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if it is a terror tactic Because their aim causes widespread fear they are deliberate carried out attacks on Sundays at a time when our brothers were Catholics do worship and also this Palm Sunday one Sunday which is very sacred for Catholics so they deliberately choose the time and chose his way to create fear and terror that spread from within it this terrorism construction party only proved the second from DC their attack mechanism used provisional guesswork from the video in circulation it uses a motorcycle bomb, yes, a bomb that is placed on the motorbike with the aim buzz perhaps towards the church or towards the crowd and this is characteristics of the Neo ji Ito groups of ideals of the old dei who they are Indeed, back in the Apong Poso era in 2007 in 2008, they were trained to make like this but of course it is still very early to conclude which group is responsible for this attack due to the investigation Also ongoing identification of suspects is still ongoing later Just wait from the police okay.

Oh, yeah. Then from some information that has been circulating, although there are not many, so you did concluded that one of the groups that was strongly suspected of being the perpetrator This terror is the addition based on the facts that happened In this field, what can we see from the incident who this is the possibility is there are two first is this is retaliation from massive arrests of about thirty people in more than two last weeks throughout Indonesian was arrested by Densus 88 Mabes Polri and they are associated with the Neo-J movement which is affiliated to this al-qaidah one on one of these second possibilities is retaliation or attacks from the ideals of meeting their eastern Indonesian mujahidin sympathizers was in Makassar carrying out an attack with the aim of diverting concentration troops who was hunting Ali Kalora Dipo God anti the area of Sigi Palu then directed their concentration back to Makassar this assumption is still this assumption from the forecast estimates There will of course be later assumptions like this that must be tested against the facts For example a signature bomb What is the bomb material? How do I assemble it? Then that secondly, how the perpetrator carried out the attack was triggered individually or remotely triggered Due to characteristics like this shows the peculiarities of each group Then later the remains of the face person or actor may have points of at hand it could be too Identification will be sought later.

Is he a former criminal convict or not the recidivist we will wait for a definite investigation to be underway ya Okay means it can be ascertained that it was the perpetrator of the bomb this time also this is still one of its terrorist network This is still being hunted by the police.

Oh, yeah, most likely it remains is he a group on adpro it is or is he a neotype al-qaeda group. It’s hard to look for other groups that are still active today, there are only two of them big yo yo hi okay Then for the location of Mr. Ridwan, why is it then chosen in Makassar Hai, usually the attack was carried out by local people yes So I mean this is how North Sumatran people they will be carried out attacks in the North Sumatra region of terrorists living in Solo they will carry out attacks around Solo so that is the guess for now indeed the perpetrator lives in South Sulawesi. This is just an assumption, right? Once again ya guesses and we are waiting for whether to wait for the possible identification from Puslabfor from Inafis and from Densus 88 Polri.

Maybe tomorrow morning can already There is a more detailed explanation hey okay then we also know that acts of terrorism are for terrorize so to scare but for now or what happens on Makassar like La, there is another motive, what is the motive, namely creating feelings gripping hyeras during Palm Sunday worship, especially in Christians and Catholics, so it is hoped that later it will spark a kind of widespread tension then expected to provoke retaliation from the groups to other communities and it is hoped that civil war will occur their strategy like that is always like that but I am Allah I hope with the rapid decline of religious leaders and then with the mayor’s local government and the others went down soon.

I think this can be suppressed, yes we criticize it harshly this act of terrorism is not between religions, it is the perpetrator is a person he perverted Ya perverted certain ideologies for the interests of the group only Okay and then we also know this is the explosion that happened in Makassar before too Hi the police and also and these eight have already revealed several in the area Can we say that what is happening in Makassar is missing the quotation? You can call it like that. This is in theory and in this intelligence payday indeed part of the cuprit strategy or strategic data collection though precautions have been taken in almost every city we know of arrests were successive arrests of nearly 30 people were arrested throughout cities in Indonesia in the last two weeks and this proves it indeed The situation in Indonesia is not yet free from terror.

One is on alert if it is in language security is always on red alert all intelligence personnel all Densus personnel 88 who are on vacation are called to stop the school holidays being on in a simple base-type house and this prevented attacks from occurring possible follow-ups in other cities or targets Hi, OK, it means that for example from the Special Detachment 88 police after this little what to look out for a full beware of the first after-attack ground attack there are usually bridges like that of the groups like this we have to be aware that maybe they compose Not only one attack means not just one church got smacked so that means this There is still one red thing for South Sulawesi, all personnel must be on And these faces also can be handled well and there is no attack additional Hi hehe hi, okay, okay, then we, as a community, can send help what the heck is it for what we can do today is strengthening the harmony between residents yes and I think this is not once Again, this is not an incident between Islam and Catholicism, that’s not it are terrorist elements who take advantage of Palm Sunday on Sunday This attacked the church in Makassar and this person is the one who should be punished so this is it not the fault of religion I guess as a kind of society Let’s keep it prioritizing tolerance of harmony between religious communities so as not to be provoked with acts of terrorism like this Okay make it later too but you also had time to say that there are indeed several terrorist networks that’s what still can’t be eradicated to completion in Indonesia but in an overview of what kind of virus is the condition of the terrorist network in Currently Indonesia is currently the largest in Indonesia, the first two factions is a decade of congregation ansharut Daulah he Well affiliated to ISIS yes Ih Mit the East Indonesian mujahidin were part of it as well as part of the cell this decade operating in Palu and Poso and they are approximate Estimated member approx.

Still around 1235 the second vain is motion the Neo J movement which was uncovered in Lampung about 4 months ago was led by him Zulkarnain and the copy of the law have been arrested, well, Zulkarnaen and upil Initially he had been arrested, but apparently there was no network in East Java 22 in Medan there are 15 in West Sumatra there are seven and in several other places provisional estimates while this news group has sympathizers around 3500 people throughout Indonesia okay then this assistance also happened what happened this morning coincided of course the by worship Al Minggu Palma so yes Well apart from that we also know today currently the vaccination moment that is currently being implemented by the government then this moment also became the trigger for the perpetrators of this terror re-launching the action, yes, more to the Palm Sunday factor, yes they are they don’t care about a pandemic, they really care about it, they don’t care about a pandemic They care about the rest. Their purpose is to create conflict. So they look for it a momentum where people become irritated and angry when they become irritated and anger is easily provoked, easily provoked and there is conflict between communities and when that happens that’s what is already soaked I think This is necessary immediately for religious leaders to meet, especially religious leaders in Makassar in South Sulawesi to both condemn the church bombing incident that just happened a few hours ago high Okay so this is it also Anandani still has a strong motive for terror in the name of religion to divide it up.

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