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moments ago coverage from kusa 9 news in denver two of their reporters describing what they’ve heard from eyewitnesses in boulder here a bit earlier this afternoon steve you’ve had the opportunity to talk with some folks who were inside the store and some family members and everybody obviously just has the same concern which is the person i love safe absolutely we we just heard maybe about an hour ago from stephen mchugh his two granddaughters inside this building think about something as routine is going to get a kovid 19 shot they were there with their dad to get the shot at the pharmacy here at the king supers he says that they say that they’ve witnessed this shooting that they saw things happen that they had to hide upstairs in an area away from this situation i also have talked to a couple of employees who were inside this building they obviously don’t want to go on camera this is a tough situation for them but they talk about the frantic moment that this happened right around 2 30 one employee was walking out just as the shooter was walking in and he says he saw out of the corner of his eye a flash and heard a bang and just started running and if you think about it i mean when we talk about supermarkets we’re talking about places that we’re all very accustomed to i heard kim say earlier you know you always go to your store it’s the place that you know but even at your store who among us knows a second way out of our grocery store you walk in and out the front door and that’s just the end of it and and it’s clear from just looking at it with our plain eyes that what happened here today the shooting happened at the front door and so it happened through the one route of exit that everybody in the store would have known about yeah and who also knows where to hide inside of a grocery store you think about all the open space it’s a tough situation it’s a large building that’s part of the reason i think we still see police and we haven’t heard much from police why we still see such a presence here is there’s a lot of crime scene to go through right now and and just to make sure that there still isn’t an active threat inside that building i’m not being disrespectful i’m checking my phone local coverage there from our local reporters at kusa 9 news in denver on the tragedy apparently that’s unfolding behind them at the king super supermarket in boulder police news conference has been delayed i will say nbc news cannot confirm any of the disturbing reports which are coming out of the area at this moment we’re waiting for police we’ll know shortly what’s happened and we’ll have live coverage as the news continues.

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