Approximately 200 casualties due to train derailment in Taiwan 2 Japanese (April 2, 2021)

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It was taken by a Taiwanese Railroad fan on a limited express train one hour before himself. At this time, the operation was still going well. But no one The 8-car limited express train stopped with more than half of it in the tunnel from the beginning. It s a few hours after the Accident. Since there is no this email, passengers will come out along the stop Yeah yeah yeah me me is small today jian the me Tetandan The breakdown of the charger ice cream is back.

I hate Roz c in front of the mountain. The concrete Railroad ties are split in two, probably due to derailed wheels. At this time, inside the tunnel voodoo ba Vehicle debris is blocking the tunnel At this time, the head and more than 20 people were still trapped ah ah ah Mr.

Sou was basically tall, and rescue work was being continued near the leading vehicle, wasn’t it? The derailed limited express train originally had this shape, but at this time it is already Pai Ijinkan, who had visited the United States in Hoshocho, has been confirmed dead.

He just got married two years ago Ah ah ah 51 people from 4 people according to the official announcement The number of serious and minor injuries was 146, which was the worst Accident in Taiwan’s railway history. The youngest person to die is a 6-year-old girl, and one foreign man of French nationality has died. Two Japanese people were involved, but they were slightly injured.

The derailment Accident occurred around 9:30 am in the eastern part of Taiwan where the sea and cliffs are famous. The limited express train was in the middle of going south from Mr.

Shinpei’s overrun station in the suburbs of Taipei toward Tobu Taitung Taitung Station. In Taiwan, it is said that the 8-car train on the first day of the four consecutive holidays was full and about 500 people were on board. Why did the derailment Accident happen? The site was sandwiched between tunnels It s a gentle curve, and it s usually a section that runs from 110 km to 130 km. It has not been pointed out that the speed may have been too high so far.

The most prominent one is that it collided with a truck on the track. me yeah yeah yeah den o ore tanjou To summarize the information, the construction site near the entrance of the tunnel where the Accident occurred From there, the train collided with the truck that fell on the Railroad track and remained derailed.

It was said that he rushed into the tunnel.When I saw the video of the site, after something slipped down the slope You can see that the debris of the truck is scattered on the side of the Railroad track. The truck may not have been side-brake.

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