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Vaccinations that raise expectations for rebound wings Vaccinations for seniors aged 65 and over will begin next month, but this week In local governments and remote islands where the population is 1000 people, it is expected that the target will be expanded to 16 years old and over and ingested all at once. The population to be inoculated this time is about 700 people. Tokashiki Village There is one clinic, and there are one salt person and one nurse.

Doctors and nurses will be dispatched from Noh on the main island of Okinawa. It is said that medical staff who inoculate are dispatched from outside the island because the medical care of only one clinic in the village cannot be stopped.

Since the dispatch of doctors has not been adjusted yet, I can’t say 9 in class yet. Initially, the number of elderly people aged 65 and over was about 160, but now that they are 16 and over, the number of people aged 65 and over has nearly quadrupled, and adjustments are needed. There seems to be a situation where you have to hurry like that. Hopefully in May, take the first name in June My mother or I’m thinking that I want to finish it by about July. I wonder if it can be finished just before the Typhoon season.

Since it is a remote island, if the ship is canceled, it is not a Typhoon, isn’t it? There are many cases where the weather is bad and the ship does not leave.

I’m a little worried that I can’t take it even if I plan to take it. This is the first and foremost issue And it is the same in big cities in the sense that the inoculation date is not decided. In the case of Taito Ward, support for the moving middle ground, where is the vaccine not coming in now?

It is said that there is no vaccination for doctors who do not have a mouth distribution in Taito Ward.

Well, after all the wind is high As a result, the priority attention of medical professionals is ranked high, so considering that, for teachers who will be in the session We are thinking that we would like you to be vaccinated. There are no doctors in the ward who can handle vaccination yet. Ingestion for the elderly may have changed a little, while the supply status of work c is not foreseen..

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