is still a microsim part, so we can plug in the sim card for it directly using the internet source and then the 11 plug button Sekar there is a slogan for by crossing a Hi and also for micro USB if friends use a power bank to be used as an RT router portable so this Lte router also functions as a portable router because provided a micro USB which we can use the power bank power supply with voltage 5volt and 2 amperes even after almost okay sabatine so no need to use a step up cable to use this power bank already directly using the USB cable from Powerbank as well as Palembang which alone to turn on the sea of ​​RT accesgo l4g 4A is okay here accesgo r4g 4A also luckily Hi plugs without the on-off button the same as the last TP Link mr3420 there is no on and off button because assuming the current Lte router is live 24 hours without having to leonov right by usefulness or complexity for dial noken by users Okay for device information the one behind, namely the admin user and the password belongs to login to administrator page and do the settings Hi, our friend’s cellphone will go to a PC or laptop to make settings access to web page 4 Aini in detail and how the settings are It is important to improve the performance and formatted aspects of an MT router such as in the previous video on the mr6400 settings contained in the tester team the problem is and the fragments, yes, we will do the detailed settings as well APN settings to use the sim card according to USG or the provider used like a simcard close.

Let’s set Bayu’s APN and we will do the Dede settings to request so that this wi-fi is smooth without must RT or Revista out time out or often disconnect Hi, because OK with the curtain, we go to the SETUP or setting of more other ltacc Susno 500mbps Hi, first we do the connection first taxes goWifi 9004a this is the essay name on the name of the Wifi from the Lte router accesgo Okay we see Right Click and see the status of IP nephew details address at least the file is 192.

1 68.1.1 Okay this is HIV Okay this is The default IP we try to access 192.1 68.1.

1 Yasa Fathir is because it has never entered before for the user is admin, the password is our admin too click login and enter in the dashboard area Hi, use salatir to connect with me goWifi 9 t4a this is the SSID name important is take a look at his Minnesota SETUP a brainly like this one if we do do the SETUP directly weeks tak and us if we do the settings tab In the manual, we see the mode here, there are five modes.

Bridge mode, Gateway mode looks like converter and client access point mode so we can use Lan to connect from us can transmit the access point to Wifi or other accessories but friends of Irna Mun in this setting we use 3G and 4G 3G and 4G because we use Bayu’s Lte sim card from Ayu’s sim card with 10 gigabit package we can do this setting from godspeed, okay, make sure on 3G and 4G we will see the status in health Intestinal status is where the information you are connected to via later access The DHCP list is connected to two devices, both of which are PCs It can be read here that ephelis is seen then the statistics are usage download and upload verbs or RX the package or the package text runs out very much then in the ltz want menu there are 25 sub menus, the most important of which are APN for us to do the ATM manual settings here, the cellphone is because of us use Ayu simcard so we have to click the manual for the cellphone and be excited if disable it will be by default for the cellphone the way we want the setting manually so that we reap what we want to click on enable then we are because of us using Bayu simcard so we type byyyy without enough dots the other pen is left default and we click play for your simcard For other sim cards, you can adjust the sabatier for this other fixed data plan suppose we NR or not activate it for 30 days and for 30 days the maximum quota we use, for example, we use the maximum quota the city we use is 1000 mbit Hi or 10,000 mbit so we can calculate the total usage in a month for you who use bandwidth is also so as not to get like non-ferrous please can there too limit the quota So that the usage does not exceed the and its download terms or upload it down then its Network mode from here a lot is question, can lock anything in this beadwork mode, namely how to Lte only TD swc demo only WCDMA only and CDMA only 4G only or Lte only, which we chuckle on Apple then Check Network adapter if we have a server IP we can paste it here and click play MB and configuration our three Edible devices will not configure Devi is automatically OK.

We’ll just be sealed Hi, use the Network menu, want only Lan and Wan on this Lan setting menu we can do the DHCP settings from London which is 192.1 68.1.

1 we do change right here and click play for the other pole which is most important upnp or and plug n play just disable it so that we can clone play not then Daendels follows the default process and then says this captivating money menu hostname if we use a static money configuration we can do the settings here by internet sources go to one. Well, we will do the steering OK for VPN for those of you who use your VPN can enerbol here using either l2tp or pptp you can activate accordingly This need for VPN settings to 2G files is basic irdi friend Rizieq settings, this setting is for onok radio, we can turn it on and then SSID broadcast on can be of the friend can. For example, the radio is of then the SSID Automatic of Credit then if we only state the essay the name we fear of the radio is still there even though it appears on the wi-fi maybe it’s just Network OK we stick and both on if I seh on you don’t do it however if you use a proxy and access point you can of course here so that the router does not issue Wifi anymore all Sunda Wifi can be transmitted through an access point that is connected to the proxy Okay so that the speed can be directed to this access point, many are questioning why the biggest spiral but after entering the proxy and the access point becomes according to us disable all job karr SSIDs You’re the performance of the router focus flows to the access point Mikrotik Grandpa reward very in, for example, then Neutral essay is thought to be the name of Wifi like this accesgo Wifi is this that we cannot change to change the name Wifinya then the frequency of this channel we can choose auto select or 1-13 this is the channel frequency of the 2.4 GHz frequency Okay then sabatine channel and with this we usually use 20 Mega her as if the emission a little bit more Jal Okay we click reply using Hi and make sure you are still connected to the SSID of accesgo Okay very er you can make password-encryption this is the passport that is our Wifi password You can change it here okay very er because we epley earlier then he is connected uh Hi out and we reconnect fart is active hey okay now connected back with access to our Wifi Hi RS, we used to be on Wifi here Hi, convey the signal to this client’s cellphone, if we are on, we can use access point separately as a client then drink Advance Plane can be on also to comment on the file salatir need admin to be in the file menu 2.4 GHz is in the Advance menu according to Van, this is the important setting to improve the performance of the Lte router both accesgo r434 and di Ear Ear 6472 previously described here the interval python we use 20 to be the lowest Why in order to be more proactive in asking or perform data transfer intervals The shorter the more frequent then in the second remembrance is also the lowest that’s one and here we place 10 then fragmentary.

The problem is 256 lowest then rt-rt stress hold this reguest to do The registrar sends the data by prescription and within the specified timeframe the sooner it is published here the smaller the faster it asks for data though maybe a drain on the power or strength of this router will increase the performance of the router for playing games and on YouTube and also the performance and The performance of other routers from these settings is what matters and for that matter happens a lot in action school or RT oh you can understate the settings Here are the important points. Okay the texture we are wearing 70 of only 70 alone is not 100% because not all devices have the power of power business then warles this client list whoever is connected is the only one currently connected, namely the PC currently used to make settings on the rotel txs go is also there quality of service or kiosk here termination here you can email and ip 100-200 suppose you are setting at a speed of one mbit for upload and 5 12 for the download or download it can be five mbit or Rp.5,000 KB and upload you can set Padang 2000/3000 KB according to your needs Okay, don’t forget to check enable and Apple, but at this point we are do not do the settings for the boarding house Then on this security menu this too support for the performance of all these existing menus that we don’t need at Sevel, for example, the word file, our mandatory NFL, is a volt others fiLter yes Hi this We happen to not fiLter Advance or address of mobile or laptop devices big brother all of us at Stable Okay the most important so that the rest surely in Sabang then the last is the setting menu, this setting menu is on administrative settings we can change our ecount or user enter the admin login page and we change the password in the settings section and this setting administrator is not eh user for Wifi but user nojeng for Admit a special administrator for the admin to do more settings area is so the most important then the others are good like upgrade If you need to upgrade okay now we try to do weep .

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