[2021.04.02] Press conference by Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda

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Last Kogetsu administrator nhk’s separation says 8 Opening Thank you if you are hot First of all, from me Regarding the number of applications for My Number Card, etc., the cumulative number of valid applications for My Number Card is For example, as of March 31, 3rd year, there were about 45.49 million cases, which has increased by about 15.95 million since September since I took office. This is the card I’ve been doing so far Individual sending of application forms to min acquirers Expansion of target persons and target period of My Point business In addition, I am working as a government publicity to promote the spread of cards to companies and related organizations by Parliamentary Vice-Minister.

We believe that this is the effect of efforts such as broadcasting TV commercials with actor Masato Sakai. In future examples, we will work with the Ministry of the Environment to further promote applications with the aim of distributing My Number Card to almost all citizens by the end of April. Please ask the secondary administration for details. Next, regarding public relations for the start of the Denga relay service, the telephone relay service will start on July 1, this year. As a result, people with hearing disabilities will return sign language interpreters, etc.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will be able to make phone calls, but we will cancel public relations in order to gain the understanding of the general public. I would like to ask the people of Den to understand this.

First of all, if you receive a call that returns the interpreter operator of the telephone relay service The point is that we want you to use the call properly without falsehood. Next, the telephone relay service will ultimately be supported at the expense of everyone who uses the telephone.

In the example of 3 years, the total annual burden per number will be 7 yen. We would like to ask for your understanding. We hope that the general public will understand these points in cooperation with related organizations. We would like to continue to thoroughly publicize the information. For details, please contact the General Communication Infrastructure Bureau.

I would like you to visit next ah Regarding the publication of the portal site on mobile phones, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced a provisional version today in December last year. We have released the official version of the mobile phone portal site with a completely redesigned design.

We have prepared mn with new rate plans of 4 companies, so I hope you can use it when reviewing your own rate plan. We will make this portal site even easier to understand and expand the content in the future. a The Consumer Administration Section 1 of the General Communication Infrastructure Bureau is in charge, so please visit us for details.

think Yes, that’s all from me. I would like to express my gratitude. 8 The Minister’s motion of no confidence was rejected at the plenary session of the House of Representatives. The ruling party has raised a problem about the author’s way of dealing with the series of setter problems. It’s been a while since the first investigation and the post-verification committee started, so what’s the current progress?

Let’s do something from the opposition party during the current session of the Diet.

That request has come out, but even after feeling the schedule in the future, I decided to make this investigation and verification again as a minister. Here, even if we call it the tone of regaining public trust, we would like to do our utmost to rebuild the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. Well, my responsibility as Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications is that I’m working on this right now. Well, we will investigate the truth, firmly establish a recurrence prevention measure, and spread it to all staff.

In investigating cases suspected of violating the ethical law, we would like to work hard. We are currently taking measures to grasp the birth of the case as widely as possible, and it is necessary to confirm the facts accurately and thoroughly. It is not possible to say clearly at this point about the end time, and regarding the schedule of the Information and Communication Administration Verification Committee.

The committee will first examine the issue of recognition of the foreign capital regulation version of Tohokushinsha, which will be decided by the committee’s discussion along with the content and method of the training. I heard that it is a policy to start verification, and I would like to announce it as soon as the results are finalized.

I would like to thoroughly ensure compliance so that this kind of thing will never happen again in Izu consecutive wins, and as I said at the beginning, I would like to dye the trust of the people. How about PASELA? I’m Hirose, a human being. I’d like to ask you in the brain prefecture, but the Chief Cabinet Secretary of the sensor told me about the use during the correction period. This is because there was a statement to the effect of formulating the above guidelines, and there was also a case where the Personal Information Protection Commission entered the line.

However, please tell us about the current status of these responses by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has jurisdiction over the Telecommunications Business Law.

We are requesting the company to report the details of the case as a symbol to the jurisdiction of the association. In the future, after grasping the facts firmly, we will push the necessary measures with miles. We would like to cooperate with related ministries and agencies to contribute to the discussions in the scoop pose.

In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is confirming that each business that has suspended the use of line does not handle information that requires airtightness, and these confirmation results and line I would like to respond appropriately based on the needs of users, etc.

Although we are aware of the actual usage situation, we will provide information on the government’s efforts, etc. We would like to cooperate with related ministries and agencies and take appropriate measures. Tokan I say that pet iwj is not good 8 lines number At that regular press conference on March 23, a Tohokushinsha was blamed for violating the Political Funds Control Act. In connection with the cancellation of the certification of the satellite business, the direct ownership ratio with foreigners of a shares is well with Co.

, Ltd. God Media Holdings is 32% longer Nippon Television Holdings Co., Ltd. is 23% short, but what does it mean that it doesn’t matter? At that time, I would like to take appropriate measures after carefully checking the factual environment.

What happened to that with the appropriate measures? In view of the fact that broadcasting has a great social influence on Yugenki Shonai, which is a special paper under that broadcasting law. Foreign capital restrictions are stipulated from the perspective of restricting foreign-made products in management decision-making. Considering that management decisions in corporations, etc. are made through the exercise of voting rights at general meetings of shareholders, we believe that it is appropriate to regulate foreign capital by focusing on the voting rights ratio.

Nippon Television Holdings and Fuji Media Holdings have determined that the voting rights ratio of foreigners is less than 20%, respectively, and that they comply with foreign capital regulations. Go over the pamphlet 1st place Yeah please Hey read I just got the planned store Please There is something a little bit, but the local tax children and the perpetrators have a policy of utilizing the qr code of the super tax payment, but it can be expected to improve the convenience of that taxpayer. I think it would be helpful if you could tell us the enthusiasm of the Minister. We have promoted rationalization and efficiency of storage work and days due to the environment where taxpayers can easily pay taxes. As part of this, we are currently considering printing a qr code on local advance payment slips and using it for the wife of a farmer at a financial institution window.

This will promote the digitization of storage for a large number of people, and is expected to improve the operations of both financial institutions and local organizations. We are also considering using the qr code for smartphone tax payments. We will continue to adjust various issues with the understanding of the parties concerned. For example, I would like to proceed with efforts toward the start of utilization from the taxable portion in the latter year.

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