The Earthquake Research Committee evaluates the earthquake off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture or calls attention to strong earthquakes

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Regarding the Earthquake that occurred off the coast of Goat Prefecture at 20mar, the government’s Earthquake Research Committee is careful about an Earthquake with a maximum seismic intensity of about 5 or more for about a week after the Earthquake, and an Earthquake that causes even stronger shaking. Announced an evaluation that caution is required because there is a possibility that What’s the point? I think there is a change. One is an Earthquake with a maximum seismic intensity of 5 or higher. This is within a week.

This is the same for ministries and agencies on that few days. I’m announcing that, and my parents are supporting the thought that the aftershocks could be quite large. Another is the possibility of a bigger and stronger Earthquake. I think the big point is that I mentioned this. Let’s say yes this is a plot of the Earthquakes that happened in a week Besides, there are a lot of circles off the coast of Goat Prefecture.

This is a big Earthquake that was a little and its appointment is continuing. Yes, this time there will be an Earthquake that causes even stronger shaking. I’ve mentioned that there is a possibility. Yes, there is a characteristic in how to place Hyosin. Yes, the aftershocks of Aso after a big Earthquake are the number of times and the scale.

This has a certain relationship. That is the characteristic of the relationship with the stupid, but this time it has occurred after this slightly large Earthquake. The aftershock of Oki is a little different from the characteristics of the area. There was talk of a tone that deviates from that characteristic now. There have been several similar patterns in the past, for example, March 11, 2011.

There was training started, but it was advanced two days before that There was an Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3.

Besides being a bit off the trait, there was the first quake in 2016 anguish and confidence 14apr There was a quake in the name of God Even after that, the way the Earthquake occurred was a little different from the characteristics of the extraordinary damage area in this area, and there were several cases where he was connected by a big Earthquake. Yes, this time as well. First of all, this is the story ahead here till the day when there is a possibility that the dog Fakiil thinks this unexpectedly I think it’s a little difficult, or the possibility is very low.

First of all, I don’t think it’s necessary to worry too much about this area, but there is one thing that needs to be prepared for a large Earthquake for a while.

There is one thing to say, but from this serious distribution, how about everything in a serious place? This is a long-term effect. I’d like to talk a little about this, but please see our figure. This was announced yesterday by the Earthquake Research Committee of the Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion.

Well, it’s a shameful part of the material, but the figure on the left side of this figure is called the Pheasant God in Miyagi Prefecture. It is a figure showing the relationship between the 1978 Earthquake and this Earthquake. This is where this front line is being bought more and more I use the expression asperity, but it is possible that Ilya, whose bedrock was severely damaged by the 1978 Miyagiken-oki Earthquake, will fly.

That Egi Finally this time this circle mark This is It’s a little overlaid, which means that it overlaps a little in the west. Yes, Boo Boo’s red blue partly dies fizz energy I used the expression that it is necessary to scrutinize according to the wind that the research stopped product in the morning and day that I gave to Yes 4 is good, so it’s immediate.

I still don’t know that this Miyagiken-oki Earthquake will affect the following: By the way, if you look at it with a big eye, you have to look at it. If you look at it, give it something like that. I think it’s possible that I’ve given the energy that I’ve lost. Originally, I’ve pheasanted goat hair and included myself.

Iria off the coast of Yagi Prefecture is originally in the 6 tuner class within the last 30 years.

It is said that the probability of an Earthquake occurring is about 90%, isn’t it? Still, there are places where large Earthquakes are likely to occur, so even from a long-term perspective. There are times when you need to continue to be careful. Do not worry about donors after receiving the announcement of such an evaluation, but firmly raise awareness of disaster prevention. It may be necessary to have it, I told you about Pyeongchang’s own information.

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