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At the meeting, I will tell you about the influence of the premortal pressure tomorrow on the weekend. How about the precautions and effects of this low pressure front? I’d like to see even that, but tomorrow morning, the front extends from the low pressure system in the Sea of Japan, and this is passing through. That’s why, since the low pressure system is developing, the intervals between the isobars are quite crowded, so you can see that the wind is strong. Then this cold front.

It’s a short time because the rain department is quite strong near the gold front. It means that the intensity of rain is great. I went to this east, and on the 29th, the full period was short because it was opened by scolding the east and the selfishly.

But yeah It’s a little short time, but you have to be careful when it’s raining or taxing. Yes, how do you expect it to rain?

Yes, I would like to take a look at the weapons of the rain clouds here. Moist air flows toward the low pressure system at all, so it’s like this. In the morning of Kyushu, the rain will be getting stronger and at 12:00 noon, the peak in the direction of Kyushu will be crossed. The Shikoku Kinki region will be the main region, and in the afternoon the weather in the Kyushu area is recovering. When the rain legs get stronger in the Tokai Kanto region, and at night, it means that there is very heavy rain in the Tokai Kanto region.

Then, if you go back a little and look north, it will start raining in the Tohoku region in the afternoon, but in the evening.

It’s going to rain in Hokkaido as well, so there are times when it’s time to shake. It’s Kyushu Okinawa home, isn’t it nationwide? Well, on the 28th, the weather is sweet and necessary. Yes Matsuyama: I’m a senior, such as becoming a rameka.

Yes, I’m worried about the influence of the wind, but it seems likely without this. Yes, I’d like to take a look at the right side of Ecklonia cava, but it’s already tomorrow’s lunch. The wind from the south will be quite strong, especially in the coastal areas. There are places where it exceeds meters.The average wind speed is this, so it momentarily exceeds 20 meters.

It s a strong wind. The waves are likely to rise in the coastal areas, so there may be some impact and some impact on transportation. It seems that it may be a little disturbed Yes There are places where the wind does not affect Sundays, so it seems that there will be expansion, so please check the latest information and soak in the liquid..

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